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A Guide on Doodle Videos – Types, Makers, Tips, and Everything That You Should Know

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What is a Doodle Video

Doodle video is about modest drawings that can explain a tangible meaning or be an art of random intangible lines or shapes. It is also known as ‘Scribbling.’ It is whispered that Doodle describes a brand’s personality more clearly than you can explicate.

Making doodle videos is an attractive way to communicate with the audience. Companies that have been using doodle videos for a long time now mesmerize their clients for an extended period. Doodle videos have also been named Whiteboard Animations because they often illustrate hand-drawn artwork with audio added to the visual. Hence, it is said that explanatory videos do well with whiteboard animation.

Types of Doodle Videos

1. Glass Board Animation 

As described in the name, glass board animation is drawing on the glass. All the characters and explanations are shown on the glass surface. This kind of Doodle Animation gives a different upshot as it is tremendously precise to designate.

This kind of video captivates viewers’ attention and conveys your message abruptly. Glass board is one of the most popular and liked doodle animations these days. Doodly, Animaker, or DoodleMaker are software that represents animated doodles most efficiently.

2. Stitch board Animation

Stitch means to sew something; stitch board Animation is no different. In this animation type, the background has the consequence of sewing clothes with a different attitude, making it one of the most famous animation types.

Remember, you can use any Doodle video in this type with any object, movement, or character that goes well with the background. The effects it builds are adequate to grab the consideration of anyone who looks at it.

It is shown in a study that stitch board animation can help businesses to attract circulation by almost 300%, which later can have a very positive impact on the sales and the profit of the company. So, Stitch board animation is thoroughly recommended. Doodle video software, Animaker, lets operators practice stitch board animation.

3. Blackboard Animation

Sometimes people use a dark background to create a doodle video. This is the same blackboard that you had in your school life. Yes, how can you forget? Using dark background helps you to make an explanatory doodle video.

Blackboard animation videos make simplified doodle videos even with an intricate notion. You must blend the props appropriately with the text, graphics, and characters. Musicians should also be nominated according to the script or topic. Blackboard Animation can give you a clear Doodle definition. Sometimes it’s also called Doodly examples.

4. Notepad Video

The name says it all. As mentioned in the title, Notepad video is a style that encompasses drawing as if it is in a notepad. This animated doodle gives a sense of originality, which is why it is popular. Companies often choose Notepad Video to deliver their message to the target market with some real touch.

It is believed that Animaker is one of the best software for Notepad Videos. Your editors can choose items and characters combined with the opted music. A Notepad Doodle video is also suitable for medical animation as you can explain things clearly in the notepad style.

5. Whiteboard Animation

In whiteboard Animation, a whiteboard is used for sketching or illustrating. This is another famous and most-used animation that is used to explain animated doodle videos.

Most companies use whiteboard animation that needs to educate their target market about something by making an animated educational video. It is observed that this is one of the attractive manners to communicate with clients because they understand things easily and abruptly through whiteboard animation.

Even educational institutes use whiteboard animation services to communicate complex topics with their students to eradicate the communication gap.

6. Educational Video Animation

An animated education video is used to communicate and educate the client conveniently. Businesses, educational institutions, and sometimes hospitals employ educational video animation to personally reach each client and tell them about their product or service.

It is seen in hospitals in waiting areas or other areas where people sit freely; hospitals play their one-time recorded video to educate their clients about the procedures or admission process. For example, if it’s a heart hospital, they might play an educational animated doodle video to let customers know about the entire procedure on a lighter note. This saves doctors time, too, to explain every patient individually. This way, the patients get educated without realizing that they have been enriched with the knowledge.

7. Social Media Video

The videos on social media are the most-known videos nowadays. People make their videos sitting in their drawing rooms and upload them in no time.

People sometimes use explainer video services to communicate with the audience. Whereas businesses make corporate videos to reach their clients. They don’t even realize the procedure and video type they use, but this is how people get fame.

Doodle Video Makers are both free and paid.

  • Doodly
  • Moovly
  • Animaker
  • Explaindio
  • PowToon
  • Vyond

Some of the best Doodle Videos examples

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Tips To Enhance Your Business Through Doodle Videos

Doodle videos enable people to create appealing videos in various styles. It has become crucial for today’s business industry to invest in visual content focused on internal and external customers. Thus, we have discussed some tips here to help you enhance your business using these videos.

  • Doodle videos effectively increase engagement, so keep in mind to always plot a plan and start from scratch.
  • Add music and voice-overs that can captivate the audience.
  • You can use doodle videos to train your employees, enhance branding, educate the audience and market your business efficiently.
  • Through doodle videos, you can better resonate with your audience, as it allows you to break complex messages into simpler ones.
  • Doodle videos can enhance retention more effectively than static textual content, so use props, characters, and even text to keep your audience connected and encourage them to take action.

The Cost of Creating Doodle Videos 

For a well-established and professional company like Anideos, Doodle videos are no different. We stick to our agenda of building our relations with our clients by providing them with the best possibility available of corporate videos or explainer video services at budget-friendly costs.

You name the type of video you need for your business; we cater to all your needs by providing you with the best Animated Doodle Videos. Anideos believe that we don’t explain the quality of our services, but Google reviews do. We have an image of delivering the best Videos at the minimum rates in the given time frame.

How Anideos Can Help You?

Our specialists are always glad to help you with the best quality Doodle videos. We can enrich you from Doodle definition to complete explainer video services, including corporate videos or whiteboard animation services. Just give us the details of what you are willing to have in your animated Doodle videos, and our team will provide you with the best potential.

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