What is a Second Explainer Video

When speaking about explainer videos, we know that the message has to convey in a confined time. Therefore, 90 seconds explainer video is the preferable and most demanded length of an explainer video. It is anticipated that 90 seconds is a reasonable time frame to deliver the message to the audience.

Video - 90 Second Explainer

90 Second Explainer Video

Why Should You Go for 90 Seconds Explainer Videos?

According to the latest research, the attention span of people is getting short by the time. 90 seconds or less is more appropriate for the audience these days. A video containing more length loses interest instantly. As you only have 90 seconds, making 150 to 240 words makes it exciting to communicate the message to the viewers.

Explainer videos consisting of 90 seconds are ideal continuance to reveal the message of your brand offering to prospects. As the length is short, it receives plenty of attention. According to Forrester Research, a one-minute video is far better than a bundle of unabsorbable words. Our 90-second explainer video is comprised of short formats comparative to Text, PDFs that aids to hold almost all the viewers' concentration.

Here's one of our 90 second Explainer Video

Why Our 90 Seconds Explainer Videos are the Best than the Rest?

Anideos has its way of winning clients for you. We start our 90 seconds explainer video by inquiring about the obstacles and showing related questions to your clients' interest (to get their attention). Then, in a 90-second explainer video, we show all your brand's essential knowledge and cover your product from every significant aspect.

Knowing we have 180 to 230 words maximum (for a script).; instead of discussing matters in detail, we opt for the problematic areas and touch your users' emotions by exhibiting a frustrated or sad character (to connect easily). In the next step, we show your brand's existence by providing the solution to the discussed issue and explaining the importance of your product/service.

90 Second Animated Videos
Best 90 Second Explainer Videos

We effectively explain how your product/service is beneficial in solving your users' problems. Then, we present your product as a solution, to assure your users that your product is what they need. We set the tone and style of the 90-second explainer video according to your brand's requirements.

To attain the best, we formulate a character from the beginning that reflects your target audience that aids in drawing excess concentration. We keep the motion popping to make the character or illustration look real. We add humor too (if needed by you). To get the most of the viewers' engagement, we use modernistic animation styles.

Anideos present the complete animation with an astounding concept. We add the colors of your brand in the 90-second explainer video, energetic illustrations, environment, music, font etc., to make people apprehend your brand immediately after the video starts. We use recognizable shapes efficiently.

We use visuals that hit a chord instantly and are friendly with the end-user. Our visuals go simultaneously with the voice-over. We use suitable music in 90-second explainer videos depending on the overall theme of your goal. We keep the volume 20% or less than that to avoid contrasting with voice-over artists. That makes our videos look and feel genuine and relatable.


Our 90 Seconds Explainer Videos (Skillfully) Prompt Users into Action

Sometimes it becomes technical to convince some viewers to do business with your company. They demand an extra push to initiate a step; For that, we use strong CTAs in our videos, like Buy Now, Visit our Website, Book Today, Apply Now, Sign-Up, Call Us Now & Free Trial etc. According to the nature of your content, we use CTAs that gets the results ASAP.

It might look easy and convenient, but it could prove to be the most complicated part. Anideos know how subtle or direct we should present these statements in the 90-second explainer videos to grasp the viewers' attention and not make them uninterested towards your brand. Thus, we help you convert your inquisitive visitors into precious customers through our 90-second explainer videos.

90 Second Explainer Videos with Strong CTAs
220 words for a 90 Second Explainer Video

Ideal Word Count for a 90-second Explainer Videos

A 90 second or 1.5 minute is a good enough time for a video. You need to extract the main points essential to share with the viewers and then illustrate accordingly. In these 90 seconds, you need to cut the crap and reach your customers with the most touchy and suitable but limited words. An average word count falls between 220-230 words. That means you have ample time to introduce the topic, explain it and conclude with proper completion.

A Demo of our 90 Seconds Explainer Video Script (How we Write it)

We believe that scriptwriting is a marathon, not a sprint. And the quality of the video depends on the essence of the script. A well-carved script is needed to get a flawlessly attractive video. Anideos believe in presenting your product in the simplest way possible. Using native languages, we write conversational scripts to grasp viewers' attention. Our focused conversational scripts look like:


Me: Do you like ice-creams?

You: Yes, I love ice-creams.

Me: What are your favorite flavors?

You: I like strawberry and blueberry flavors the most.

Demo of our 90 Second Explainer Video

90 Second Explainer Video Company

Why Should You Choose us as Your 90 Second Explainer video Company?

Anideos make sure that your audience like and remember your unique style and hence end up buying your product/services. However, a compelling 90-seconds explainer video takes time and lots of effort, and beyond that, it takes many analyzed and proper strategies.

We expertly fulfil your needs with creative, impressive 90 seconds explainer videos, so why wait any longer? Let's roll up your sleeves and hire our 90 seconds explainer video services that are effective.

You can pay a visit to our portfolio page and get a clear idea of the quality animated videos we provide. Anideos is capable enough to deliver a high-quality 90-seconds explainer video in no time. So, visit today our Contact us page and get started now.

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