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Animation has experienced a surge over the years and has become a new way to take a business to new heights. It lets the brand tell a story, explain products, and give the audience an exceptional experience. Coming in a different form, animation now has several types. You may know the most famous ones, including explainer videos or motion graphics. But have you heard about collage animation?

This article will take you on the journey of curated college animation, like what this animation is, when it was invented, and many exciting factors. So, keep reading to learn more about it.

What Is a Collage Animation?

Collage animation is a type of animation that combines motion images, animated graphics, and real photographs. It is an animated collage video made up of pictures and drawings. The animators organize images and illustrations following the concept and intended purpose of the video.

It is an eye-catching animation that explains the effects of history usually and society on the future. These slideshows are considered excellent for educating the masses on crucial issues. Whatever your goal for an animated collage, you can utilize it to engage viewers and produce compelling animations.

How To Make Curated Collage Videos?

The animator initially chooses the static images and crops them to fit the scenario before setting up the animation software and beginning to individually animate each image with illustration, cel animation, texture, color setting, and typography.

The artist utilizes various animation and illustration software to create the animated collage video. The animated illustration gives aesthetic and abstract visual style to the artwork, then animates them in line with the form and motion of the original.

Collage Animation Invention

The silhouette animation by Lotte Reiniger served as the basis for Quirino Cristiani’s first collage animation, which he created in 1917 and debuted in the 70-minute cutout animated movie “El Apostol.” Following Quirino, Terry Gilliam produced “Monty Python’s Flying Circus,” a magnificent work of collage animation.

Collage animation is currently widely used in song videos, commercials Videos, awareness videos, and short films because it is such a charming and engaging innovation.

What Is Happening in Collage Animation Today?

Looking at the past, collage animation was defined as tough and time-consuming for artists due to its complexity. However, now after the emergence of new technologies and the development of different software, collage animation has become quicker and easier.

Animation artists today use various software that helps them generate creative ideas and create appealing animations.

Great Collage Animation Videos Examples

Further, we have curated some fantastic examples of collage animation videos to help you understand the right integration of it with different niches.

Reality (Collage Animation)

An artist named – Amier Firdaus created this collage animation to show the impact of that current era on the coming generation. He illustrated how society’s history and leaders had shaped today’s world.

Amier used After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, and Premiere Pro for illustration. He used artistic and mesmerizing themes to portray the message correctly. Color combination, music, and animation have been showcased in a very brilliant way.

Dwayne Johnson – Back Against the Wall – Collage Animation

This is one of the best collage animations that use Dwayne Johnson’s voice from a speech he delivered at the LA Lakers’ #GeniusTalks event to tell a part of his real life. The profanity-filled animation adheres to the man’s words verbatim, down to the last detail. So yeah, don’t watch this with your kids!

Moon City | Animated Collage Video Clips

Nati Golan has worked on this Moon City animation. She loves exploring mixed media digital art with a psychedelic and collage style. Nati made this animation showing people in space with the moon revolving and a city behind it to give a fabulous view of the moon city.

El Sueño | Collage Animation

Zavaat created this animated video. This collage animation combines black and white images with colorful backgrounds that produce a distinctive contrast that gives the collage technique a specific touch. El Sueño animation collage video shows a baby with his family, soothed by the movement of a motorcycle, who falls asleep and sees a dream in which crazy things are happening.

The Chordettes – Lollipop (Collage Animation)

The Lollipop by The Chordettes is another example of excellent collage animation. Mastavee created this collage animation from the famous song video Lollipop. The vocal group that lasted the longest in the 1940s and 1950s was The Chordettes. To make the narrative about lollipops more vivid, Mastavee employed a colorful color scheme and visual motion graphics.

Go Gasteiz Kultura | Collage Animation for Presentation Video

For the Vitoria-Gasteiz Department of Culture, this animated collage video was created. The idea was to play with the word “GO” by fusing it with Spanish and Euskera, the Basque Country’s native tongue. The primary goal of this new platform was to create various terms that contained the letters GO and were tied to culture in all of its forms.

Explainer Video for Bhub (Animated Collage)

Bhub used this animated collage video of one minute in an explainer video form to promote their studio. This creative agency, Bhub, is based in Spain and explains everything they do and what they can offer to their customers in this video.

Space Girl – Collage Animation

Space Girl is a short collage animation video reflecting animated illustrations and graphic design. The video was inspired by the Frances Forever song “Space Girl.”

Mamos Beer – Collage Animation Campaign

The integration of collage animation with so many different sectors is astounding. This animated collage style tells the narrative of Mr. Petros Mamos, the man who founded Mamos beer, often known as “the Greek liquid holy bread.” This collage piece serves as an illustration of a well-composed animation that is powered by some effective camera dolly zooms and deep dives.

Syracuse University: Welcome – Animation Collage

Syracuse University chose this strategy to welcome newcomers and go beyond the old boring style of welcoming students. This is one of the best collage animations with a unique collage of visuals and voices.

Why Do You Need a Collage Animation?

Collage animation is an interesting yet different approach than other animations to create appealing animations. This animation type is seen as best for marketing and brand promotion. The collage animation helps resonate with the audience and reach marketing goals efficiently. You can use this animation strategy to make engaging, informative, and entertaining videos.

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