15 Best Animated Product Video Examples to Inspire You

15 Best Animated Product Video Examples to Inspire You

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Looking for ways to showcase your product’s features in a captivating way? Animated product videos are the answer! These videos not only help display what you’ve got but also craft a visual narrative that compels viewers to take action. Product videos bridge the gap between your product and potential buyers who can’t interact with it directly. This unique style of video marketing, when mastered, can turn curious onlookers into loyal customers.

In this piece, we’ve rounded up the 15 best product animation video examples that redefine marketing brilliance. Each pick has been chosen to highlight what makes it exceptional and to uncover the invaluable insights you can apply to your campaigns.

So, let’s dive in and get inspired for your next campaign!

1. Google Pixel 4

The Google Pixel 4’s animated product video is like a colorful tour showcasing the phone’s awesomeness. With vivid colors and incredible visuals, it highlights the phone’s sleek design and impressive features.

What’s really clever is how it says the phone is made “the Google way.” This means it’s linked to other Google products, and since Google makes amazing stuff, it suggests this phone will be great, too. The video doesn’t just show the phone; it creates trust by connecting it to a brand that everyone already loves.

2. Adidas – Run For The Oceans

This product animation video showcasing Adidas’ “Run For The Oceans” campaign featuring the Ultraboost Parley shoes adeptly employs a show-don’t-tell strategy. Instead of merely stating the shoes’ sustainability feature—preventing 11 plastic bottles from reaching the oceans—the video vividly illustrates this impact through engaging animation and immersive sound design.

By avoiding verbal explanations, the video allows the product’s eco-friendly attribute to speak for itself. This approach transcends conventional product promotion, fostering an emotional connection between the audience and the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

3. Polaroid

The animated video for Polaroid is a perfect example, taking inspiration from their famous logo to create a colorful and captivating experience. The video plays with vibrant colors and graphic designs that echo the look and feel of the Polaroid logo.

What’s interesting about it is that they didn’t show any animation products in this video. Instead, they rely on the power of the recognizable Polaroid logo and its bright colors to make a strong impression. This approach is like a magic trick—it grabs your attention and makes you feel excited without directly showing the product. It’s a crafty way of creating an impressive video without relying on constantly displaying the item being advertised.

4. The Better Sweater Just Got Better

Here’s another example from our list of the best-animated product marketing videos. The Better Sweater is a clothing item crafted entirely from recycled materials; a detail highlighted in this animated product video using subtitles. These subtitles serve a dual purpose: they make the video more understandable, especially for those who watch without sound, and they make it ideal for social media platforms where many people view videos in silence.

The video focuses on the manufacturers’ dedication to environmental causes and their commitment to sustainability to a broader audience, especially those who share similar concerns about the environment.

5. Unilever – Every U Does Good

In this vibrant animated video, Unilever takes viewers on a colorful journey through its range of products while promoting its sustainable living program. What’s intriguing about this video is how it showcases not just one but multiple product animation samples in a creative way. Here, viewers get to see a bunch of Unilever items in action.

What adds an extra layer of excitement to this video is its unique sound design. The sound effects and music amplify the visual experience, making it more lively and captivating. This combination of visuals and sound creates a compelling narrative that supports Unilever’s commitment to sustainability while showcasing its diverse product lineup.

6. VanMoof – Ride The Future

The VanMoof – Ride the Future video instantly grabs your attention with its sleek animation, showcasing the innovative aspects of the VanMoof bike. Right from the start, it highlights the bike’s cutting-edge features, like its hidden battery, speed display, and theft protection system. These visual representations efficiently communicate what makes this bike unique without relying on words.

It’s a standout example of product animation videos that demonstrate a product’s features through visuals rather than verbal descriptions. Moreover, the video’s flow is tailored in a way that would entice any bike enthusiast.

7. Play History Make History

This video connects deeply with PlayStation gamers by resurrecting the nostalgia of early PlayStation games. By recreating beloved moments from these classics, the video triggers strong emotions and memories for fans.

What sets this video apart is its ability to engage viewers on an emotional level. Its approach, VFX in animation, sound design, and timing effectively engage viewers, evoking a powerful emotional response. It’s a testament to how the right video can deeply resonate with an audience, especially those immersed in the world of PlayStation gaming.

8. Just Gentle Cooking

The Just Gentle Cooking product video animation combines animation and live-action to craft a harmonious product video. By seamlessly blending these two visual elements, the video not only showcases the product but also addresses the concerns of parents regarding the food they provide for their children.

Parents worry a lot about what their kids eat. This video tries to help them feel better by giving helpful information in a comforting way. It talks about the food from the viewpoint of what parents worry about. This way, it teaches them about the product while also making them feel more relaxed about what they’re feeding their children.

9. Adobe – Creativity For All

Adobe’s “Creativity for All” video presents a fantastic editing experience through animation. What’s fascinating is how they pull it off without using any spoken words or text in the video. Instead, they use imaginative animated examples of products to demonstrate their editing prowess.

This approach showcases a boundless creative process. By relying solely on visuals and animations, Adobe sparks the imagination of creative minds. It’s like a visual playground where they showcase the incredible things you can create using their tools. This video is a testament to the endless possibilities of creativity, capturing the attention and excitement of anyone with a creative spark.

10. CaraKit

CaraKit, a luxury gift box company curated for women undergoing chemotherapy, faces the challenge of capturing the isolated emotions these women often experience. Using live-action to convey these feelings is tough, but animation presents a powerful solution, catering to both groups and offering support and understanding during difficult times.

Through product animation videos like this, CaraKit crafts relatable scenarios that resonate with its audience. Addressing a serious and emotional subject, the animators use a tornado sweeping up a chemo patient to symbolize the feelings of loneliness and uncertainty.

11. Kentucky Fried Chicken New Zealand

KFC’s product video examples stand out due to its storytelling angle, focusing on communicating its iconic history to an Australian audience. In this video, they use a voice-over, indirect brand references, and language unique to KFC to narrate the brand’s journey, tailored for an Aussie audience.

The animators skillfully integrate imagery of famous Australian landmarks, aligning the brand with local scenes to foster trust and familiarity with the new audience. This approach emphasizes the importance of understanding your audience when presenting a brand and tailoring the message to resonate with their preferences and values.

12. Dropbox

This is another one of the cool animated videos that made it to our list. The Dropbox product video excels in catering to its audience while highlighting new features. Dropbox faces the challenge of maintaining its market share by innovating beyond its renowned file storage services. Most people familiar with Dropbox might not be aware of its other products and innovations. The animated video aims to bridge this gap by connecting with both existing and potential users.

Using futuristic visuals, the video promises ongoing innovation, appealing to the audience’s desire for cutting-edge solutions. It seeks to establish a connection with viewers by showcasing a forward-thinking approach while assuring them of Dropbox’s commitment to continual improvement.

13. Paddle

Paddle, a financial company catering to SaaS businesses, stands out with a unique video style. Combining live-action with retro animations, the video aims to connect with overwhelmed viewers. This creative blend positions Paddle as a user-friendly solution, offering support through a visually engaging and reassuring product video.

Using nostalgia as a comforting tool, Paddle’s video promises simplicity in a complex landscape of online subscription-based businesses. By merging different visual elements, the video communicates the brand’s promise of simplicity amid the challenging landscape of running online businesses.

14. Agmatix

Agmatix demonstrates the popular 3D animation style effectively. As an agriculture technology company, they employ a unique backdrop—a table of food—to display their advanced software at work. This approach allows viewers to witness the product’s user interface and its practical application within a single shot, offering a comprehensive view.

Furthermore, Agmatix cleverly merges the traditional saying of “putting food on the table” with innovative technology. This analogy creates a relatable link for their target audience within the agriculture industry. It’s a strategic move because many in this field might be wary of integrating technology. By aligning their innovative solutions with a familiar concept, Agmatix’s 3D animated product videos bridge the gap and build common ground, easing potential hesitations towards adopting their technology within the industry.

15. Spotify – Anchor Paid Subscriptions

In Spotify’s product animation, they employ a distinctive collage art style that grabs viewers’ attention. This trendy technique combines diverse, textured images into a singular, visually captivating video. Each frame boasts an array of stationary elements and animated designs, crafting a distinct and engaging viewing experience.

One highlight of Anchor’s product animation lies in its transition from a conventional podcast player layout to vibrant collage pieces. This shift creates a dynamic and personal feel for each upload, making creators’ content stand out and feel uniquely their own.

Final Words

In this guide, we presented some of the most compelling product animation videos in varying styles, topics, and methods that can serve as an inspiration for your next video. We hope you’ve found great ideas that fit perfectly to your business needs.

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