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After much analytical thought and logical comparison metrics, we have built up a list of five explainer video production Studios that can help you elevate your business presence and seal deals far more quickly.

Today’s dynamic marketplace calls for being clever, quick, and witty with your marketing and advertising. Once every while, businesses come face to face with a burning question.

And that is how to stand out and retain customers.

Well, why shouldn’t this question come up, after all, it all starts with being visible to your target audience. So, the owners and marketers enter a head-scratching situation where they think of creative ways to introduce their product or service.

Best explainer video companies shine through as the savior. Companies automatically incline towards them and hope to save their drowning businesses. Companies that don’t fall flat.

The science behind explainer videos explained:

Before we show you the list, we think it’s important to know what all the hype is about. We didn’t want to limit this space to the best explainer video studios, we wanted to give you more.

For a generation that grew up listening to stories, we harbor a love for them. Animated explainer videos help companies hit the right spot. Explainer videos are a super-creative way to engage by striking a seamless balance of emotions and practical solutions.

If you’re wondering why only explainer videos are compelling here you go.

Explainer videos explain complex concepts by breaking humongous information into tiny tidbits leveraging the audio and visual stimulus. Videos are great but it’s a different ball game when explainer video production comes into the picture. Excellent visual graphics, sound, and compelling narrative help businesses achieve multiple goals.

Businesses can educate, train, advertise, clarify, or even introduce it’s up to the creative minds ready to cook up something new.

So in retrospect, an explainer video makes the information even more digestible, improving information retention.

Now, we will move forward to the top explainer video Studios in 2023 that have the potential to make your sales go right up the roof.

1/5 Anideos

Anideos Studios has been redefining animation all these years. It is a US-based animated explainer video company compelling viewers and leaves them in awe, one explainer video at a time. If you are on the lookout for a team of magicians ready to grasp the gist and deliver something worth remembering Anideos is the place.

With a fair share of award-winning narratives and explainer videos up its sleeve, Anideos has helped improve conversions and business revenue for its clients. Excelling in all things video; 2D explainers3Dmotion graphics, live-action, and whiteboard animation remain the company’s most-wanted services. They’re often praised for a breeze-like communication with clients that makes work a frictionless process. Recently, Anideos stacked upon two badges by Clutch and one by Wimgo all for the finest customer and animation services.

2/5 Epipheo Studios

Epipheo doesn’t even need an introduction. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio Epipheo is ranked among the best explainer video companies in the USA.

Elevating businesses with explainer videos is their forte. Epipheo has left an irremovable mark in the buzzing animation industry with a tightly-knit team filled with out-of-the-box thinkers. Over the years, they’ve produced explainer videos for businesses and we’re impressed by the quality of visuals they bring to the table.

3/5 Demo Duck

Demo Duck is a team of highly creative ‘ducks’ just as they say it. This animated video production house has been making rounds for all good reasons. Their work ethic, professionalism, and top-notch quality explainer videos are worth praise.

Demo Duck can transform your product/service into crisp product demos, introduction videos, marketing videos, and anything else that’s on your list. The quality of their explainer video speaks for itself and there’s no doubt that they will be producing some of the amazing explainer videos in 2023, too.

4/5 Yans Media

Yes, Media has a quirky and engaging way to connect with the viewers. Their explainer videos have pushed brands towards attaining prospects and turning them into valuable customers.

Their team has hands-on experience working for diverse industries and producing meaningful results with explainer videos. Not just this, but their animation style has won over customers time and time again. They demonstrate how a straightforward narrative and plain animation can convey messages.

5/5 Yum Yum Videos

Explainer videos by Yum Yum Videos are instantly recognizable. Catering to a global market, they’ve earned themselves the clients’ trust by proving their expertise and creative skills.

Their portfolio is filled with work for big brands and we love the work they do. Their animation always catches our eye as their animators perfectly transform business ideas into bite-size videos.

The Final Verdict

If you don’t want your brand’s voice to get muffled in the noise, these animation video production houses should be your go-to. Not only are they the flag-bearers of professionalism but a team of A-players geared to connect you with your customers.

When you need an explainer video for business, you’re trusting the explainer video production house with your vision. We know how intricate it’s bound to get, so take out word for it and go for any of the companies we suggested above. They are the best in the biz. Your time, energy, and money won’t waste as they are the best explainer video studios creating ripples in the global marketplace. You can reach out to each company individually, and the sales reps will help you out.

However, if you want to get the job done right in the first go, you can reach out to us with your project details at Anideos.com. We are always on the hunt for creating something extraordinary, your project might be it. Let’s find out!

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