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Anideos is one skilled animation company that flawlessly communicates your story through 60-second explainer videos. You can end your search already because you have opted for the right place. Our videos have a comprehensive call to action that will make your clients consider your products. We make supreme-quality videos where tricking or cheating the audience is not an option. Anideos don't boast about the features or characters. We only promote the truth.

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60 second Explainer Video

Why Our 60 Seconds Explainer Videos are the Best than the Rest?

Anideos create 60-seconds explainer videos that are well-defined and to the point. Our call-to-action is clear and visible for clients to grasp their attention. We convey to viewers your objective in the first 30-seconds of the explainer video to avoid losing their interest. We start with making more than one situation and character to know what suits better. Then, we opt for styles that work best as per your requirement or business. Our priority is to make consistent styles for you with catchy characters and engaging videos. To connect your audience emotionally and passionately, we hire a regional voice artist if required.

Finally, we make focused and practical explainer videos that are thoroughly described. Our animated video obtains the heart of your product in the first 15 seconds. We have expert voice over actors. Keeping in mind your goal, we choose the best illustrations that meet your brand the most. Our explainer videos have a vast appealing rate because of their excellent animations and techniques that catch the customer.

60 Second Explainer Video

How do we write a Thrilling Script for a 60 Second Video? (A Demo)

Thrilling Script for a 60 Second Explainer Video

The script is the foundation of any video, so it has to be extremely well-written. We write scripts in simple language and communicate to the audience in their native language to make them understand every bit of the video. We write conversational scripts as given below with examples.

Me: Do you like to watch TV?

You: Yes, I do.

Me: Which is your favorite channel?

You: I prefer sports or animal-related channels.

Me: How much time do you spend watching TV daily?.

You: I am not a couch potato. But whenever I am free, I watch TV.

We deliver knowledge in absorbable chunks. We know attention spans are inadequate; therefore, we only give a brief overview in our explainer videos. Then, we discuss the major points but shortly and concisely. Finally, we speak directly to the audience and use the words and language easily communicable. We opt for the tone of our scriptwriting that suits your product and brand the most, making sure the language is the absolute description for your company.

Ready to make a Difference with our 60 Second Explainer video?

So, what are you waiting for? Avail our 60-Second Explainer Videos to reach your audience. Anideos works on every script differently according to the dialogues and monologues voiceover required. Keeping in mind the purpose of the video, we opt for the pace and voiceover to communicate with the audience and grasp their attention. Language plays an integral part in a good Explainer Video, so Anideos selects the easily understandable language by the target audience.

We have been creating high-quality 60 seconds explainer videos for corporations in various crosswise industries. 60-seconds explainer videos could be an extravagant option for you between short advertisements and long instructional videos that effectively deliver the required knowledge. In addition, Anideos add a potent call to action at the end of the video to keep the viewers acquainted about the next steps and opportunities provided that helps to keep your customers engrossed. We create clear communication and prioritize required knowledge at the commencement of the video that permits you to hook the audience in the first few seconds.

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