13 Must See Animated Infographics That Educate and Entertain

13 Must-See Animated Infographics That Educate and Entertain

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Have you ever tried to share important information and statistics with a big crowd, only to discover that it is a tough challenge? Well, you’re not alone. Many people face this challenge, and here’s why: they’re doing it wrong! They’re attempting to present their facts and figures in a format that doesn’t do justice to the content. The outcome? Viewers losing interest quicker than you can imagine.

Now, what’s the right way to go about it?

Infographic animation videos. And that’s precisely what we will explore today. Throughout history, visual communication has played a vital role in connecting people. Pictures and visuals can convey a message without needing a ton of words or, sometimes, any words at all.

We won’t bore you with the old saying about a picture worth a thousand words; you’re probably already familiar. But here’s the thing: Visuals can liven up just about any content, whether it’s an article, social media news, or an email newsletter.

One tool that stands out in the visual realm is the infographic. They help you present complex data and info that might be impossible if you tried to tackle them with words alone. Plus, they’re incredibly shareable! Now, what many people overlook about infographics is that they can be brought to life with creative animation and some interactivity – explore more about animated infographics here.

So, to influence your creativity, we’ve compiled a list of the best-animated infographics videos to fire up your imagination as you craft your visual content. Let’s dive in and see how adding a little animation and interactivity can transform infographics from boring to captivating!

The Top 13 Animated Infographics Examples

Here is our list of the best interactive infographics videos to inspire you.

1. Document Management – Animated Corporate Infographic

This animated corporate infographic is an excellent example of how you can convey complex information and engagingly deliver your message to the intended audience. The history of document management is presented in this video using wonderful visual storytelling and outline-style visuals.

It is a perfect example of presenting boring information in a fun and quickly understandable way for the viewers. So, this is an excellent pick if you need ideas for animated infographic videos.

2. Jumis Explainer – Flat Style Infographic Explainer

The Jumis 2D animated explainer infographic video breaks down the distinct approaches to managing the economic aspects of both residential and office buildings. The illustrative style is clean and straightforward line art, effectively communicating concepts without overwhelming viewers.

The primary aim of this infographic animation was to showcase the differing strategies for handling the financial aspects of residential and office structures. By employing infographics, the creators efficiently and clearly illustrate the benefits of the Jumis solution to potential customers. So, if you’re looking for a way to grasp intricate concepts quickly, note down the ideas!

3. AI 3D IP – Modern Dynamic Infographic

A contemporary infographic animation that combines sleek line art characters and icons with an engaging visual narrative. The primary focus of this infographic is on artificial intelligence, specifically addressing a rapid circuit simulation tool through animation. It sheds light on the innovative work of 3D-IP Semiconductors Pvt Ltd, a company known for delivering standard engineering services and tailor-made solutions in the fields of Semiconductor and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies.

The infographic video explores the topic in a concise and visually appealing manner. So, if you’re keen on the intersection of technology and engineering, this infographic offers an outstanding perspective.

4. Breaking Bad Series – Animated Timeline Infographic

One example from the top animated infographics videos is a fun creation by Storygraph. They crafted an animated timeline infographic for the “Breaking Bad” series. This infographic briefly summarizes the series, perfectly synced with visual cues. Characters move along their designated lines, meeting others and engaging in various locations, making it a comprehensive and enjoyable summary of the Breaking Bad series.

Besides, it appears the timeline was initially designed as a long horizontal graphic, with characters later animated onto it. The result is a fun, easy-to-follow, and entertaining video, perfect for a quick refresher before watching “El Camino.”

5. The Life of Spartacus – Animated Story Infographic

This infographic video is a visually captivating journey through the life of Spartacus, the rebel gladiator who once suffered slavery. This animated infographic stands out with its artistic illustrations that transport us back to ancient times. Crafted to resemble the artwork in ancient Roman ceramics, it narrates Spartacus’s life and how he rallied an army to create Sparta.

What’s truly creative about “The Life of Spartacus” is its 2D design, mirroring the aesthetics of ancient ceramic art. This historical visual approach breathes life into the infographic, offering a unique and engaging way to connect with history.

6. Instagram Influence – Colorful Animated Infographic

This is another one of the best-animated infographics examples on our list. It is an informative and visually striking infographic video that provides valuable guidance on increasing your Instagram followers and offers insights into effective Instagram marketing strategies. The animation style is contemporary and minimalist, characterized by vibrant and eye-catching colors. The visual presentation is seamless, ensuring viewers stay engaged while absorbing the content.

In short, this infographic video combines aesthetics with practical advice, making it an excellent resource for those looking to enhance their Instagram presence and marketing skills.

7. Userlane – Business Animation Infographic

Here’s one of the best short infographics videos you must not miss out on. It is a must-see short infographic video that stands out as one of the best in its category. It’s a dynamic presentation in an appealing visual style, created using a flat illustrative approach featuring silhouette characters.

In just two minutes, this animation masterfully introduces the Userlane brand in an engaging and informative manner. Whether you’re interested in business-related content or simply appreciate captivating visuals, this infographic video is a gem you won’t want to overlook.

8. Nexmo – Motion Graphics Infographic

Another top example on our list is this motion infographics video introducing the Vonage API platform Nexmo to the viewers. The platform simply creates communication tools that connect individuals by plugging directly into a company’s website or mobile application.

Since the idea of an API is already technical, the purpose of the animation video was to emphasize the human aspect of communication using real objects and people, live-action in combination with numerous other illustrative digital elements, styles, depths, and rich colors.

9. Food Infographic – Animated Food Infographic

This is one of the must-watch interactive infographic examples on our list. This highly dynamic animation, titled “The Power of Food,” presents valuable insights into the future of food consumption and the projection of obesity trends globally for the coming decades.

The video employs a flat design style characterized by attention-grabbing color combinations and an engaging visual narrative. By exploring facts related to food and obesity, this infographic serves as an informative and visually appealing resource. If you appreciate well-crafted visuals, this video is for you!

10. How Far Can North Korean Missiles Go? – Animated Infographic

The YouTube channel, The Infographics Show, crafted this animated video infographic. This eye-catching creation seizes upon recent news headlines to provide viewers with a precise understanding of the global range that North Korean intercontinental ballistic missiles could potentially reach. The video features colorful 2D animation that effectively conveys the voiceover narration and seamlessly guides the viewer through the information.

As their name suggests, The Infographics Show is dedicated exclusively to animated infographics, and their substantial following of 3.5 million subscribers underscores the compelling nature of this style. If you’re interested in gaining insights into complex geopolitical topics through engaging visuals, this infographic is a prime example of how practical and informative this format can be.

11. Chronology of the Universe – Animated Infographic Video

Without the use of voiceover, this 3.5-minute animated infographic video attempts the exceedingly ambitious task of summing the universe’s 13.7 billion-year history. Instead, it uses dramatic music, beautiful imagery, clear text, and illustrations to depict the critical stages of development.

When creating your animated infographic video, keep the goal straightforward. If the subject permits, you may also use sound design to draw the audience deeper into the topic or story you disclose.

12.  Global Air Traffic – Infographic Animation Video

This informative yet captivating animated infographic video was created by Rightcolours, a German creative communication solutions agency. The video illustrates intriguing statistics and patterns related to international air travel, such as the main reason for delays and the list of the busiest airports in the world.

The infographic is easy to understand because its straightforward animation continuously shifts to the following information or argument – an excellent method for producing an animated infographic jam-packed with fascinating facts.

13.  Worst Fast Food Items You Can Order – Cartoon Infographic

This infographic video on our list is presented in an animated cartoon format. It offers valuable insights into fast food and its impact on obesity. The video effectively communicates which types of unhealthy fast food choices harm one’s health and well-being. It does so through engaging and visually appealing animated flat illustrations, making the information easily digestible and relatable.

Moreover, this cartoon infographic video is an educational tool, helping viewers make informed decisions about their fast food choices and promoting awareness about the potential health risks associated with certain menu items. It’s a creative and engaging video you must take inspiration from.

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