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5 Ways Boost Social Media Marketing Short Explainer Videos

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Did you know that explainer videos are the hottest trend in social media marketing? This versatile content finds and grips your audience on all social channels and devices

The digital realm is way past the saturation point. 137,000 new firms birth every day.

That’s the reason it has become increasingly difficult to get seen by your prospects.

Your competitor seems to know the magic trick, almost always. You end up losing prospects because your competitor thought ahead

We realize that the biggest challenge for any business boils down to getting seen by their prospects first. And it’s complicated, to say the least.

Well, our experience says that businesses today have ticked off multiple achievements by incorporating videos in their marketing strategy. Not just any videos but explainer videos!

Explainer videos are a versatile piece of content that just fit with business marketing needs and even, exceed expectations.

They are seen and enjoyed by the viewers because the content is digestible and engaging.

We cannot emphasize this enough but with an explainer video, your social media marketing is handled. Your reach hits right above the roof, and you’re suddenly the talk of the town-in no time!

Some Effective Ways of Social Media Marketing with Explainer Videos

Here’s a cheat sheet for you. We’ll walk you through effective ways to spice up your social media marketing with explainer videos company. You will find the right reasons to use them, so you achieve results. Let’s begin.

1. Tell about the product/service

There are hundreds of people offering the same animation service and product as you.

How’re you prepared to stand out?

Short explainer videos.

That’s how.

It’s an unconventional approach to letting people know what your product or service is about. If your product is complex, you can simplify it with an explainer video. Ideally, an explainer video is around 60 seconds to 90 seconds.

A possible user learns how to use your product or service in such a short time. That too, with interest.

It’s probably the most effective, fastest technique to teach customers.

2. Clarify misconceptions about the product or service

Amid the fiasco of getting heard, the content you share often gets misheard and misinterpreted.

Sharing a hard to read text that no one even bothers to bat an eye or video content people happily consume?

The choice is yours.

An explainer video tells a story that people doesn’t want to leave hanging. They want to know tidbits till the end, so an explainer video is a handy tool to clarify misconceptions about your product or service.

3. Announce accomplishments & milestones

It’s always a great idea to share your accomplishments as a company.

Not only does it build the employees morale but lets them know their efforts are creating ripples.

This becomes 10 times more fruitful when you opt for an explainer animation.

This video format announces your accomplishments in a grand manner. You can also cover your journey highlights in a quick and engaging video.

Safe to say, capturing your milestones and sharing them with everyone is an excellent social media marketing tactic. It impresses your existing customers and even helps you acquire new ones.

4. Show inside stories

Show what goes on behind the screen.

You can introduce your team in a fun way or show them having fun at the workspace. Sometimes, you can go for an explanatory video that shows what really happens when the entire team comes together to deliver the product or service with perfection.

These are just some of the inside tales you can tell. They humanize your brand as it tells people that you’re real. That’s how you will answer their skeptical gazes.

5. Break down hard-to-digest concepts

Research suggests that viewers are more likely to make a purchase once they really understand what you are offering.

As the name suggests, an explainer video clearly explains the problem at hand. And even presents your solution as the ultimate solution to that problem.

This means viewers understand your brand. So, if you have to share hard or technical concepts, a cartoon explainer video might be the solution you are looking for.

Once you include them in your social media marketing strategy, you are bound to see some ups in your sales!


Smart business owners that are stepping into the digital market today aren’t even thinking twice before incorporating video.

It’s something that’s a given.

A crisp script and compelling visuals of a whiteboard explainer video are getting brands under the spotlight. It’s a must-have part of social media campaigns primarily because they’re easier to share and repost.

Videos are mobile-friendly and that’s their biggest plus. Some brands even use humor to fine-tune with their target audience. So, it’s all a matter of being gutsy enough to stay original.

Social media marketing isn’t even a hassle once you start using animated explainer videos. Use them once, thank us later!

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