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Today, visuals in games, films and advertisements can range from the standard 2D to fascinating 3D formats. A great animated video can grab a lot of attention from the viewers only if you do it right. However, if you have neither the resources nor the time to create those intricate 3D animations for your marketing video, don’t worry; 2.5D animation will help you out.

We bet you have heard the term when searching for different video styles for your next project. A 2.5D video does everything you would expect from a 3D animation in a short amount of time with just the right amount of creative freedom. Specifically, to engage, to compel, and then to sell.

Continue reading if you find 2.5D animation fascinating. We’ll go into more depth about it in this blog and explain how it can help your forthcoming marketing campaign.

So without further ado, let’s start!

What Is 2.5D Animation?

As the name suggests, a 2.5D animation video is a hybrid between 2D and 3D. The term two-and-a-half-dimensional animation, 2.5 D, refers to a method that focuses on giving a 2D environment or image the appearance of having 3D properties. Animators can create this effect by carefully adjusting scenes with tools like layering, shadowing, perspective modifications, and morphing. In the 2.5D animation style, 3D volumetric objects are used in a 2D flat environment; for example, the background is in 2D while the characters or hero objects are in 3D.

The end product is a fairly fantastic magic trick that creates an optical illusion-like 3D, or in some cases, even better. Many businesses employ this strategy to successfully implement their advertising campaigns since animated 2.5 D videos have been able to win over business owners.

Understanding the Difference Between 2D, 2.5D, and 3D Animation

Now let’s get into 2D, 2.5D, and 3D animation and understand how they differ from one another.

2D Animation

2D animation is perhaps the simplest among the other two, yet it is still highly captivating and can attract your audience through compelling storytelling. In the 2D animation style, you have a flat background and flat characters. While 2D looks simpler, it’s a great medium to display stats or images.

2.5D Animation

A 2.5D animation video is a common ground between 2D and 3D animation. 2.5D combines the main characteristics of both animation types, and the resulting animation is a hybrid that is 2D but looks like 3D. For instance, you still have a flat background, but the characters and objects look like they’re in a three-dimensional space.

3D Animation

3D is the most time and cost-consuming of all the animation styles mentioned here. The 3D animated background, characters, and objects are visually immersive, with great depth. The 3D animation production process involves various steps. Since everything in a 3D animation is produced in three dimensions, the viewer may examine the items from multiple perspectives and in much greater detail. 3D is the closest to reality!

Why Should You Create 2.5D Animation Videos?

If you are still undecided about which animation type you should pick, here are four compelling reasons why animated 2.5D videos are your best choice.

1. Make Concepts Easy

Written information is processed more slowly and laboriously than visual content. Therefore, you can utilize 2.5D explainer videos as the medium to spread your message when you have a complex product/service that you want to promote to your audience. You can turn what might otherwise be a dry delivery of information into a fun experience using characters and animations.

2. Save Costs and Time

2.5D’s blend of conventional and contemporary methods offers an excellent balance between realistic 3D production and hand-drawn frame-by-frame animations, which is ideal for many projects. You don’t need to have a vast budget or invest resources in lighting, cameras, equipment, editing, etc. It is, in other words, 3D on a budget.

3. Mesmerize and Engage Viewers

An eye-catching animated video with 2.5D elements will make your brand stand out from its rivals. 2.5D videos can engage and enthrall your target audiences and make them watch your video till the end. So, if you’re looking for an effective solution to make your audience stay, you should create an animated 2.5D video.

4. Break the Monotony

An animated video sets out from all other types of advertising media and aids businesses in breaking the monotony. The video does not overtly push viewers to buy the product straight away. The instructive and entertaining qualities of the animated video provide ample justification for viewers to take advantage of the offer.

Five 2.5D Animation Examples You Must Check Out!

Now let’s get to the fun part and look at the five best 2.5D animation examples to inspire you for your next animation project.

Flagship – Isometric Animation by Anideos

Here is a 2.5D animation example with super engaging visuals created by Anideos. The animation video is simple yet meaningful. It serves as a great illustration of how you don’t have to go overboard to produce something unique at all times.

Spud System – Isometric Animation by Anideos

Have a look at this isometric explainer video created by Anideos for Spud System. The video delivers the message effectively and in a memorable way so that users can recall the brand for a longer time. This is one of the hand-picked examples of 2.5D animation.

Sargon Arcadia – Animated 2.5D Video

Sargon Arcadia is a collaborative workspace for teams, suppliers, and industry experts to manage funds and financial products. They used 2.5D animation to explain how their platform works and how it can help businesses reduce manual processes quickly.

2.5D Animation Showreel

This is yet another animation video example with appealing 2.5D characters. The animation showreel is a perfect blend of animated projects done previously. Take inspiration from this video if you’re all set to create your own.

Pandemic – 2.5D Animation by DavidMotion  

The short animated pandemic video by DavidMotion is another brilliant example. The video features 2.5 D elements and captures the viewers’ attention from the first second. Besides, the animation video also conveys the video’s main message clearly.

How to Produce 2.5D Animation Videos?

Before you begin creating 2.5D animation, you must know the fundamentals of animation. Once you have a solid grasp of the animation basics, you can finally start practicing various animation techniques for creating smooth and captivating 2.5D videos. Besides, the same software used for generating 2D and 3D animation will work out for you.

Create Ground-Breaking 2.5D Animation Videos with Anideos!

We hope we’ve presented enough convincing reasons for you to create amazing 2.5D animation videos. Animation has no limit to creativity, and when done right, it can bring an influx of traffic, leads, and engagement to your business.

The best part, you don’t need to have a big budget as required with 3D. The 2.5D animation cost is budget-friendly and, at times, even more appealing. Anideos can help you make creative 2.5D animation videos. Get in touch with us for professional animation services.

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