Gear Up Your Strategy with the 11 Best Animated Ad Examples

Gear Up Your Strategy with the 11 Best Animated Ad Examples

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Effective advertising is crucial for any organization to succeed in this digital age. It helps brands to efficiently promote their product or services, quickly attract an audience, and produce leads. But the question arises: what can work as a game-changer to enhance your brand presence? Have you ever thought of animated advertisements?

Animation has proven to be a potent tool in advertising, transporting viewers to captivating realms beyond reality. Whether through the whimsical characters of Coca-Cola’s “Catch” ad or the sleek visuals of American Express, animation creates narratives that transcend the ordinary, captivating audiences and fostering a lasting connection.

Some companies successfully accomplish their goals by promoting their products and services through animated adverts. Therefore, to help you produce something as remarkable as the brands listed below, we have compiled the greatest animated advertisement examples ever in this article.

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Animated Ad Examples That Went Viral

When it comes to animated promotional videos, the options are limitless. With an almost limitless array of music, illustration styles, voiceovers, and other elements, you may precisely elicit the desired response from your viewers and motivate them to take action. Here are the top animation advertising examples we’ve compiled below to get you started when you’re brainstorming ideas for your next—or maybe first—commercial.

1. Place You Want to Be – Volkswagen

It can be difficult for the auto business to create advertisements that genuinely connect with viewers, but Volkswagen went above and beyond what was anticipated of a vehicle manufacturer.

This amusing animation video was created from a green beetle’s point of view. It’s clear from the video story just how good Volkswagen’s service is.

The animation in the ad is really appealing and effectively serves the purpose. This is one of the incredible animated advertisement examples you can use if you’re looking to advertise your car services.

2. Summa Health

This video ad is a perfect illustration of how advertisements for healthcare products can be made. The 2D animation and transitions in the video help to demonstrate the advantages of Summa Health. Furthermore, Summa Health has reenacted the function of a primary care physician using an entertaining story.

This 30-second animated healthcare ad is ideal for your next video commercial if you’re working within the medical field.

3. Oreo – Wonderfilled

To capitalize on the rising popularity of a new electronic artist, Oreo hired Owl City to compose and create a unique song for their “Wonderfilled” TV commercial. The company created this animated advert that is just as enjoyable as this well-known cookie by matching the upbeat and upbeat melody with an equally lighthearted animation. This commercial is definitely worthy of a place on our list because it is charming, amazing, and full of wonders.

4. Slack – Work Simplified

This Slack’s one of the most entertaining animated marketing videos never fails to wow the audience. They produce the most imaginative and entertaining SaaS explainer videos.

The video producers employed the brand’s colors throughout the animation, which blends flawlessly with the plot. The color scheme used in their logo. The narrative demonstrates how Slack streamlines work-related responsibilities and eases your life.

If your business provides software as a service (SaaS), this is one of the great animated Ad examples, and you should use the same approach to describe your digital offering, primarily if it reflects the identity of the brand.

5. Starbucks Coffee

As everyone knows, Starbucks is a well-known American coffee shop with a global following. From the first sip, consumers are consistently left feeling satisfied. It provides a variety of baked savory items and coffee flavors. One of the world’s most inventive promotional animations is produced by Starbucks.

Starbucks shows in this ad the precision required to make the ideal cup of coffee. This 50-minute film is more effective because of the sound and color scheme employed in character-animated advertisements. As a result, it’s among the best animated commercials you may use.

6. McDonald’s Mobile App Launch

Using well-known characters in a video advertisement and keeping the viewer interested until the very end is the perfect combination to blow minds.

In about 35 seconds, the McDonald’s mobile app launch video makes the best use of music and animation. The advertisement also spreads happiness by saying that you may use your mobile app to have meals with your loved ones wherever you are.

With seven million app downloads in just two years after its release, the animated video advertisement effectively met its objectives. Something like this might be beneficial for your company if you want to release your mobile app.

7. Air Reinvented – Nike

In terms of advertisements, Nike has never let its fans down. Their animated TV commercials have a certain energy that entices you to check out the new line.

Its greatest-ever sneaker designs are showcased in this visually appealing animated Ad, along with the newest additions. The cartoons and music vary with each new display, giving it a more enticing appearance.

The video’s USP, which you can use as inspiration for your new product launch advertisement, is its nostalgic animation.

8. Catch By Coca-Cola

When discussing really excellent animated ad examples, how can you exclude the distinctive Coca-Cola? Well, we discussed this example earlier, remember? Since 1993, the brand has run bear ads. The same polar bear made a reappearance in the 2012 Super Bowl ad, “Catch,” an iconic animated piece. The video depicts how various people’s experiences with their preferred cold beverages vary.

One of the key reasons 3D advertisements have been famous during that period is the engaging 3D animation. You can use some of the best animation apps to create amazing ads.

9. You Are Just a Sip Away – Nespresso on Ice

One of the best-animated ads for a beautiful summer commercial is this one from Nespresso, which was made for their limited-edition ice brew.

The vibrant colors and lively music in the opening seconds of this ad give us the impression that summer is almost here. This video’s mix is ideal for promoting a refreshing summer beverage.

Therefore, you can indeed intend to build anything similar if you’re looking to create similar advertisements.

10. American Express

This incredible 45-second animated ad launched American Express’s 2016 career campaign. The best thing about this advertisement is how it highlights the career prospects at American Express with beautiful animation and a straightforward yet engaging storyline.

This might serve as a fantastic model for companies seeking applicants. This video can potentially be used to promote a service-based business or a digital solution.

11. WhatsApp – End-to-End Encryption

Everyone uses WhatsApp, and a while back, concerns were raised over the confidentiality of personal and business conversations.

Therefore, in 2016, WhatsApp introduced end-to-end encryption, and this video provided the most precise explanation of how to use it!

An account of someone sharing a location with a friend opened the animated commercial video. They then use encrypted chats to make their points without running the risk of being discovered by others. More than 6 million people have watched this fantastic animation on YouTube, and the plot and graphics are the real standouts!

These are the top animated advertising videos from which you can take inspiration and create your own brand’s commercial.

Benefits of Using Animation for Advertisements

So far, we have learned about animated ads that can help you in your creation journey. Undoubtedly, animations are the most effective technique to engage people of all ages and come with several benefits. Here are a few compelling benefits that animations can bring to your brand.

1. Animation Is Versatile

Despite its evolution, the cartoon characters are still relevant to viewers of all ages. A brand may use animated advertisements to reach a wider audience due to the adaptability of cartoon character creation and the storytelling potential of 3D animation.

With endearing cartoon characters, you may outperform the competition and unite the public in advertising.

2. Great For Building Brand Identity

There may be one thing in common between Red Bull and Slack animation in advertising examples. In every video, they have a few elements in common.

While Slack has been using the brand’s logo colors, Red Bull has been employing a drawn animation in all of its advertisements.

Animated advertisements enable the creation of brand identity and assist consumers in differentiating their business from competitors.

3. Animation Is Timeless

While marketing campaigns eventually lose their appeal, animated commercials endure, even when celebrities are featured in them.

For instance, the Coca-Cola advertisement featuring the 10-year-old polar bear is still entertaining. Thus, animation is an excellent choice for producing shareable videos if you want to make classic animated video ads that stick in the minds of your viewers.

4. Creativity and Impact

Making an impression on your target audience is the primary motivation behind the creation of animated advertising for brands. When done well, animation is thought to be the most powerful medium for influencing viewers’ thoughts.

You have an infinite number of alternatives due to animation. You can develop a brand persona or arouse feelings in your audience by transporting them back to their early years. Static ads on banners are 4.5 times less effective than dynamic ads.

You can, therefore, express your creativity to the fullest and produce something exquisitely designed for your company that will make a lasting impression.

5. Cost-Effective

Indeed, the majority of big companies spend money to acquire the best possible advertisement videos. However, Small firms must plan their marketing and come up with inexpensive strategies.

Making marketing videos is less expensive when you use animation advertising. It’s not necessary to open a studio and hire actors to market your products through traditional ads.

The cost is still lower than for traditional advertisements, even if you choose the top animation team. Animated business advertising saves a ton of time and money by eliminating the need for equipment, paid filming, and reshooting the entire video.

In A Nutshell

Paid advertisements are no longer nearly as effective as animated ad commercials. The advantages of animated videos are being used by almost every company to highlight their offerings.

What makes the difference is sharing the appropriate animated video ad on the appropriate platform. It is not easy to create precise animated videos that best represent your company. These examples can assist you in incorporating all the emotions into the brand’s advertisement that captures the attention of your target audience.

However, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Anideos if you need any help developing an animated video advertisement with the best CGI tools for your company—we are just a click away!

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