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Why Your Business Should Invest in Animated Explainer Videos

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In today’s digital era, one thing you can’t deny is the growing demand for videos. Every second, the internet gets overloaded with thousands of videos. However, a large chunk of those videos is useless.

You are missing out big time if you aren’t familiar with the power of animated explainer videos. Keeping in mind the rise of animation, it’s safe to say that investing in an explainer animation video can take your business to the next level.

So, do you want to create brand awareness in a way that is relevant to your target audience? An explainer video is an answer.

What are animated explainer videos?

An explainer video is a short animation video that focuses on easily explaining a complex concept, business, or product/service. It breaks down complex ideas into simple notions that are easy to understand.

The best-animated explainer videos are effective as they blend both audio and visual stimuli to show how a product or service works to the viewer. Using animated explainer video is a tried and tested method to increase revenue and sales.

In video marketing, the options are quite diverse. An explainer video is the most common after promotional video and advertising.

One size doesn’t fit all! This is why an animation video is tailor-made to meet your goals. Common types of animation explainer video include:

  • 2D animation explainer video
  • 3D animation explainer video
  • Whiteboard animation explainer video
  • Motion graphics explainer video
  • Live-action video
  • Screencast explainer video
  • Kinetic typography

Still, thinking about why should you invest in an animated explainer video? Here are five undeniable reasons.

1. Animated explainer videos are easy to grasp

An animated explainer video is an excellent way to break down a complex concept into a simple one. If you rely only on statistical data present on your website to persuade clients, you may be doomed to fail. However, an animated explainer video maker focuses on visual storytelling and character animation.

When it comes to reading vs. watching, the latter always wins. The clearer your message, the more customers you will attract.

2. Animated explainer videos boost search engine rankings

Google loves videos. If you include high-quality video content on your page, you will notice an increase in organic traffic. An animated video is ideal for your website’s homepage and social media channels such as LinkedIn and Instagram.

Search engine users are 50% more likely to find a video if it is a part of your content. Besides, if the video is impressive, the viewer might stay on your page longer. As a result, it will send positive signals to search engines, increasing your rankings and traffic.

3. Animated explainer videos are ideal for marketing products or services

Animated video can bring life to any character. Hence, this is the reason why explainer videos are a crucial component of a marketer’s toolkit. Nothing beats using product videos, especially animated ones, to explain a product or service.

With explainer animations, you can explain what your business is about, how your products or services work, and how can a viewer take benefit of it. To up your product and content marketing game, investing in video production is a must.

4. Animated explainer videos aid to build a strong bond with your audience

Video creation uses the power of storytelling that helps you develop trust and strong relationships with your audience. Animated explainer video creators can show the audience that your company understands their issues and can help them.

With the help of an animated explainer video company, you can create an animated character in scenarios that a viewer can relate to, resulting in a sense of identification.

5. Animated explainer videos keep up with changes, saving time and money

Another compelling reason to invest in an animated video is the ease to make changes. Assume you’ve updated your product’s packaging. If you have a live-action video, you will either need to create a new video or reshoot and insert scenes.

Whereas, making changes to an animated video is much easier. If your package, price, or message changes, you can edit the video to match the existing video animation style. This can save you both time and money. Hence, investing in affordable animated explainer videos is the best move.

For the best results, choose a company that specializes in animated video production and has a portfolio of explainer video examples for you to review, like Anideos.

Who is Anideos?

Anideos is a US-based animated explainer video company working to turn your imaginations into reality. 2D animationmotion graphics3D animation, live-action, explainer video, and whiteboard video remain the company’s most popular services. They think outside the box to add creative animated elements while keeping your audience in mind. If you need unique video content leading to increased sales, Anideos is your way to go.

Final verdict

Now that you understand what an explainer video is and why your business needs it, hurry up before it’s too late! Invest in video animation services to get the most out of your business.

Why wait another day when you have all these reasons in front of you? To get started on your animated video right away, contact Anideos.

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