A Complete Guide to Animated Resume Video

A Complete Guide to Animated Resume Video – Examples, Tips, and More

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In today’s overcrowded work market, hunting for your ideal job role is a difficult task. Competition is always there, but the changing nature of job applications makes it difficult to keep up and stick out. Have you been sending out your resume to employers in PDF format or Word document and aren’t getting noticed? You need to think outside the box.

So, how can you capture your best traits and relevant experiences and make a remarkable impact on your hiring manager? That’s where an animated resume video comes in. An animated video resume is a new standard for job hunting in the creative field.

We bet you’re now thinking, ‘how can I turn my boring written resume into a creative animation resume video?’ You’ve come to the right place. This blog will walk you through creating your own animated resume. For your inspiration, we’ve also pulled together 5 of the best-animated resumes we’ve ever seen. 

What Is an Animated Resume Video?

Animated video resumes are a great way to showcase your abilities to potential employers in a way that written resumes just can’t. Video allows communication via sound, visuals, and text. Similar to a traditional resume, a video resume explains your professional background, qualifications, and skills – but appealingly. The significant distinction between the two is the medium used to deliver and how innovative they are.

Animated CV videos allow you to dazzle potential employers and wow them with your video talents. However, an animated resume should not replace your regular CV; many businesses also require applicants to provide a PDF version of their resume.

Why Should You Create an Animated Video Resume?

Thinking, what’s so great about resume animation? And why should you invest in creating a resume animation video?

In today’s competitive market, standard resumes hardly stand out. That’s why doing something extraordinary and thinking outside the box is necessary to set yourself apart from the crowd and land your dream job. It may be just what you need to boost your CV and show off your personality impactfully.

Here are a few other benefits that can compel you to create a video resume:

  • Helps make a bold statement
  • Showcase your skills and capabilities engagingly
  • Engage individuals with short attention spans
  • Make a long-lasting impression

5 Outstanding Animated Resume Video Examples

Now, let’s dive into the five best-animated resume videoexamples of all time. Allow these incredible examples to inspire you on your path to resume success!

1. Kai Creative – Animation Resume

The animated CV video by KaiCreative shows how flawlessly you can put your best abilities forward in front of employers. It’s a complete introduction to Kai and his academic and professional journey year by year. In short, the video creatively compiles his skills, work experience, and hobbies in a short animated video.

2. Sem Van Riet – Motion Graphic CV

Here’s another great animated video resume you can take inspiration from. Sem used motion graphic elements to tell potential employers about his education, skills, experience, and contact information. He used Adobe Illustrator to create visuals and Adobe After Effects to animate them. If you need an idea to begin, have a look at this one.

3. Charles – Motion Graphics Resume

The beauty of an animated video is in its details. This video resume animation by Charles is a perfect representation of it. With the help of motion graphic animation and captivating music, the video resume engages employers at one glance. For all those individuals aiming to get their CVs noticed by hiring managers, investing in an animated resume is the best move!

4. Mustafa Abu Zaid – Motion Graphics Resume

This is the best example of a motion graphics video resume you’ll find on the internet. It gives potential employers an insight into who Mustafa Abu Zaid is – including his background, age, education, nationality, proficiency in different languages and software, and much more. The best element of the animated CV is the links to various platforms at the end of the video, where you can find Mustafa online.

5. Ming – Motion Graphic CV

Your animation resume doesn’t always have to be loud or obnoxious to stand out from the competition. Yet another animated resume example proves it – it’s simple yet effective and explains all about Ming in a two-minute video. The video intrigues viewers and stops all eyes on it till the end. If you need ideas to begin animating your resume, take ideas from this video.

How to Produce an Impactful Animated Video Resume?

Below is a complete guide to producing an ideal animated video resume. Keep reading until the end to create a resume that impresses your recruiter!

1. Pick the Key Points

To start, pick essential bits of information from your resume that you must cover, such as years of work experience and education. Since you can’t include all the information present in your written resume, the key here is to collect and place information most relevant to the job you’re looking for.

2. Outline Your Skills

Consider what abilities you want to highlight and how you can incorporate those into your video. For instance, if you’re creating an animator resume, highlight your skills in using the latest software. In the end, this will help you develop a far more effective and impressive animated CV.

3. Storyboard Your Visuals

It’s time to storyboard. It is a critical step when creating short videos that must pack a punch. Plan out your message and visuals scene by scene and analyze where you lack. The resulting storyboard will give an idea about how your video will progress. This is also the stage where you’ll figure out the design, color, and images.

4. Record Your Voice-Over

Sound is what sets your resume apart from others. In this step, you need to record your voice-over that shows off your personality perfectly. With a voice-over, it’s easier to convey emotions such as humor, authenticity, and passion. Set the right tone, record, and make the final edits.

5. Animate Your Resume

Animation is the final and most important step. Build your animation video around your storyboard using animation software. Add the voice-over, be mindful of the color, and keep text to a minimum. Lastly, go creative with the final effects and edits!

How Much Does It Cost to Make an Animated Resume?

The cost of an animated resume can range anywhere between $10,000 to $15,000. The overall cost of creating an animation resume varies on several factors. These factors include the duration, complexity, and animation style, such as 2D animation, 3D animation, etc. Besides that, the cost will also depend on the animation company’s experience and skills.

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