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10 Animation & Motion Design Trends 2022: Raising the Game

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As the 2022 year begins to take form, graphic designers worldwide are setting the bar high with innovative trends sure to spark excitement in all creative fields. Technology is moving forward rapidly, and companies are looking for ways to capture their audience’s attention.

Though, today businesses drive a deal of promotion and change the way to present their products and services in the digital space. Whereas animation and motion graphics are used to form marketing campaigns and advertisements more memorable and effective.

Many motion design trends are inspired by minimalism and retain some retro undertones. Although animation trends intersect with style and design tendencies. Let’s look at the current animation and motion design trends raising the game.

# 1 Limited Colors Palette

Laconism is the use of a few simple words to express ideas and feelings. Today, designers push the envelope on visual expression by using only primary colors-rather than a rich palette with many shades and tones-to tell the story in their designs. At the same time, animation with a restricted color spectrum can be simple and complex. This is a challenge for artists to convey mood and character with only several colors. This trend can often feel very appealing and nostalgic despite the limited palette.

# 2 Linear Art

Linear art elements perform many functions in a video animation. They give a direction and make portrayals. By adding the effects of linear art, designers create animations that look like unique hand-drawn images. And led to a graphic look with exceptional styles in the animated videos. Moreover, the popularity of linear art has inspired many businesses to create promotional and explainer videos.

# 3 Merge 2D and 3D

Mixing 2D and 3D animation is gaining momentum among video creators, as the integration of 2D and 3D images tells a story with greater clarity than 2D animation alone. The most successful example of this trend includes integrating 2D and 3D elements or inserting 2D overlayers with movement. Many motion artists use this trend to keep production costs down for big-budget advertisement videos.

# 4 Kinetic Typography

When it comes to fonts and images, we generally try to follow the rules. However, there are times when we can break the rules and produce great results. Kinetic typography allows designers to stretch, twist, and distort letters and images to produce readable typefaces. That ultimately enhances animations on e-commerce websites, mobile applications, and videos.

# 5 Animated Logos

Businesses use animation in branding materials to create memorable and unique symbols for their companies. Whereas, animated logos have become very popular as a trend. Even corporations with huge budgets, such as Google and Sony, obtain motion graphics for their logo animations, which allow for a range of visual effects. This trend shows effectiveness when customers seek the brand’s tendency to innovate and deliver something unique.

# 6 Morphs Animation

The concept of morphing gained momentum in 2022 when their technique applied to digital motion graphics and animation. It provides the visual artist with a new and exciting method for creating special effects. However, morphs animation can serve as a visual magnet that attracts attention and keeps people watching the impact until it ends. It is helpful for web pages to keep visitors involved and increase the time spent on the website. Consequently, it is good for search engine results and enough to capture visitors attention for an extended period.

# 7 Grain Effects

Artist often adds a texture effect to their vector images by adding grain element; these effects give the appearance of a finer surface, a more natural look, and virtuous textures, similar to the photographs. Though animated videos with a grain effect stand out from competitors. It is an effective way for brands to deliver eye-catching visuals to customers, showcasing their work with high production values.

# 8 Hybrid Animation

Hybrid animation is considered one of the major trends in motion graphics. It involves combining elements from different art mediums. The designers can create hybrid animations that combine 2D and 3D elements with live-action videos.

# 9 Vertical Animation

An estimated 6 billion people worldwide use mobile devices, and this number is growing progressively. These devices have a marked influence on how we see and interact with media. Whereas vertical animation videos have become increasingly popular in this digital realm. Today, vertical videos led to the popularity of Facebook ads, TikTok, and Instagram stories.

# 10 Self-drawing Lines

Motion graphics trends in 2022 tend to be calm, slow-moving, and elegant. These trends include a variety of artistic styles, such as self-drawing lines that form animated figures, logos, and words. A self-drawing line style is an excellent choice for providing an easy-to-follow explanation of a new product or concept in an explainer video for a business meeting.

Final Words

In 2022, many groundbreaking developments will be placed in the various realm of global businesses. In the designing field, current animation trends show the positive effects of these changes. While in motion designing, these trends still stand but continue to evolve to keep pace with societal changes. They intended to inspire innovative techniques and design choices in animation and motion to upsurge the success of businesses.

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