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We don’t just create animated videos, we bring your ideas to life! With our top-tier 2D animation service, we ensure an unparalleled experience. So, bring your ideas to the table and get the best 2d animation production for your next marketing campaign.


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2D Animation Services

2D Animation Services at Anideos

2D Animation Services

We produce an 2D animation that makes people crave more. At our 2D video production company, we take pride in offering exceptional 2D animation services that bring imagination to life. With a team of artistic minds, we are dedicated to crafting captivating visuals that resonate with audiences.

Want to drive engagement with 2D animated videos? Share what’s in your mind and turn it into something extraordinary! The experts at Anideos create characters, creatures, FX, and backgrounds with creativity and precision that capture attention. Armed with cutting-edge tools and a deep understanding of motion principles, we have mastered the art of evoking emotions through a fluid animation process. Whether it’s a playful character design, an educational sequence, or a brand advertisement, we customize our approach to suit the unique essence of each project.

When we work with you—the focus is on your brand growth. Anideos wants to be an absolute favorite. That’s why we ensure 2D animation services that make you stand out in the mob!


A Bunch of Nice Things Said by Our Clients

We have become the preferred choice of many clients across the globe and have successfully delivered the best work! Have a look at what our clients have to say about us. Learn why they have chosen us and how we have helped them nail their 2D animation service projects.

George Bethany

I wanted a 2D video made under a reasonable budget and timeline. Surprisingly, I got to know about Anideos. Their team was responsive and professional in dealing with what I wanted. Me and all my colleagues simply love the end video!

Thomas Agerbo

I got amazing service from this talented animation team. They delivered an exceptional 2D video way ahead of our schedule. Totally recommended!

Sander Verdonck

Anideos does great work! Their animation team is top-notch and a pleasure to work with over the course of several projects. They have gone the extra mile to answer all our questions promptly and to assure nothing but 100% satisfaction with the final product.

David Forgacs

Anideos have never been a disappointment. We’re working on our second animated video and the high-level creative process at this company keeps us in the loop at all times!

David Forgacs

Anideos has never disappointed me. They have done so many projects for me, and every time the end result has been incredible. This time, I approached them for 2D logo animation, and my overall experience was superb. Another best thing is the swift collaboration through live chat or emails, they always ensure to meet all my needs and respond to me in no time. I highly recommend Anideos.

Sander Verdonck

Anideos does great work! My company has taken multiple services from Anideos, including 3D animation services and 2D explainer video services. Their animation team is top-notch and a pleasure to work with over the course of several projects. They have gone the extra mile to assure nothing but 100% satisfaction with the final product.

Thomas Agerbo

I got amazing service from the talented animation team of Anideos. The deadline was short, but the experts managed to deliver an exceptional 2D whiteboard animation video way ahead of our schedule. I would love to work with them again. Highly recommended!

George Bethany

I wanted a 2D motion graphics video with a reasonable budget and timeline. Then, I got to know about Anideos. Truly, they are amazing. Their entire team was responsive and professional in dealing with what I wanted. I and all my colleagues simply love the end video! I highly recommend this platform.


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      The Creative Process
      for Our 2D Animation Service

      We work around a streamlined process to ensure we deliver the final product just on time. Here is the 2D animation service process we follow.

      2D animation process

      Gathering Information

      Creative brief

      Not sure about you, but our team definitely doesn’t like surprises when it comes to animation. That’s why animated videos never begin without a questionnaire here. This short questionnaire is a creative brief where you jot down your industry and details of the characters & project



      The key to a solid 2D animated video is the concept behind it. No matter how technical your product or service is, our job is to find the fun in it. And that’s what we do at this stage. Countless brainstorming sessions later, we pitch in the best ideas to you. The ball is in your court then; confirm ASAP – so our team gets down to create killer 2D animation.

      Music and Sound Effects

      Production timeline

      Next up, we land on a production timeline. It includes the time we need depending on your project plus the time that’ll go into feedback and revisions from your side. You’re a big part of this stage; the quicker the feedback, the quicker you get the 2D animation!

      The Script

      The script

      We take scripting very seriously. It’s the narration that sets the tone for the final product and effectively communicates your message. You have the option to pick and choose from the variety of scripts we share with you. Once done, we share the selected script with the animators.

      Visual Style


      To know what’s happening with your project is pure bliss. Storyboard keeps the two of us on the same page. Our skilled animators create scene-by-scene backgrounds and other visuals of the complete script. We both see the story unfold with each frame. It's the backbone of our animation services. So again, a heads-up from clients is permission to move to the next video animation stage.

      Style frames

      A style frame is a colored frame of your video in a snapshot. You get to see quality textures, color palettes, and every other detail that’ll be there in your final 2D animation video. We fully illustrate them for your review because it’s your video. You know your business the best.

      Voice-Over Recording


      Despite having access to the world’s top voice talent, we don’t just pick anyone for you. It’s important to land on the best find that aligns with your message’s nature and tone. Client satisfaction is kind of a big deal to us. We offer you various professional voice over options considering many aspects, and as before—you have the final say.

      Animation & Production


      This is where we create the best 2D animation for your audience. Adding motion to scenes and characters, we sequence individual designs together for a polished feel. From voiceover to graphics and music, our animators don’t stop till the quality is pixel-perfect for every screen. We share the final file when a perfect outcome is achieved!

      Convey Stories Through Our Ground-Breaking 2D Video Solutions

      Delight Your Audience with Our 2D Animation Services

      custom 2D animation services

      Anideos builds your brand with its custom 2D animation services that are doubtlessly the best on the block. Not that there’s a need to mention it – but we always have a good handle on things. This way, your brand ticks off most advantages of 2D animation from the list. You know your brand. We know discovery is essential. Practically speaking, we come to the best to learn all that there’s to know about you and your 2D animation. You help us out! With us, it starts with discovery, which helps – every time. So, once we know your requirements– we make technicalities sound like ABC.

      A series of stages later, we show how a simple and cost-effective animation can get the job done – whatever it may be. From gripping the attention of the target audience to driving engagement on social media, our 2D animation video service never fails to elevate your brand. It delights and gets you, new customers. What else do you want?

      Sitting still isn’t our thing! This explains our broad expertise in industries of all types, including whiteboard video or 3D architectural animation. We’re always giddy to know about the next industry we aim to dive into. Pitch in your idea if you are looking for a top-tier 2D animation company. Your 2D animation project can be the next success for both of us!

      custom 2D animation services


      A customized 2D animation video can be a good step to achieving great branding. It is the art of creating movement in a two-dimensional space. Our creative team works on the script, characters, and voiceover of explainer videos to help your brand stand out. So if you are still looking for amazing 2D animations, reach out now!

      Because you need a high-quality video that brings out the real you, it would help if you had real people with real solutions. You need a team constantly brainstorming video concepts to land on a perfect idea. And that’s us. From concept to cut, our 2D animation services keep an eye on your brand guidelines to deliver a head-turning video. Not just this, we communicate stories that convince the audience, and what’s better than that? So—no matter which industry you come from, we know our way around 2D animation videos that deliver results. Still on the fence? Ping us so we can do something about it.

      Not to sound like a broken replay button, but video costs depend on many things. Your video length, video animation styles, complexity, and the extent of revisions you ask for are just some of them. But for a general idea, we've created a 60-second custom-animated video ranging between $7,000 - $20,000. Don’t let the price tag scare you, though; we’re always up to discuss your budget before quoting a price. Just let us know your expectations and timelines to see if we go together.

      Because you should leave extinction to the dinosaurs. Lead your industry, show off your products to the viewers and trust our animation techniques to do the rest. That's the thing about 2D animation, you can get done with almost anything and everything. Put up a video on your website or on your socials to feel the impact. From running digital marketing campaigns to successful internal communications, quality visual effects can get so much done.

      Normally, it takes us around six weeks to produce a 60-90 second animated video. It includes production time plus the time required for your input and revision requests. But that’s not all because we do rush projects too. Target-hitting explainer videos take time, but it’s a whole different story with us. Having the top illustration talent definitely did us some good as we've created and compressed the lengthy animation production process to as few as three days without cutting corners. Of course, the cost of the rush project will vary depending on your project or the characters' complexity. And if there’s time on your hands? You’re in for a ball!

      Absolutely, yes. Unlike other 2D animation companies, we welcome your provided voiceover audio with open arms. Seeing if your voiceover fits with the explainer video and its message are some of the several aspects we measure. Once satisfied, our professional team modifies it a bit for a unified feel. After all, we only want what's best for your business.

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