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All You Need to Know About Being a 3D Animator: The Ultimate Guide for a Career in 3D Animation

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Now that the world’s moving towards 3D-enabled mobile phones, we can’t question the popularity and appreciation for the 3D technique anymore. Over the last few years, 3D has successfully spell bounded people with impeccable visual effects and left them craving for more. That’s partially a reason behind animation being a sought-after career.

If you think you have a knack for creating realistic character animation then this space might just help you out big time. Here’s your chance to know everything about the visually limitless animation style, breeze-like, and online 3D animation makers, and the process behind creating buttery-smooth 3D animations effortlessly.

So, without delaying it any longer-let’s begin!

The 3D Animation Style: Evolving & Lifelike

3D animation isn’t new on the block. Having been around since the 1960s, this art genre didn’t turn heads till 1995 when Toy Story was released. Even before the movie’s release, 3D animation has been through ground-breaking evolution and there’s no sign of putting a halt to it because technology keeps getting better.

Adding a layer of depth to simple animations, 3D animation refers to creating realistic and three-dimensional objects giving rise to innumerable cinematic possibilities. The pathway to creating believable moving images is difficult-to say the least. But we’ll present a list of battle-tested online 3D animation makers so you don’t feel intimidated as a beginner.

Which 3D Animation Maker Should I Choose?

Being a newbie is challenging enough but, it’s tougher in a field that’s open to continuous evolution. If you search up online, you’ll most definitely come face to face with a never-ending list of 3D animation makers leaving you more confused than you were before. To make it easier for you, we have only listed down 4 of the best 3D animation tools. Considering all the necessary factors to evoke emotions, you will have aggressive control of the software down below. They are equipped with the latest features to help you get a hold of 3D animation.

List of 3D Animation Makers for Beginners in 2022 [Free/Paid]

Let’s know more about the best 3D animation software. But before we dive in, here’s a quick list.

  • Maya
  • Aurora
  • Blender
  • Adobe Character Animator

1/4 Maya

maya software 3D Animator

Maya is ranked among the top 3D animation programs which you can access on a 30-days free trial. The animation tools on this software are way ahead of others crafting believable animation videos. The intuitive modeling tools have a free-form approach that helps shape 3D objects to perfection.

Be it for game development, short animated videos, entire films or games, Autodesk Maya is an industry standard.

One major con with Maya is the steep learning curve for users. You have to be patient with the software and invest time in the different commands and tools.

2/4 Aurora – Easy 3D Animation Program

aurora3d 3D Animator software

If you are on the lookout for an online 3D logo animation maker, then Aurora3D animation maker is the one for you!

Aurora3D animation maker offers a free 10-days trial to offer a dynamic and creative experience to its users. It offers a large object library and templates that can be customized for each user. Using this animation maker, you can animate text and also import 3D models from other applications that it supports.

With such tools and features for text styles, fonts, colors, etc., this tool is also excellent if you need an online 3D logo animation maker. It can keep you a step ahead in text and logo animation.

To kick it off with Aurora3D, here’s a video to learn about creating text or logo and adjusting it by using all the functions.

3/4 Blender – Free Online 3D Animation Maker

blender software

If you’re in search of a free and open-source 3D creation suite, then Blender should be your go-to. Since it is an open-source 3D animation application, users can enhance ease of use by adding more features of their choice and fixing bugs.

Video editing 3D Animator

Blender is clearly the best bet when it comes to video editing and real-time rendering. It supports the 3D process in its entirety. You can expect to finish off 3D modeling, texturing, rigging, rendering, compositing, and even editing through the tools supported by this software.

Here is a video to get you started on Blender 3.0, the latest version.

Blender 3.0 Beginner Tutorial on YouTube

4/4 Adobe Character Animator – Motion Capture Animation Maker

character animation 3D Animator software

Adobe Character Animator enables you to experience animating in real-time. All by connecting a webcam and microphone, you can bring your characters to life. Leveraging AI, character animation is a matter of seconds for you in just US$52.99/month.

You can customize a character of your choice or make use of the existing puppet templates. Once you have your character, it’s time to show some moves.

By adding in the transcript, you can expect a smooth and accurate lip sync from your character.

Step-by-Step Process to Create 3D Animation

The process of bringing depth to your animation is intricate because the pictures are computer-generated in 3D. The final product undergoes quite a few phases which are discussed in detail below.

But before the detailed guide, here’s a quick summary

  • Concept and Script Writing
  • Storyboarding
  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Texturing
  • Rigging, Skinning, and Animation
  • Rendering
  • Special Effects and Compositing
  • Editing
  • Final Rendering

1) Concept and Script Writing

This is where it all starts. Coming up with a killer concept needs time and once you’ve landed on it, you require a script that keeps the people hooked.

For a put-together end product, you need to invest time coming with a great idea. Get it validated by others to understand whether your storyline will be a hit or a miss

2) Storyboarding

Similar to 2D animation, 3D animation demands creating a storyboard. This allows you to visualize the animation in a proper sequence beforehand.

3) 3D Modeling

In the 3D animation pipeline, 3D modeling holds great significance. Despite being extremely crucial, it’s no longer a big deal because of the 3D animation tools existing today. 3D modeling is a digital representation of 3D characters and objects.

4) 3D Texturing

To make the objects appear even more real, textures allow you to play around with light effects adding more depth to the surface of models. You can create fake details such as wrinkles, scars, scratches or bumps and observe these small details make a difference yourself.

5) Rigging, Skinning, and Animation

3D rigging is creating a virtual skeleton for objects and characters while skinning refers to creating and attaching the mash with virtual bones. This way, there’s more depth and connection between the bones and skin making the creation seem close to life.

Once everything’s in place, you can prepare yourself to see everything in motion. This is called the animation phase.

6) Rendering

3D rendering is the step in which you transform the 3D models into 2D images. A single 3D scene is rendered separately. All the different aspects of a scene are rendered individually so you can control the changes of the entire scene without having to render one scene all over again just because of a minute change.

7) VFX and Compositing

The animators overlay elements like hair, clothes, fur and such on the created animation. Compositing is where you unite all the renders. This is called the post-production phase.

8) Editing

Perfecting every nook and corner of your 3D animation is a must. This step is where you particularly look at all the scenes, their sequence, sound effects, and the like. If there’s anything ticking you off in the animation-edit it right away.

9) Final Rendering

Now that you’re done with the final editing, it’s time to render one last time. This is the last step so make sure you go through each and every aspect before hitting the button to render.

Now you must have a sharper idea of what you’re getting yourself into but the great news is, it’s all worth it if you’re passionate. So, let’s move ahead and learn what you can do to begin your career as a 3D animator.

How to Kickstart your Career as a 3D Animator?

First things first, the animation is tough work. So even if you get a hold of it by rummaging through articles and YouTube tutorials, an average person requires months or years to really master it.

Here’s a practical step-by-step guide that you can follow to begin your career in 3D animation.

  • Familiarize with the animation lingo. Do your homework and know what the terms rigging, rendering, compositing, etcetera mean in the 3D animation world.
  • Try your hand at online 3D animation makers and polish your skills. If you don’t have the money to initially invest in your learning skills, you can opt to learn via free animation makers.
  • Sign up for courses online. While self-studying is the key, there’s no harm in relying on knowledgeable experts online. Sign up for reliable and authentic course-providing websites.
  • Don’t miss out on opportunities to learn. Actively seek opportunities that can improve your skillset as a 3D animator. Follow relevant pages, accounts, and social media profiles to expand your craft.
  • Create a stellar portfolio. As a 3D animator, you can’t risk not having a killer portfolio on Behance. Display the best of your work and shine on because your portfolio speaks louder than your words.

Ready to Actualize your Imagination?

Phew! There we said it all.

Now, you are probably aware of the entire 3D animation process and the first step to take in this direction. There are a number of online guides available, tutorials, and such to keep you posted. But if you get stuck somewhere and the tutorials don’t seem to help you out, consider ringing us up. Team Anideos is geared to take upon projects at any point in time.

We’ve been ranked as audio production specialists in DesignRush and have stacked up on badges by Clutch for our animation production services. If you’re still on the fence about making a decision, sneak a peek into some of our 3D animations.


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