16 Best Motion Graphics Videos Ever

16 Best Motion Graphics Videos Ever

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When someone sees your video, their reaction comes in three possible responses – Good, Bad, or Wow! You definitely need a ‘WOW’ factor in your video, and for this, you need something that will dazzle potential audiences.

But what can be done to bring this factor? Motion graphics videos that artistically and compellingly display your content are one of these video types that is now experiencing significant growth. This dynamic content visualization is simpler to comprehend. By employing imaginative graphics and illustration, you may transform any difficult topic into one that is easier to understand.

Motion graphics are often used to put profoundness into video. Adding music to the animation beautifies the video even more and makes more heads turn to watch them. These animation videos are widely used to create advertisements, title sequences for dramas or movies, explainer videos, share information, educate the audience, and much more.

In this article, we have highlighted the 16 best motion graphics videos that depict the potential of this animation technique.

16 Best Motion Graphics Videos

Here are the 16 best motion graphics video examples, have a look!

1. Violence Awareness UNICEF (Anideos)

The compelling video created by Anideos for UNICEF serves as a poignant reminder of the often-overlooked challenges that children face, ones that can leave lasting scars in the form of trauma. With a delicate touch, it delves into the somber realities of children enduring domestic violence, public bullying, and other harrowing experiences. In a 2D animation masterpiece, the use of dark, redolent effects underscores the gravity of these issues, casting a spotlight on the profound impact they can have on young lives. By shedding light on this matter, Anideos not only showcase their artistic ability but also contributes to a conversation about the importance of safeguarding the well-being of most vulnerable children.

2. When You Say You’re a Swimmer (Eli Guillou)

Looking at this video, you can easily judge that it is the simplest form of communication one can deliver. The only impact of this video is the background tone and word selection. Elementary shapes are shown on the unpretentious backgrounds. But no one can deny the solid influence it carries within. The voice and the background image together create an undeniable energy that can clutch viewers’ attention in no time. This video gives a strong example that even a very simple motion graphics video can convey a strong message. No wonder effortless ideas can make an enormous impression through motion graphics videos.

3. One (Pearson English)

This explainer video from a well-known education firm in the world is an excellent illustration of how animated motion graphics can make educational and captivating explainer videos.

Explainer videos are often used by businesses to demonstrate processes, which can be challenging when utilizing live-action video. With the use of motion graphics, these obstacles can be overcome, and anything can be displayed on a screen. This video form is clear, simple to follow, and entertaining to watch.

4. Google Cloud IoT Solutions (Google)

If you talk about concepts, sometimes it becomes very problematic to transfer the notions visually. This animated motion graphics video is the best example from Google, which implements a highly impalpable thought like data collection, distribution, and storage and employs the mixture of old-style graphics movement and intellectual shapes. This motion graphics type has always been prevalent in Google’s videos because of its simplicity and consumer-friendly qualities; it cannot be denied that it is incredibly spellbinding.

5. Mayweather Vs Pacquiao (Wyzowl)

This animated motion graphics video shows how various video mechanisms, in conjunction, put together a pleasant-sounding liveliness that makes audiences enthusiastic. This cool motion graphics video created before the Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao competition put things in an uppercut. It is the perfect example among the top 16 motion graphics videos that can make viewers’ minds light with lots of amusing and funky graphics paired together. As the observer jumps watching it, they will begin to notice the humor that is packed with the presenter-like voiceover and victorious music.

6. First Step (ChildLine)

Sometimes, tone matters a lot to represent the seriousness of the message conveyed by an animated motion graphics video. This is one of the best videos with motion graphics that convey such heavy content like sexual abuse effortlessly. The video has slow-moving visuals and sounds to create the drama, keeping in mind the sensitivity of the content.

This is one of the top 16 motion graphics videos and is the best example to show that it is not only proficient in representing funny and full-of-life content but also philosophical enough to show serious and hard-hitting topics effortlessly.

7. Industry 4.0 (Deufol)

Another example of motion graphics video matches the complicated and challenging demand of the upcoming industrial upheaval. This animated video is the ultimate set of actions, visuals, moving text, and suitable voiceovers. It is an excellent example of how remarkable graphics with strong voiceover helps to deliver even complex message with ease. It starts with highlighting the topic and then providing consumers with the most suitable solution.

On the other hand, these interesting motion graphics keep the audience captivated. This is one of the best motion graphics videos that explain how essential copy can be.

8.      MLS Playoff 2017 (ESPN)

Motion graphics videos can be made wholly animated or not, depending on the demand of the customer at times. An inimitable animation style can be created by adding live-action footage to the motion graphics, as ESPN has done in this profile-raiser video for the 2017 Major League Soccer Playoffs. You must have watched this entertaining video before.

After reading this information, watch again the whole clip to enjoy every detail; you will fall in love with the video even more. This will make you relish the work of art and understand why even non-soccer fans got attracted to this video.  

9. Sugar of the Day (Tien-Min Liao)

What a piece of art it is! How simple and elegant visuals have explained the concept of the whole video. No doubt, voiceover is the most gripping part of best videos with motion graphics, but sometimes, letting visuals take the whole stage can do miracles. This animated motion graphics video shows the amount of sugar consumed per day in the form of graphs and, in the last elaborate, which meal contains the maximum amount of sugar we consume daily.

Sugar of the Day is an educational motion graphics video that involves live-action footage with motion graphics overlaps to communicate a sugar story.

10. Just Gentle Cooking (Beech-Nut)

This is one of the 16 excellent motion graphics examples showing a beautiful kitchen to explain the concept and communicate the message properly. It shows a complete production line in the kitchen that shows how their product is made and what process it goes through to come to the jar to be delivered. Showing this whole story will let customers understand what they are consuming and will build a relationship of trust with Beech Nuts. This elaboration of the process allowed the brand to win the confidence of its clientele. Illustrations have played a vital role in this motion graphics video, which has helped to demonstrate Beech Nut’s farm fresh tactic.

11. Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus (Patrick Clair)

This is another excellent motion graphics video that reflects the best coordination of visuals with text and voiceover. You must have pondered about computer viruses before. After watching this video, you will get a clear idea about it. This motion graphics video has simplified the complicated concept for you to understand and keep in mind without even struggling.

The exciting part is its editorial-style graphics that help you understand the concept by moving infographics filled with figures, text, and visual and data representations. This video shows the scientific side and helps you get it easily.

12. Live Fearless (Blue Cross Blue Shield)

Here you go with one more example of the infographics-loaded piece. The best part of this video is that it is highly informative and simultaneously entertaining to watch for the audience. Blue Cross Blue Shield has celebrated its company’s 30th birthday by creating a hilarious animated motion graphics video.

Ideas like these give your brand a positive image and fascinate your clientele. Celebrating your birthday by sharing your journey in different styles motivates your employees toward their work and helps to build a constructive working environment.

13. The Deep Web Explained by Keanu Reeves (Duncan Elms)

Looking forward to creating a convincing video? You don’t always have to go after a celebrity or some famous spokesperson to market your product. This video has its essence, even though it contains the voiceover by Keanu Reeves.

These top 16 motion graphic videos are good enough to cater to your needs. This video is one of a kind; it shows a factual series of emotions.

14. The ABC of Architects

Here is the best motion graphics video example of how to summarize all the architectural achievements in one frame. The ABC of Architects has a record of being one of the best architects worldwide; they are famous for the best kind of art they produce.

This animated motion graphics video represents ABC’s art in the slideshow in a few seconds but has shown a lot of excellent work with enchanting pictures of various buildings.

15. That One Time: What Made Mark Webber Lose his Cool (Red Bull)

This is the best video with motion graphics that describes the finest game of Red Bull. In this video, a proficient racing driver, Mark Webber, is narrating a story about how his father left his laptop at the airport. This is just an audio clip, but it is so touching that you would not want to miss it till the end. The voiceover in this video is so shocking that you would be stuck with it throughout.

Moreover, to add extra essence to the video, Red Bull complements it with quick-moving graphics highlighting their brand’s elegance.

16. Active and 50+ (Pfizer and The New York Times)

If you use a microscope to look at the bacteria in your skin, it would be a traumatic experience, but animated motion graphic videos enrich you with many examples where even these bacteria seem fun to look at. This is a video from The New York Times that discusses pneumococcal pneumonia and has made it very interesting by using vibrant colors and lively motion. Light music works as a cherry on the top.

Working on promoting a vaccine for an infection that is intimidating enough to even read about it, and the creator has presented it in a funny and informative manner. This video has provided the audience with information in a lighter tone. Communicating your not-so-attractive product in a captivating way is an art in itself.

Best Practices to Follow

If you are looking to integrate motion graphics to upgrade your marketing strategy, it’s crucial to learn about the motion graphics trends and follow these three practices that most of the brands mentioned above have adopted to elevate their products or services.

  1. The motion graphics should effectively work for your brand: This type of video can be extremely multipurpose. While choosing one for your brand, you need to focus on the right type of illustration style, color themes, and motion techniques that go with your established brand style.
  2. Influence motion graphics if live-action doesn’t work for you: Sometimes, it is difficult to explain complicated topics through live video. In cases like these, you better choose motion graphics to give life to your notion.
  3. Think out of the box: You can use motion graphicsin various ways. Besides using it for commercials and other old-style video media, you can also pair it with audio interviews or use it to narrate your brand story and so on.

Final Thoughts

The most effective motion graphics videos from 2022 served as a testament to the digital age’s potential for animation and storytelling. They demonstrated how motion graphics, when used properly, can be a potent tool for companies and organizations trying to stand out in a crowded market, inform their audience, and increase engagement and brand awareness.

Motion graphics are expected to continue to advance and innovate. Therefore, if you want to create a motion graphics video that connects with viewers—let us know your requirements. We provide the best motion graphics services worldwide!

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