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Top 10 Animated Brand Story Video Examples

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We live in an era where you can find animation everywhere – from health to educational content to entertainment and more. What started as a tiresome, time-consuming, and expensive marketing method has now become a wholly digital and cost-effective medium. More understandably, animation videos have transformed how we view and consume media. Besides, portraying the brand story with animation is prevalent now more than ever. 

Talking about animation brand videos, what exactly are they? And what are some top examples? In this article, we will explore the top animated story of brands in recent years.

What Is an Animated Brand Story?

An animated brand story is a marketing tool that utilizes storytelling and animation techniques to communicate a brand’s message, values, and identity to its target audience. It involves creating narrative-driven animated content that engages and resonates with customers emotionally.

An animated brand story focuses on crafting a compelling and engaging storyline to communicate the brand’s values, mission, history, and personality. The ultimate goal of a brand story with animation is to build a strong connection between the brand and its audience, fostering brand loyalty and driving customer engagement.

Additionally, brand stories communicate a company’s essential values. These convictions reveal the human side of that specific brand to the appropriate market. These compelling tales then become one of the deciding elements that prompt consumers to select one brand over the sea of numerous rival ones.

The 10 Must-Watch Animated Brand Story Video Examples

Let’s take a look at some fascinating brand narrative videos for inspiration on how animation may weave together the components of excellent storytelling.

1.      Airbnb

This is one of the greatest animated brand story video examples of all time. In this video, Airbnb focuses on that it is not enough to sell great products/services; you also need to focus on selling compelling stories. And this video does just that and more. The animated brand awareness video revolves around the ongoing discrimination at Airbnb and what they are doing to combat it.

The animation brand story showcases where the company is headed with this campaign. While being transparent, they talk about how the user data is being used for various purposes – leading to trust and loyalty.

2.      VANS

In this brand story with video animation, skateboarding icon Jeff Grosso narrates how Vans got started, how people came to admire its shoes, and how anyone could wear them. The animation video looks amazing and fascinating when combined with real-life photographs. Vans achievements during its 50-year history are masterfully woven together in the aesthetics of this brand story video.

This video is simply a visual pleasure because of the upbeat background music, the enthusiastic voice-over, and the quickly shifting bizarre animation.

3.      The Happiness Planner

Happiness Planner portrays an actual story of a girl named Mo Seetubtim. This brand video was created by Broadcast2World, in which they perfectly showcased the story of a girl who held unconventional views and how she overcame all of the challenges she encountered in her life.

The inmate characters in this brand launch video story come to life through a frame-by-frame, fairytale-like animation technique. Moreover, the brand video conveys a powerful message of how a “social misfit” who refused to conform to society’s expectations becomes an unmatched achiever.

4.      LYFT

This is one of the best-animated brand awareness videos out there. It takes us on a journey with two dynamic thinkers who refuse to be mere commentators on environmental protection and unity. Instead, they boldly step up and create a remarkable initiative to bridge societal gaps. Recognizing the disconnect caused by car culture, these visionaries birthed the peer-to-peer ride-sharing community Lyft.

The video beautifully narrates Lyft’s inspiring transformation from a mere dream to a tangible reality. As the video concludes on a futuristic note, viewers are left excited for what lies ahead.

5.      Chanel

The ‘Queen of Paris’ was once an orphan from Aubazine, and this brand video by Chanel tells her story. The lady behind the legend, who, in a stroke of genius, changed the female silhouette, is revealed in this timeless animated short video.

Fashion’s new century began and ended with Coco Chanel. It is amazing how the protagonist’s life is depicted in this video’s black-and-white visuals. This brand story video demonstrates Chanel’s revolutionary journey, which altered not only fashion but also how women viewed themselves.

6.      Hush Puppies

This is the origin story of one of Wolverine Worldwide’s most recognizable brands: Hush Puppies! Scott Albini’s mesmerizing mixed media creation takes us on an extraordinary journey, revealing the remarkable transformation of an initially inconceivable idea into a worldwide phenomenon and household favorite.

And, if you’re curious how the phrase ‘Hush Puppies’ came to be, this video also gives a hilarious explanation of that!

7.      The Original Penguin

This animated brand video revolves around how an astute observation led to a breakthrough for the popular American T-shirt company “The Original Penguin.” The video is fun to watch and an inspiration for many!

The brand animation video, made by Erez Horovitz and Andrew Embury, cleverly leverages relatable life examples to illustrate the narrative of how a simple Penguin emblem became a craze among people the moment it became an American icon!

8.      Jack Daniels

Arnold Worldwide designed this video for Jack Daniels with dramatic images to show how not only the place of origin but also the ‘process’ play an equal role in propelling a brand to unfathomable heights!

This video in black and white visuals also suggests that the labeling of a brand not just completes the package of a product but also has inherent value in conveying the brand story to the audience!

9.      KPMG

In this captivating mixed media video, KPMG’s profound impact on shaping numerous historical events worldwide takes center stage! The ingenious use of animated visuals seamlessly intertwines news clippings with historical milestones, creating a mesmerizing narrative.

This brand story video is a shining example of how a brand can skillfully leverage its past achievements to pave the way for a compelling vision of what lies ahead.

10.  Starbucks

Have you ever got curious about how your favorite coffee is prepared?

This exceptional brand history video, with a seamless blend of 3D animation, stop motion, and infographics beautifully unfolds the journey of Starbucks in crafting its signature rich, smooth, and perfectly balanced coffee. This visually stunning and engaging narrative will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the art of coffee-making.

Create a Captivating Animated Brand Video Right Away!

Now is the perfect opportunity to produce your animated brand story video and watch conversion rates surge. However, don’t count on things to happen right away. The best things take time. Ensure to use the top 3D sculpting software and techniques to create a video that captivates audiences of all ages.

You can also hire a professional to do the job for you. We at Anideos offer one-of-a-kind video animation services that can deliver your brand message effectively. Our 3D and 2D animation services will enthrall your audience until the very last second!


Can I have animation brand story videos like other big brands for my business?

Of course, you can. With videos as the most popular marketing medium today, leveraging their power to deliver your brand message is the best move. Today, many small and mid-sized businesses are investing in animation videos similar to big brands to leave a lasting impression. So, you can also make the most of animation brand story videos for your business.

However, you’ll need an expert video maker by your side. Our experts at Anideos are all ears to hear your idea!

How much does creating animated brand videos cost?

Well, there is no fixed cost to tell you how much animation brand video production may cost. The cost typically varies on the style of animation and video length. It also depends on your video complexities and add-ons.

But getting in touch with an animation company can help. Discuss your idea with us and get a precise quote.

How long does it take to produce an animated brand story video?

Yet again, the timeline also depends on various factors and can be better given by a professional video animation company. Creating a brand animation video can take as little as a few days to months. For instance, a simple 2D video will take less time to create than a complex 3D video.

If you have a tight schedule, discussing it with your animation partner beforehand is recommended to avoid any issues down the road.

How can animated brand videos benefit my business?

The eventual goal of a brand video is to promote a brand and the products/services it offers. An animation story of B2B or B2C brands can help establish brand identity and increase recall value. Such videos also help generate the audiences’ attention, ultimately adding to the overall conversion.

So, if you think about whether animated brand videos can help your business, most likely, they can do wonders!

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