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Complete Guide of Animation Ideas for Freelance Animators

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As a freelance animator, it’s essential to consider a mix of animation ideas. To regulate how best to serve or what you can provide to inspire your clients. So, you are required to work with a plethora of different clients to make the animations for various purposes.

There are several animation ideas that you can provide to your potential clients. From sales videos to promotional service/product videos. From social media ad campaigns to company internal employee branding videos. Or the visual explainer videos, online ads, or even a story that brings animation to life.

Beyond the making phase itself, you could offer additional animation services, like revisions and edits. Or charge for several special supplementary effects. That can take your freelance animation service to the next stage. Remember the strong bond you build with them; you will likely hold them as a future client.

Let’s dive into several animation ideas for freelance animators. And consider them as an inspiration to approach the new animation clients:

Research The Fundamentals Before Looking for Animation Ideas

As a freelance animator, you should be versatile. When it comes to a typical freelance animator job description and a client’s expected requirements, cover the basics before looking at the best freelance animation ideas. And make effective animation by using computer tools or software animations. So, you are required to make creative background images, characters, and special effects. That forms the potential set-in motion graphics or 2D/3D animation graphics, suggests some sketches for the storyboard, and ultimately enhances the client user experience.

Understanding these expected basic requirements as a freelance animator will provide the best animation ideas. And enable a lucrative animation freelance career with some problem-solving capabilities and hard work.

Ideas For Marketing Video Animation

Marketing video animation is a vital factor in making an effective business strategy. It should be at the top list to offer freelance services and approach the clients. Here are the few factors that provide marketing video animation services to your clients.

  1. Social media ads give your clients a focus, short or almost 30-60 seconds social media animation, that emphasizes on the brand and determines product or service familiarization.
  2. A company jingle video is a catchy, fun, short way to make your animation video more exciting. It helps the clients to set the CTA for their potential audience.
  3. The teaser videos offer the audience a brief 15-45 second animated teaser about the client product. And provide the significant features of a future launch product.
  4. An event or product launch video animations focus on the entire product. It can minimize the factors that may distract the viewers’ attention from the product.
  5. The landing page videos create a short loop animation that replaces the outdated web color background. It can use as a banner on different social media platforms effectively.

Ideas For Advertising Video Animation

Apart from providing marketing animation ideas to your animation client. You can recommend ideas to effectively promote their brand as well. Or give insights about their values and display their achievements. Below are the few factors that offer companies advertising video animation ideas.

  1. The Product or industry focus animation ads offer specific industry needs. To reach out to the potential client audience effectively.
  2. The CEO’s introductory videos portray a solid figure of the company leading light. And can familiarize the audience with the company’s CEO.
  3. The introductory team videos provide a simple and fun animation. That grabs the audience’s attention.
  4. Product updates video keeps the audience updated about the latest features and changes.
  5. The company’s core videos instruct the target audience. To spin a written mission statement into an animated core video.
  6. A new product line video offers to locate a new product. And acquire customer excitement about what’s coming next.

Ideas For Recruitment Video Animation

Recently, businesses have used animation to promote their brand image, services, and products. Or to promote the website and social media platforms. However, freelance animators have several other ideas that allow clients to fill their needs instantly; below are a few of them.

  1. The job post videos offer potential clients to stand out from the crowd. With an overwhelming response that draws the attention of the individuals.
  2. How to apply video demonstrates the candidate application process effectively. And provide a better way to understand the placement procedure.
  3. The hiring process video formulates the steps that follow the interview and timelines. And craft the next stage of the hiring process.
  4. The company about us video can offer a brief and short means of attracting new candidates. And defines the aim of the client company.
  5. Requirements animating videos save energy and time for your client. And provide them with a better understanding to approach the positions effectively.

Ideas For Employee Onboarding Video Animation

The new employee onboarding process may take time. It can appeal to clients’ potential audience. And make it easy for everyone involved in the hiring process. Here are the few factors that offer your client employee onboarding video animation ideas.

  1. The welcoming videos from HOD or the CEO offer a sense of loyalty to the new employees. And devote them to starting their new journey.
  2. Company tools tutorial animated videos reduce the load of HR by catering to all the employees’ basic questions. That might appear in their initial days at the company.
  3. The animated culture training videos can explain the company’s overall exclusive work culture to the new employees.
  4. Company code of conduct animated video offers the new employee to understand the overall company norms and ethics. And build the strategy for taking them to the long-term.
  5. The specific department training videos present the opportunity to make a particular department or broad company training. And regulates employees throughout all company branches.

Ideas For General Internal Video Animation

Freelance animators should consider simple video animation concepts. To retain and assist the animation client. Below are the few factors that offer general internal company video animation ideas.

  1. The general announcement videos offer large companies to deliver information across the globe. Or even small animation studio companies use these videos. To inform their audience effectively and concisely.
  2. New rule announcement videos keep the employees updated. And ensure that everyone can understand it easily.
  3. The company production or income/earning animated videos provides the opportunity to the client. By adding some life numbers, drawings, charts, insights, and data effectively. And can distribute it at a more comprehensive level.
  4. The animations in congratulations and praises videos recognize the department or the employees success. And make them easy to share the appreciation content.

Why Should Freelance Animators Know the Top Animation Ideas?

Every freelance animator should know the top animation ideas and their activities. To design animated logos, 2D/3D animation and NFT art are the perfect activities involved in freelance animations. But in the highly competitive world of animation, try to consider something out of the box. That provides attractive animation ideas to potential clients.

So, it’s essential to understand the capacity of potential animation clients or the organizations that are desperately trying to stand out from the millions of others. Today, we have millions of artists that serve as a massive advantage. Meanwhile, the versatility of a freelance animator offers more success to the brand.

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What Is the Best Thing to Animate On?

If you’re feeling dazed by all of this and wondering what’s the best thing to animate on, don’t worry! There are many fun and simple things you can do. Starting from making realistic movements to illustration skills. This guide is full of animation ideas for freelance animators.

Where Can Beginners Animate?

There’s not a single answer to this question. It depends on the overall animation factors that bring life to an object or illustrate characters. It could be 3D animation, 2D hand-drawn animation, stop motion, vector animation, and motion graphics animations. Moreover, a beginner can animate on different software like MOHO, Pencil2D, Adobe Character Animator, Synfig Studio, Blender, and Saola Animate. Hopefully, it will help you to find the most suitable one.

How Do I Make a Simple Animation?

In this massive guide of animation ideas, we have covered everything you might need to know about how to make a simple animation. However, you can choose it by a few super-easy steps to make it more effective. By writing the goal and the script, or select an animated character to make it more smooth from start to end. Or you can set the tone and the music by adding little perfections that bring consistency to the life object.

What Are Some Ideas for Animation?

The animations aren’t intricate to make if you have an idea. Or the animator should be versatile to make effective animation and create compelling background images, characters, special effects, etc. That forms the potential set-in motion graphics or 2D/3D animation graphics and suggests some sketches for the storyboard; it ultimately enhances the client user experience. So, it would be best to work with a plethora of different clients to make your animation ideas for various purposes. Remember the strong bond you build with them; you will likely hold them as a future client.

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