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7 Insider Tips to Get a Good Explainer Video

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Engaging your customer and familiarizing them with your product, an explainer video is the best option that sparks your audience’s attention. But the tricky part is how to get them right in. Meanwhile, the first thing that your viewers experience is the look of your video. So, it’s compulsory to nail it at the first impression.

Are you investing in an explainer video this year? Be sure to check out the ultimate guide to explainer video for more understanding. Here are seven insider tips to get a good explainer video that drives sales and undoubtedly defines your product or service.

# 1: First thing first, Identify your audience:

To get a good explainer video, try to identify your target audience or to understand whether your product is for everyone or not. Even if you sell beverages, your product won’t be for everyone.

However, you can determine your target audience in terms of product availability, product pricing, product taste, or even the size of the product. Now, recall the product in your mind, then decide what would “you” prefer if you were the target audience for that product.

# 2: It’s all about the script:

A successful explainer video is based on a well-written video script, and the foundation of everything is built on it. The more creative your script is, the more audience attention you get. Try to choose someone who offers a better and fresh look to your video script and describes it well so that everyone can understand it easily.

However, many expert explainer video companies create a brief video script to get more audience attention. Think about some catchy words, slogans, and taglines before you start, do some research for your script and connect these with some funny stances. It ultimately gets people’s attention and helps them connect with your brand.

# 3: Make it short:

Today, businesses have a lot to tell people about their products or service. However, for a good explainer video, the briefer you are, the more people will show interest in taking the subsequent steps. According to ‘Helen Klein Ross’ (creative writer and director), if you want to be more likely to remember, it’s better to say less.

Meanwhile, the traditional benchmark in the reading industry is 150 words per minute. But you might be able to read faster than 150 words in a minute. Remember to stay to the point, so your video will ultimately get more audience attention. And try to be concise in telling everything about your product.

# 4: Look at Your Visuals:

Visuals are essential to provide a sophisticated view as we have seen thousands of compelling expert videos that use visuals and offer the jar of gold to the audience. The vital key is to use visuals that strengthen the voiceover and demonstrate the video story. For example, before you make green Pastures and Picasso of wonders for your audience, take the time to imagine the fantasies that turn your thoughts into realities. It will provide instant details and visual effects that ultimately grab the audience’s interest. Remember, your imagination will always accomplish your work and offer you a good explainer video.

# 5: Add some Humor:

People like to be entertained, so making a video that delights your audience is compulsory and makes them engage with your brand. Try to add something different in your video, like a surprise, a funny stance, humor, and something crazy that can take your video beyond its traditional reach.

Remember the golden rule, whether you create or write make sure the audience is having fun as everyone love humorous content, while the infographics or documentaries make it sluggish. Apply this logic to your explainer video and make it more interesting by turning all the audience yawns into the waves of laughter.

# 6: Link the tone with music:

When video music links the pace to the tone, it gathers the audience’s emotions and performs as impressive as a song. Sometimes we already have a perfect music theme in mind that fits the audience’s mood. Or sometimes, we set the music after the video completion.

Meanwhile, starting from the script to the visuals, sound plays a vital role in perceiving a good explainer video, and our all senses come into play when we talk about it. That’s why linking your video tone with music/track is essential and ultimately grabs the audience’s attention.

# 7: Add a CTA:

To address the audience’s problem, briefly introduce your product as the solution with a clear call to action. Because a compelling CTA can create a sense of determination that inspires the audience to take the initiative, no matter what type of explainer video you make, it’s obvious to add a CTA, so the viewers know what to do next.

A compelling explainer video contains three main components that are:

  • Select a video host: There are hundreds of options for hosting a video. Try to look for compelling options.
  • Make your marketing plan: You can take a few steps to make your explainer video viral or get extra audience attention. Try to control it with the blog posts, social media channels, newsletters, signatures, events, emails etc.
  • Link the video to your web page: Whenever you place your explainer video on your homepage, it will ultimately incorporate with your product or brand.

Wrapping Up:

If you are thinking about how to get a good explainer video this year, we hope these insider tips will help you in the right direction. It will ultimately save your time and allows you to get a video that provides measurable results.

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