Doodly Vs. DoodleMaker

Doodly Vs. DoodleMaker: Which One Wins in the Whiteboard Animation Game?

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Have you ever stopped scrolling and rewatched a fun Doodle video? Most likely, yes. Doodle videos can indeed grab our attention better than fancy, complicated designs. These whiteboard animation videos are exciting to watch and amusingly tell stories. The good news is you can bring the charm of doodles to your videos using special whiteboard animation software and even make online money from Doddle.

These tools are fantastic for teachers, YouTubers, and people who want to share something creative. It doesn’t matter if you’re into teaching, making videos, or writing – if you’ve got a creative itch to scratch, these tools can help.

This blog is about two Doodle whiteboard animation makers: Doodly and DoodleMaker. So, if you’re trying to get a hold of which one is a better fit for you, you’re at the right place. This Doodly vs. DoodleMaker guide will examine what they can do and all other nitty-grits. 

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What Is Whiteboard Animation?

Whiteboard animation is a video technique that shows the viewer static graphics created on the screen. Usually, the illustrations are backed up by narration that guides the viewer through the story in the drawing. These animations are simple, but they are entertaining! It is a highly effective instrument for advertising and marketing your products or services. Such videos can be created with the help of whiteboard animation software.

Moreover, whiteboard animation videos for businesses help skyrocket engagement and can also be used for advertising on social media, generating leads, and making fun content for online marketing.

What are Doodle Videos?

Doodle videos, also known as whiteboard animations or sketch videos, are a type of animated content that uses simple drawings and illustrations to convey information, tell stories, or present ideas. These videos typically feature hand-drawing images and text on a virtual whiteboard or background, as if an artist is creating the content in real time. Doodle videos often have a casual and engaging style, making them effective tools for communicating complex concepts straightforwardly and entertainingly.

Doodle videos are commonly used for various purposes, such as educational tutorials, explainer videos, marketing campaigns, storytelling, and presentations. They can be a creative and engaging way to convey information, making it easier for viewers to grasp and remember key points.

Two Doodle software stand out when discussing Doodle videos, DoodleMaker and Doodly –discussed below.

DoodleMaker Vs. Doodly: An Overview

Below is an overview of the two tools to explore the difference in Doodle and Doodly.

What Is Doodly?

Doodly is a Doodle video creator powered by Voomly and created by Jimmy Kim and Brad Callen. It is the first and only doodle video-making software that lets anyone with no technical or creative expertise make professional, realistic videos in minutes. Doodly allows you to produce sales or social media videos to entertain, engage, and positively affect your audience!

Doodly Smart Draw Technology lets you draw any image in seconds and effortlessly sync it to your Doodle drawing with a button. Overall, Doodly is an excellent solution for YouTube marketers, teaching and training, Facebook advertising, sales videos, entertaining and inspiring films, etc.

What Is DoodleMaker?

DoodleMaker is a newly launched doodle creation software developed by digital entrepreneurs Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar with over two years of development. It was created to eradicate the struggles people commonly have when using videos.

The first-to-market artificial intelligence software, DoodleMaker, creates high-quality films on any subject and can convert any video into 60 different languages. It can produce Whiteboard, Glassboard, and Blackboard videos with your unique background picture or color from a single platform, among other multipurpose video capabilities. This tool is ideal for bloggers, video creators, freelancers, etc.

A Comparison of DoodleMaker Vs. Doodly Features

In the battle of the best whiteboard animation creator, DoodleMaker and Doodly are the topmost competitors – each with unique features and benefits.

Top Features of DoodleMaker

  • 300+ Video Templates: DoodleMaker has over 300+ Doodle video templates available for businesses of all sizes and niches, including Whiteboard 105, Glassboard 104, and Blackboard 104. These templates are ideal for individuals in the entertainment, medical, construction sector, and more and can help them create fun videos efficiently.
  • Multiple Backgrounds: The DoodleMaker has several different background settings, including Whiteboard, Glassboard, Blackboard, Custom Colors, and Custom Images. The best animation videos for any purpose may be made with these features.
  • Hand Styles and Transition Slides: While creating slides, DoodleMaker allows users to select from eight distinct hand slides and hand transitions, giving users an advantage over other tools.
  • Multi-Lingual Options: Without a doubt, language helps us convey our messages effectively. YouTubers, marketers, graphic designers, entrepreneurs, small enterprises, freelancers, and influencers can all create videos using DoodleMaker by selecting from 60+ languages and choosing one with which they are most familiar.

Top Features of Doodly

  • 3596 Character Images and 3000 Prop Images: Doodly offers 3596 character images and 3000 prop photos, but these numbers pale in contrast to DoodlerMaker. However, Doodly’s figures and images are so intriguing and alluring that you won’t find them in any other Doodle software.
  • Background Settings: Doodly offers consumers wonderful backgrounds. By default, it has a whiteboard, but you can also choose from the following options: Dark chalkboard, Green chalkboard (you can select the green chalkboard and modify the color), Glassboard, and Custom. Making Doodle videos is indeed fun with these possibilities.
  • Real/Cartoon Hand Options: In doodle videos, hands play a huge role in conveying your message to the viewers. The 15 real and 13 cartoon hands options in Doodly make the message more compelling.
  • Royalty-Free Music Tracks: Whiteboard drawing videos become fascinating with music. The 150 royalty-free music tracks are a bonus for video creators on Doodly, which offers a wide range of audio choices like voiceover and uploading support audio.

Doodly Vs. DoodleMaker: Use Case

When it comes to using the power of Doodle videos for different platforms, understanding the strengths of each tool is vital. Here is what each tool is best for. 

What Is DoodleMaker Best for?

DoodleMaker is ideal for Facebook ads. In Facebook advertising, grabbing users’ attention is required. This is where DoodleMaker shines. It’s dynamic features and adaptable templates cater to the fast-paced nature of social media. DoodleMaker’s versatility in creating engaging and concise doodle videos makes it an ideal choice for crafting eye-catching Facebook ads that quickly convey your message, promote your product, or drive your audience to action.

Besides Facebook videos, DoodleMaker is also an excellent choice for sales videos and educational content. Since DoodleMaker can create videos in almost all languages, it is best suited for people in all parts of the world.

What Is Doodly Best for?

On the flip side, Doodly is a perfect choice for YouTube videos. YouTube, a platform driven by engaging and informative content, requires a different approach. Doodly steps into the spotlight here, offering a perfect blend of creativity and depth. Its diverse drawing styles and longer-format capabilities make it an excellent companion for YouTube videos.

Whether you’re sharing tutorials, educational content, or storytelling narratives, Doodly’s intricate illustrations and extended runtime are tailored to captivate and educate your audience over the longer duration typical of YouTube videos. Besides YouTube videos, you can use Doodly to make captivating teaching and training videos. 

How to Use DoodleMaker and Doodly?

How to Use DoodleMaker?

To use DoodleMaker, you have three options:

  1. Use a pre-made template (the simplest option)
  2. Begin creating a Doodle video from scratch.
  3. Utilize an AI video translation engine.

Depending on your needs, you can use the pre-made templates or select the characters to start from scratch while making your video. You can utilize the tool’s extensive doodle images, icons, and animations library and drag and drop these elements onto your canvas to enhance the video’s visual appeal.

After finishing the video creation process, you must save and download the file in the appropriate format and pixel size.

How to Use Doodly?

To create a video on Doodly, log in to your account and pick the appropriate board, scene, characters, props, texts, and sounds. When done creating, export the file by choosing high-quality resolution and video quality. Doodly also allows a preview and the opportunity to make edits if needed.

Overall, Doodly is a user-friendly tool that allows the creation of exciting videos by utilizing its numerous features, such as voiceovers, characters, props, and more. Moreover, when you use Doodly, you’ll also have access to a Facebook group with other active Doodlers.

Training Options DoodleMaker and Doodly Offer

Training is crucial when it comes to using a whiteboard animation creator. You would likely be quite new to Doodly and Doodle Maker. Thus, it makes sense that you would seek examples. Let’s look at how both of these programs instruct their users.

Doodly Training

Numerous pre-made movies on choosing characters, picking whiteboards and blackboards, altering board choices, rendering, saving recordings, and other topics are available on Doodly. This platform creator made sure the program was so tech-friendly that it had a unique set of FAQs and articles relating to questions and answers to give users training.

This is not the end of the list for learning about Doodly; they also offer scriptwriting ebooks to help customers create video scripts and Doodly elite masterclasses for their most affluent subscribers.

DoodleMaker Training

On the website’s home page, DoodleMaker contains a video guide with all the necessary information to serve as user training. You can also learn how to use DoodleMaker by watching YouTube videos. You may get a wealth of helpful information about using Doodle Maker, making videos with templates, and much more on YouTube.

Therefore, Doodly prevails over Doodle Maker when it comes to offering new users training opportunities due to the numerous freebies and videos of online masterclasses provided to improve learning.

DoodleMaker Vs. Doodly: Pricing

Let’s have a look at the pricing of both of these whiteboard animation software.

DoodleMaker Pricing

DoodleMaker offers the following pricing plans, backed up with a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, a free trial of DoodleMaker isn’t available.

  • DoodleMaker Software (Commercial) $67
  • DoodleMaker Deluxe Upgrade $49
  • DoodleMaker Whitelabel Agency $97
  • DoodleMaker Whitelabel Unlimited $497

Doodly Pricing

Doodly offers two monthly and annual pricing plans, Standard and Enterprise. While no free trial of Doodly is available, it offers a no-risk 30-day money-back guarantee.

Monthly Billing:

  • Standard $49 ($588 yearly)
  • Enterprise $79 ($948 yearly)

Annual Billing:

  • Standard $490 yearly
  • Enterprise $790 yearly

The Final Verdict: Which Whiteboard Animation Software Is Better?

To wrap up, Doodly and DoodleMaker both produce whiteboard animation videos and provide a wide range of features that draw in potential viewers with stunning videos!

Doodly develops something unique in a concise amount of time. In contrast, DoodleMaker uses Artificial Intelligence technology, which makes animated doodle videos easier to create with a greater variety of attributes!

Doodle Maker is a good option if you’re on a low budget and want a feature-rich doodle video creator, while Doodly is a good option if you prefer a small, all-in-one tool for making whiteboard doodle videos. In the end, the choice is yours to make. Choose one that fits your needs the best. Also, if you need expert whiteboard animation services, reach out to Anideos.


What purposes can whiteboard animation serve?

Whiteboard animation styles are designed to clarify complicated concepts, aid viewer comprehension, and grab attention. Beginners typically use them to promote any products or give specialized product information.

Is there a money-back guarantee with Doodly and DoodleMaker?

Yes. If you aren’t satisfied with the software, you can ask for a return. Both Doodly and DoodleMaker offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What aspect of the DoodleMaker software stands out to Doodly?

The first artificial intelligence (AI) technology on the market, DoodleMaker, can quickly draw in clients and viewers worldwide by translating any video into more than 60 different languages and providing bespoke background graphics and 300+ pre-made video templates.

What aspect of the Doodly software stands out to DoodleMaker?

Doodly differs from DoodleMaker in that you can design any image in seconds and offer free software updates, 3596+ character images, bespoke backdrops, 15 different types of real hands, and 150+ pieces of royalty-free music.

Do Doodly and DoodleMaker software offer support or tutorial videos?

Yes, they offer round-the-clock customer service and training videos with step-by-step instructions for beginners.

Can DoodleMaker or Doodly-created videos be sold?

Of course. The videos created on DoodleMaker and Doodly can be sold to whoever the creator likes.

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