101 of Animated Infographics

101 of Animated Infographics

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Human interaction relies on visual communication. Visuals assist in conveying any message with very few or no words. They work well with any form of content. Including blog posts, social media updates, and email newsletters.

An animated infographic is a fantastic way to picture facts/information that is difficult to understand. Infographics are interactive and easy to share as well.

The good part? An animated infographic is easy to produce than a video. Yet, it is equally effective at capturing your audience’s attention.

In this post, we’ll go over and discuss animated infographics in detail. So, let’s begin!

What is an animated infographic?

An animated infographic is a method of visualizing information. It combines imagery, illustrations, charts, graphs, text, and other animated elements to add motion. An animated infographic creator transforms static infographics into animated ones. All through interactive elements, colors, and transitions.

Besides that, by using subtle movements, they highlight the most important sections of your infographic. In short, animated infographic videos change your dull text-based content into an immersive visual experience.

Why should you use animated infographics?

Interactive content catches the eye. They’ve become some of the most shared content on social media today. Whereas, static infographics have become a thing of the past. Thus, having an animated infographic template at hand can yield better results. But, why should you use them?

Infographic videos and GIFs allow you to enhance the visual appeal of your content. Also, boost conversion rates. Videos and motion graphics are also well-suited for social media distribution. As a result, they’ll make your viewers take a break from scrolling and share the content.

It also allows data visualization in several ways that appeal to a larger range of learning styles. Here are a few other benefits of using infographic video animation in your content.

  • Simplify complex concepts
  • Make things easy to understand
  • Increase brand value
  • Drive traffic to your site
  • Better user experience

How do animated infographics differ from traditional animation videos?

Infographics are an essential tool for compiling all your complex data into an easily understandable visual display. Similarly, animated infographics are meant to educate your audience. A traditional animated video, yet, is almost always centered on entertainment.

Businesses often use traditional animation videos to show product demos or case studies. Whereas, short explainer videos showcase specific products or services.

Whereas, animated video infographic is sometimes confused with animated video. Although, they can also be in the form of animated GIFs. A simple motion element can be added to an otherwise static image to create an infographic animation. Take animated infographic examples like wheels turning or digits counting up.

Moreover, an animated infographic video is shorter in length than a traditional animation video. Consider animated infographics to be a cross between infographics and animated videos!

Animation infographics vs. other sorts of visual content

If you’re set to embark on your content marketing campaign, you must know what might captivate your target audience. Text-based content is an integral part of a marketing strategy. But, the visual representation of a complex concept sky-highs your marketing efforts.

So, when it comes to visual content, an animated infographic plays a pivotal role. Why? Because it works based on user activity. For example, simple animated characters that start moving as you scroll down the page. Or, an animated GIF that pops up to enhance a product’s illustration when viewers search for it.

Viewers love an interactive infographic. Thus, you must promote it via an effective video marketing strategy. When you do so, viewers will be more likely to share it across different platforms.

How does motion help infographics to be more effective?

Adding animation to your infographic improves its aesthetic appeal. Simply put, motion graphics oomph a new life to your content. Moreover, it opens up new vistas of vision and comprehension.

Here’s what motion graphic contributes to making your content more effective.

  • If you have an archive of infographic templates, adding motion to it can increase its shelf life.
  • Changing a static PowerPoint template into an interactive infographic livens up your content.
  • Turning boring infographics into whiteboard animation videos help viewers digest information easily.
  • Animated graphic infographics are attention-grabbing and powerful.

What distinguishes a good infographic?

An interactive infographic consists of several different attributes. It includes well-researched information that is easily understandable and appealing to the eye. Even the most ordinary statistics become attractive when conveyed in the form of a beautiful infographic. Also, with the addition of animation and motion graphics, your content ranks from zero to hero.

To maximize the benefits, the infographic design must be as effective as possible. Besides, when conveying vital information, an animated infographic maker must use the right colors, text, shapes, etc.

However, all the visual elements should contribute to your story. Use animated infographic software to bring your content to life. Even so, it is not a wise decision to disrupt your story to showcase your Adobe Illustrator/Adobe Photoshop skills.

To Wrap Up

It takes a lot to create a good visual content-related post. To tackle this, infographics can help. They are entertaining and memorable enough to keep the brand in the minds of customers.

Plus, if you create quality video content consistently, your brand’s reputation will skyrocket. So, start experimenting today!

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