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8 Training Video Production Companies

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In search of a top video production company to get a training video made?

Speaking from first-hand experience, training videos bring drastic changes to the work quality of employees. It is an opportunity for the employer to communicate a comprehensible message that is heard by the audience too.

No matter what the size of your video production company is, you must train or educate your employees. It could be a simple orientation video, a sales training video, a product training video, or more.

The best bit about training videos is that they are accessible 24/7. You cannot be there to train or repeat the same information again and again.

Hence, it is not just a practical option but definitely a better one.


  • A handy option that is readily available to cross-check or confirm anything, any time.
  • Information presented through visuals and videos is a whole lot easier to recall.
  • Interesting content that results in better audience engagement.
  • Easier demonstration of complex concepts.
  • Enhanced understanding that results in fruitful results.

Being in the animation industry, we can vouch for the need and high impact of training videos. So, if you are wondering which training video production company might be the right option for you, we have jotted down a few.

List of 8 Best Training Video Production Companies

Here, we have listed some of the best training video production companies (in no particular order) who are killing it with their training videos.

1 Anideos

We know how this might sound, but this isn’t just us saying it. We have shown it to the world and are continuing to do so.

Anideos has tens of hundreds of great reviews on Bark and Clutch. We often get listed among the best animation production companies so there’s no harm in proclaiming it ourselves too.

Apart from the positive feedback, we have a solid portfolio to back what we say here. World-class animators, out-of-the-box concepts, creativity, and a keen desire to perfect every frame you get the best results, every time.

Each training video is a high-quality, customized product that has generated meaningful results for years. Go through our portfolio and you will believe what we are saying. Anideos is a partner that matches your training video animation needs, budget, and standards-from concept to impact.

2 Demo Duck

Demo Duck has earned itself a name.

As a video production house, we keep a close eye on animation trends and patterns. And we can confidently say that Demo Duck keeps upgrading itself.

Their training videos are plain yet creative. You can express your brand identity-all the while educating your audience with an interactive piece of content. The team is skilled in handling your needs as a client.

Fairly new on the block but definitely worth your time. Demo Duck irons out confusions with a simple vocabulary and minimal animations in their training videos.

‘Simple, but fun and oddly satisfying.’ Read this somewhere on their website, and it sits perfectly on them.

3 Yum Yum Videos

They have a knack for sowing the seeds for simplicity. Their corporate training videos are fun, quirky, and spot on!

They are instantly recognizable and for all the right reasons. Just like us, Yum Yum Videos has an entire team of creative writers, thinkers, and animators.

Getting yourself a training video is all great and stuff, but it’s a whole different ball game when it’s done by Yum Yum. Longer lasting results and simplicity are some of the many things they guarantee and seeing their work, we say it is true.

4 Epipheo

This one does not even need an introduction.

Epipheo is a big name when it comes to offering video solutions. Their work stands out from the clutter through a crisp script and memorable videography style.

You can completely rely on this US-based video production agency to get yourself the training video that you desire.

They have experience working with an extensive range of industries creating corporate training videos, animated videos, and more.

5 Sharp Eye Animation

The team at Sharp Eye Animation has bagged multiple creative awards. It has emerged as a creative animation video production agency that is on its way to creating compelling training videos.

They are great at creating different types of training videos. From sales training videos to product training videos; this space is full of diversity.

Sharp Eye Animation has also begun marketing for its clients, so it is an option you can invest your time in.

6 Skeleton Production

Skeleton Production is among the top training video production companies that are creating some revolutionary and buzz-worthy work.

They are a team of passionate creators engrossed in making your message more approachable. Their work is impressive, and the result is understandable yet memorable.

You can visit their official website to directly request an estimate.

7 BuzzFlick

BuzzFlick is a video production company creating training videos that deliver information in an interactive manner.

Along with this, they are an award-winning video production company doing some great training videos for the corporate sector.

Training videos by BuzzFlick are directly intended for your employees and guarantee improved retention of information.

8 Wyzol

Wyzol has been around since 2009 and got under the spotlight for its unique approach to training videos.

It is among the few video production companies that have worked with renowned brands such as Dell, Kodak, and multiple others. They have delivered over 2500 explainer videos, and training videos have been a huge chunk of it.

We think Wyzol is an option worth considering based on their expertise and experience. If you think the same, head straight to their website!

There you go. The training video companies we listed above are our absolute favorite. Needless to say, they are the epitome of professionalism and creative craft. Each one of them has a sound portfolio that speaks for the quality work they provide to their clients.

So, it is time you start connecting better with your employees through a carefully crafted and entertaining training video!

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