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The Top App Explainer Videos to Take Inspiration From – 2023

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Do you run an online business? If so, it’s wise to take into account the fact that a sizable portion of your target market is unaware of the solutions you provide. Although the value of your product may seem obvious to you, it won’t be for your target market.

Anyway, don’t fret. You’re at just the right place. Apart from the services of top app development companies, all it takes is one incredible explainer video to effectively communicate your brand’s message and win your target audience’s attention. Thus, in this article, we’ll be showing you the best app explainer videos in 2023 so far to inspire you on your video journey. This list includes some corporate giants as well as SMEs.

What’s more? These app explainer videos can give you a head start when brainstorming ideas for your next video! Without further ado, let’s begin.

The Top App Explainer Video Examples in 2023

Make an explainer video that knocks out all others. Here’s our take on the best app explainer videos you can take inspiration from and get started right away.

#1 Google Calendar App

Undoubtedly, Google has brought plenty of innovations to the market. The secret to the best app videos lies behind great explanations. That’s exactly what Google did for their new Calendar app available for both iOS and Android. Combining motion graphics animation with live-action, they’ve particularly targeted young people. However, people belonging to different age groups can relate to it. This short explainer video creatively gives hints on how you can use the app to make your life more fun!

#2 Varpet App

Great application explainer videos hook the audience till the very last second. That is exactly what the Varpet app’s explainer video does. It targets the customer’s pain points, suggests the solution, and boosts conversion. The explainer video features an intriguing detective character combined with captivating sound effects that take users on a journey with an interesting story. What’s the result? Varpet’s orders jumped by 15% in just one month following the video’s publication.

#3 BreatheSmart App

The BreatheSmart app explainer video addresses the fears and hesitations of a boy suffering from Asthma. Not only does this explainer video gives detailed information about the topic but also predicts the hard situations that a patient may have to go through. And of course, gives hope for a better life. From the first few seconds, this top app explainer video directly targets those who might be interested in the message.

#4 Amazon Go

You’re probably aware of Amazon Go, the eCommerce app that let users purchase items in physical stores without waiting in long queues and with no checkouts. This explainer video shows all of that in action. The guy enters the physical store, shops, and checks out spontaneously. The video predicted what a viewer would ask and explained how it all works at the right moment. Stating the main benefits, the video shows the product in a believable situation.

#5 Microsoft Office 365

This is yet another one of the best app explainer videos that you may take inspiration from. It’s simple, and that’s exactly what we love about it. This 30-second explainer video highlights the advantages of using Microsoft Whiteboard with the help of fun characters and animals. It shows how easily you may collaborate with others to edit on the Microsoft Whiteboard in real-time. 

#6 Call Me Out App

This is another one of those interesting app explainer videos you must not miss out on. Using a celebrity in a video can turn out great or a total disaster. But when done right, it can do wonders. In this video, Mike Tompkins tells his story while explaining the benefits of using the Call Me Out app. In short, the explainer video features the right celebrity (most likely to use the app) together with great animation production.

#7 Amazon Prime Day

Big companies like Amazon don’t need to spend time building a relationship with viewers. Keeping that in mind, Amazon’s marketers cut directly to the chase. In this short app explainer video, they demonstrated the benefits of the annual Prime Day, an event exclusively for Prime members, featuring deals on top brands and small businesses. Since they’ve made it clear that their goods are desirable, customers already understand how they’ll enhance their daily routines.

#8 MyHeritage App

The MyHeritage app explainer video shows how a powerful message can be delivered without a voiceover. It has no story and no voiceover, yet it captivates you to watch the video and download the app. The app lets you discover fascinating details about the lives of your ancestors, find new relatives, birth photos, marriage records, etc. with just a few taps. Whereas, the video perfectly portrays all of that.

#9 SwiftPass 

Next up on our list of the best app explainer videos is this one created by the team at SwiftPass. SwiftPass is an online mobile payment app that offers plenty of other mobile business solutions. SwiftPass marketing team performed an excellent job of transforming their complex software product into an easy-to-understand, visually appealing explainer video. By combining their brand colors with modern icons and smooth transitions, they created a video suitable for all audiences.

#10 Twitter Sign Up

This is one of those application explainer videos that are perfect from the start to the end. The script, the story, the sound, the shooting, and the CTA, everything is top-notch. The explainer video starts like a blockbuster movie and keeps viewers entertained the whole time. The video is fun to watch and revolves around how interesting your life can be once you sign up for Twitter.

#11 Apple

Apple always stands out when it comes to creating high-quality animations and pairing them with the launch of its latest products. Put simply, our list of the best app explainer videos won’t be complete without including them. In this video, they have combined live-action shots with attractive imagery and texts to describe their initiative of making every product carbon neutral by 2030.

#12 McDonald’s App

This incredible app explainer video was created by McDonald’s for their customers. This fun, bold, and character-led explainer video perfectly uses animation with a simple background and characters, keeping users’ attention right on the app. McDonald’s cleverly used this explainer video to explain to clients how to use their online app as well as how to redeem special offers and benefits.

The Final Words

Summing up, we hope that these app explainer videos will inspire you to make your animated video the very best yet! 2023 is the year we see animation take over SMEs and large firms, including Apple and Microsoft. In short, now is the time to get started creating eye-catchy explainer animations.

If you don’t know where to start, get in touch with a professional explainer video company to avail of animation services and create a video that works well for your business.

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