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15 Bright Picks for Best Product Advertisement Videos

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Product advertisement videos are an excellent tool for boosting sales, engaging the target market, and finding new customers. It offers advanced attributes to reach the audience interested in your product.

In a recent survey, we found the best way to advertise a product is by looking at the successful ad campaigns of others. So, we thought we’d provide you with some inspiration.

Here are 15 bright picks of the best product video ads that deserve applause.

Let’s jump right in!

# 1 Home Coffee – Starbucks

“Starbucks At Home Coffee” series is a star example of advertising a product video that appeals to consumers. Each episode focuses on different persons with diverse preferences in their coffee, but together they present all the flavors available for home brewing. So, what makes this ad different from all, is that personalization. Starbucks is all about personalization (imagine your handwritten name on the cups), looks more appealing and eventually grabs your attention. To show care about your customers, try to personalize your product ads. And make them feel valued and satisfied.

# 2 Write the Future – Nike

Nike uses a strategy based on emotionality and idealism rather than just a product video ad. This ad was produced for the world cup 2010 and took us to the world with some epic footballers, including Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. We see four scenarios in which Ronaldo inspires the people to write their futures. The ad ends with an epic statue of Ronaldo in his hometown a nod to his impact on history and the world. More than 7.8 million people watched this video ad online in just one week, and this number is growing day by day.

# 3 Joint Strain Relief – Voltarol

Due to the sensitive nature of their topics, health products are difficult to advertise. This video ad for a joint pain remedy ‘Voltarol’ indicates their product and combines a pug as a lead-in. To deliver the message and keeps the mood light until the advertisement hits its valid selling point. Don’t undervalue yourself by using animals or attractive characters in your ads. As they make your video ad more friendly, lighten up your mood, and add a sense of humor to it.

# 4 For Men – Onzie

An excellent video ad is almost impossible without good music. Onzie nailed it to keep the ad up-tempo and entertaining in this video. By using upbeat music to capture a new audience segment – men. This company is known for its workout clothing, so this was the first time they had done a product video ad that aimed to capture an entirely new marketplace.

# 5 Apply to Jobs – Grammarly

Grammarly is not subtle in its promotional content and has chosen a straighter path. This piece is a chunk of a series called “Better results with Grammarly”. In this 19-second video ad, a women show viewers how the software can help them, the CTA (Try it for free) encourages users to try their product. And displays that being subtly promotional is not the only option because the product ad is all about selling. However, the entertaining approach relegates the persuasive and solid strategy.

# 6 Learning – Skillfinity

We meet a character named ‘John’ who can play the piano, write books in multiple languages, and much more in this video ad. It shows us that John has picked up astounding skills by using Skillfinity, or anyone can acquire new skills because of their service. The voiceover is the best part. It’s funny and entertaining and doesn’t undermine the product by being dull.

# 7 Unmasking A Killer – NYP

Unmasking the Killer-title sounds like a crime episode, and the star of this 2-minute dramatic video ad shows how cellular immunotherapy retells the body’s T-cells to destroy cancer. That raised New York-Presbyterian Hospital to be a pioneer in developing new therapies. The red and black color animation tells the story of body T cells and shows a cutting-edge clear picture. This ad won “Two Clio Health Awards” after it first aired during Super Bowl 50.

# 8 Air Pods Pro: Jumps – Apple

One of the main concern Apple customers faced with AirPods was whether they would fall out of their ears while moving around. To address this issue, Apple-designed an advertisement that depicts a man jumping, running, and spinning with apparent ease while wearing AirPods. Apple turns their obvious weakness into strength by speculating fears that might stop people from buying it.

# 9 Get Back to What You Love – Google

We use the search engine to look for information most of the time. So, it’s hard to create a powerful video ad beyond its utilitarian value. Google made an advertisement video instead of promoting the product in a cold and detached world, where a pandemic has cut off people. To humanize their search engine brand by portraying it as a tool to fight the threat of contagion. And addressed this issue by creating a meaningful connection with its customers. This video ad ends on an encouraging note and offers surviving strategies.

# 10 Gulp – Nokia

Gulp, a commercial video released by Nokia, is based on a story of an animated character-fisherman. However, after catching his “big one”, the fisherman is eaten by a bigger one. Luckily, he escapes with the help of a bomb that flies out of his boat. This ad displays how Nokia N8 cameras can create visually appealing films and show the enormous opportunities when making a video with this product camera. And scored approx. 2 million viewers since this ad debuted.

# 11 Lamp – IKEA

The prolific director ‘Spike Jonze’ created this highly regarded advertisement for the furniture store Ikea. The ad, which took home a Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival Film Grand Prix, opens on a downbeat note (with a woman placing an old lamp on the street) but evolves into an upbeat narrative when a new lamp is found and put to use (cranky character appearing in both segments). And tells the viewers that the new one is much better and it’s good to feel immoral about the old lamp.

# 12 Blindfold Connection – Pandora

This advertisement encourages viewers to purchase Pandora jewelry by showing the strong bond between a mother and her child. The video portrays six women standing in a line; their (blindfolded) children have to identify them. The children identify their mothers based on touch, not sight. Since the video ad debuted, the audience has been amazed and has gathered approx. 20 million views.

# 14 Build your ice cream sandwich – Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, a Columbus, Ohio-based ice cream shop, creates stylish advertisement videos in-house to promote its products. The video uses catchy music and “from the ground up” ingredients to make its customers interested in them before they’ve tried them. Also, ice cream is inherently satisfying to watch in front of you. This video ad is tremendous to inspire the product promotion that hits the ground with content authenticity.

# 15 The Last Customer – Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola has made many best products video ads that often feature celebrities, including campaigns featuring ‘The Beatles and the Muppets’. In this video ad, Coca-Cola gave the people of the Philippines an early Christmas surprise to grab millions of customers towards their brand. By showing customers your commitment in the season of giving, you’ll demonstrate a human side that wins their trust and loyalty. Try the things that have some tangible benefit with more generosity and trustworthiness.

The Final Takeaway

If you have difficulty coming up with a compelling product advertisement video, we recommend watching ads for similar products to get some ideas. In this blog, we have provided examples of several types of advertisements that are well-known and successful. Hopefully, these ads will give the view to find what is best to pick for your product.

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