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Top 11 Animated Corporate Video Ideas for Your Upcoming Business Video!

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Without a doubt, animated corporate video is the talk of the town. It is a powerful tool that may generate a strong emotional connection with the intended audience and send a message that resonates with them, regardless of the topic at hand. These are ideally used by organizations to entertain, educate, and inform their customers.

It’s a proven fact that the human brain can process visual content 60,000 times faster than text. Most people won’t bother reading huge paragraphs, but they will likely click on a video link – that is where corporate animated videos can shine. You may use animation’s flexibility to engage audiences, teach difficult or tedious topics, and improve sales.

The human attention span is believed to be eight seconds. And a goldfish has an attention span of nine seconds. Now, if we compare them both, the likeliness of holding a website user’s interest is much less than that of keeping a goldfish entertained. Isn’t it a terrifying thought for marketers? But don’t worry; the good news is that video is a tried and true method for increasing viewer engagement. Almost 84% of viewers tend to purchase after watching a video.

So, in this blog, we’ll share the best Animated Corporate Video Ideas on the web today. Stay with us till the end to brainstorm new and exciting ideas for your next corporate video.

11 Best Animated Corporate Video Examples Ever!

Here are some of our favorite hand-picked corporate animation examples for your next business video.

Let’s begin!

#1 Slack

Slack is a workplace communication tool, and this video perfectly sums up exactly how life was for employees before and after Slack. This video’s constant motion makes it difficult for viewers to look away, and the refined use of Slack’s colors and music effects makes it one of the outstanding corporate animation examples.

Besides, if this video was live-action, it would be difficult to find a large number of props that correctly match the brand colors of Slack. But since animation is used, all that was needed for the video was to animate a few interesting elements and characters.

#2 Amazon

Here is another animated corporate video example by Amazon that is a must-watch. In this video, Amazon cleverly used 3D animation to describe its new biometrics payment system, Amazon One. Animation is perfect in the sense that it allows businesses to make a video to introduce their services or products before even they’re ready and accessible to the public.

Another plus point with corporate animated videos is that if you make an animated film without including a like-for-like image of your product, platform, or app, you won’t need to alter your marketing materials if the appearance or feel of your product changes.

#3 Med Mart

Cosmetic surgery is a sensitive subject, and Med Mart might have run the danger of stirring up controversy by utilizing real people to depict various body types and difficulties. So, they used animated characters instead of real people in this animated corporate video example.

Besides, the chance of offending someone is reduced when using animated figures, and Med Mart doesn’t lose much by using this intricate 3D aesthetic rather than live action. From the French horn on the chair to the plants on the window and the light from the lamp, each factor is detailed and adds value to the video.

#4 Apple

Can we create a list of the best corporate animation examples and not include the tech giant Apple? Not really. Apple is never behind in creating top-notch animations to introduce its products to the market. This time, they did the same.

In this video, Apple used a combination of live-action shots with fascinating animated typography and imagery. It is a stance to make every Apple product carbon-neutral by 2030. Take ideas from this video example if you’re taking an initiative similar to this one.

#5 Cross-Contamination

This video is a great illustration of how an animated corporate video could be used internally within an organization to communicate your protocols and values in a fun way. The clear and attractive animation style will keep employees interested and help them learn quickly.

It is pretty simple to translate in the world of animation with visual notions like food contamination. A live-action version of this video would be far more complex and time-consuming to produce, and it would probably have less impact. Thus, this video uses animation to keep users hooked from start to end.

#6 Starbucks

The fact that animated explainer movies are an excellent tool for breaking complicated topics into easily sharable content for consumers doesn’t exclude the usage of animation for less complex topics. And this is where the animated corporate video shines: in less than a minute, Starbucks tells a tale about their passion for combining coffees from around the world.

Starbucks targeted and enlightened their already-vast customer base about how they blend their famously-sourced coffee beans. The video incorporates rich colors and visuals, making users feel like they can almost taste it. Simply put, it is only natural for the consumer to desire more.

#7 DHL

The logistics and supply chain industry is a boring topic for many. Yet, it can still be an interesting advertising space via animation. Thus, DHL takes viewers step by step, telling them what the company offers clearly and concisely. As one of the top corporate animation examples, this video shows how a shipping company can cater to your needs.

Moreover, the color scheme reflects the brand’s color schemes, making it even more enthralling. Whereas the logo at the end of the video emphasizes the company image.

#8 Bulb

This is yet another of the best corporate animation examples on our list. Bulb wanted to deliver a simple yet powerful message to its viewers. So, in this 30-second ad, Bulb demonstrated that it is the biggest green energy company.

In the rest of the video, they added a fun element of humor to keep people watching till the end. Besides, it encourages viewers to share the video with their friends on social media.

#9 Google

The usage of visual comparisons (or visual metaphors) is a common animation technique. This method breaks down a more complex idea into a straightforward icon or picture. In this animation, Google represents data plans with fruit, networks with flowers, and security measures with a shield.

Animation has several advantages, which is why many firms select it to convey complex ideas in ways that are easier to understand and absorb. And this animated corporate video is a representation of that.

#10 Sealy

This is another best animated corporate video example by Sealy that solves the confusion of picking a mattress by highlighting the advantages of one of their products. In this quick 30-second video, they used bright colors and music to convey that choosing a mattress doesn’t have to be complicated.

Moreover, they end the video with their tagline and brand logo as the right company to buy a mattress from. Safe to say, this is a great animated corporate video example of how to educate and promote simultaneously.

#11 Nestle

If you’re searching for outstanding corporate animation examples and ideas, you must not miss out on this one. This video perfectly represents how useful animation can be for the corporate world and that not all animations are cartoony.

In this video by Nestle, they showcased multiple locations through the power of animation, skipping the hassle of traveling across various locations.

Last but not least, it seems as if almost every company has tried its hand at corporate video production, with some quite impressive results!

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