10 Essential Video Production Questions

10 Essential Video Production Questions You Should Ask Right Away!

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Social media dominates the internet today. And as far as social media is concerned, one can’t oversee the power of videos. Having videos as part of your marketing strategy can take your business to the next level. More than 54% of viewers prefer videos over images and text. Keeping that in mind, it’s no surprise why video content is more memorable and engaging.

Simply creating videos to convey your brand’s story isn’t enough. Besides, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Proper video production involves a significant amount of time and talent and a well-thought-out marketing approach.

Almost everyone has video production questions, but few dare to ask for solutions.

So, to jump-start the process, we’re here with a video production questionnaire. It consists of 10 essential questions that you must ask before investing in video content. Let’s begin.

Question#1 What is the goal behind the video content?

One of the first video production questions for clients focuses on the goal. To create a high-impact video, you must convey what you wish to achieve with the video. Is it to attract new clients? Or to retain the existing ones? What is the purpose of your marketing campaign? Will you focus entirely on business video marketing? When you answer these questions, you can ask the company if they understand it.

Question#2 What is the right video style for you?

This is yet another question you need to consider. There are plenty of animated video types available. Each video serves a different purpose. These include 2D explainers, stop motion, whiteboard animation, 3D animation, and many more. But which is the perfect fit for your business? This is what you need to decide. Thus, do thorough research on video animation production services a company provides. Overall, think about your message and how you must convey it.

Question#3 Who is the target audience?

Who is your target audience? For instance, will your video target moms-to-be, tech tycoons, or students? No matter who they are, everything revolves around the audience. You’re wasting your time and money if you don’t take the time to identify your customers and create a video that they’ll respond to.

Question#4 How much should you invest in the video?

One of the many important questions to ask for video production is the budget. Not having a budget seems unrealistic. The cost of 2D & 3D animation depends on the simplicity or complexity of the video project. Besides, if you have a set budget, communicate it with the video production company. This way, you’ll know if your expectations match the reality. Remember the adage: you get what you pay for!

Question#5 How long should the video be?

The length can make or break your video. Determining the ideal video length is what’ll make it successful. Consider what your video’s goals are and where it will be used to figure this out. Your video should be roughly one minute if you wish to boost conversions and sales via a Facebook ad.

On the flip side, if you’re creating a demo or tutorial for your website, it should be long enough to get your message across to the audience.

Question#6 What/where you will need to shoot?

When you’re looking into the questions to ask the video production company, discuss this in detail. First, you must consider the location. Think about what would go well with your video, for instance, and a minimalistic background is best if you’re explaining a product. Next comes the graphics, props, and animations. Besides, you may or may not need an actor/voiceover artist, depending on the key message you wish to deliver.

Question#7 What do you want viewers to do after watching your video?

What further action do you want viewers to take? Do you want them to make a purchase or like/subscribe? This is one of the many questions to ask video production specialists. Ideally, whatever the action is, it should seamlessly guide your audience through this journey. You may include a clear call to action at the end. By encouraging additional action, you’ll ensure the efficiency of your sales. Also, build trust.

Question#8 Where will you upload and promote the video?

When reviewing interview questions for video production, it’s critical to consider how you’ll distribute them to the world. Do you intend to invest in paid promotions? Or will you upload it to YouTube and share it across your social media channels? Whatever you use for promotion will have a direct impact on the results.

Question#9 What are your competitors doing in terms of the video?

By outperforming your competitors’ videos and promotional strategies, you may be able to hit your upcoming sales. See what your competitors are up to by going through their social media and web pages. Besides, watch their videos to see what you’ve missed.

Question#10 What criteria will you use to assess your success?

Lastly, to assess whether your video is successful, you need to define a key performance indicator (KPI). The click rate, site visits, or even the time spent watching the video could all be used as KPIs.

Keep your video goal in mind and choose a KPI related to it. Additionally, check your KPI regularly to see how well your video is doing.

The Final Thoughts

Now that you have a list of 10 common questions ask away! Don’t let your concerns about video production keep you from utilizing this beneficial promotional tool.

With a clear-cut answer to all these questions, you’ll be well on your way to creating unique video content.

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