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11 Exceptional Promotional Video Ideas to Inspire Your Next Video Campaign

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It’s difficult to picture a marketing campaign without engaging videos, isn’t it? We see them all the time on TV, in advertisements, and in social media posts. Video marketing is a growing trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. You’ll probably see promotional videos everywhere because they are effective for all brands and industries, including travel, healthcare, IT, and education.

Video is currently the most engaging and ROI-driving sort of content you can produce, according to 89% of marketers. Moreover, 60% of contemporary organizations use a promo video as a component of their marketing strategy.

To effectively engage with modern consumers, organizations must provide more entertaining content, such as compelling promotional videos. Brands can also benefit from this opportunity to enhance video consumption and customer engagement with their goods.

So, in this blog, we’ll be sharing promotional video examples to inspire you to get started with video marketing right away. Let’s begin by understanding the importance of a promotional video for the company.

Importance of Promotional Videos for a Business

Why should a promotional video be a vital part of your marketing strategy? Read below to explore some of the many perks of a video promo.

  • A promo video lets you stay competitive. While countless brands have already started promo video marketing, you must also jump on the bandwagon to stay in the game. Creating the best-ever video will give you the competitive edge you require. You don’t need to copy what others are doing, yet, taking inspiration won’t harm you.
  • A promo video draws users in. As videos and visuals are processed better by the human brain, it makes videos the most memorable ad type. Information-packed advertisements are not enjoyable to watch. However, the user’s attention can be captured by a trendy and creative video promo, though.
  • A video promo is reusable. Additionally, promotional videos have no expiration date and are completely reusable across various marketing channels. As long as your offer is pertinent and the good service is available, you may use them to promote your business.
  • Promo videos raise brand awareness. A video that promotes your brand and increases consumer knowledge of your services may be highly beneficial to your company. Your brand might become more recognizable if the colors and logos are used consistently.
  • Besides increasing sales and revenue, promo video allows you to add your creative spin to the video portraying your company’s culture and style. As a result, it will build credibility in your company/product, making the audience choose you over others.

The 11 Exceptional Promotional Videos of All Times

We have put together a list of some of the best examples of video marketing ever created to demonstrate the virtually limitless potential of short promotional business videos. You will also observe that each promo video below successfully combines marketing expertise with visual effects and innovation.

Here are 11 examples of exceptional promotional videos to adopt for your company.

Let’s begin.

#1 Lyft

Lyft created this quite long 7-minute video to promote their offerings. While you may think this video is a bit long, we must also mention that it is equally compelling. The promo video features a heart-touching story that hooks users in the first few seconds and compels them to watch till the end. That is precisely what exceptional promotional videos look like.

Lyft used 2D animation combined with mood-appropriate music to make their video stand out – without a single word spoken. Moreover, the video successfully reaches its goal – to make car owners and taxi users try Lyft at least once. So, if you want users to remember your brand for a long and leave a lasting impact on their lives, take inspiration from this video.

#2 Cadbury Dairy Milk

Cadbury is known for always coming up with unique and fun ideas for content, and this promotional video is no less. Yet again, they created a 40-second video promo to advertise Cadbury Dairy Milk. The idea behind this video is simple but entertaining to watch. In this video, you’ll see countless alien characters in 3D, dancing and enjoying a chocolate bar. In short, this video with spaceships and aliens is enough to leave the viewers in awe.

Funny and mood-enhancing cartoon videos are just what viewers prefer over videos loaded with information. So, if you wish to promote your services or goods in a creative and fun way like this one, take notes from this video.

#3 Sunroof Project (Google)

Google created an explainer and promotional video for the sunroof project that combines their best elements. To communicate their message effectively, they used simple 2D animation, a gripping voiceover, and background music. Google employed animation to provide customers with all the information they required about solar panels, including roof angles, weather, obstruction from trees and chimneys, etc., and how they use it to save electricity.

Simply put, we advise you to gain insight from it if you want to explain your product or service in a way that prevents visitors from skipping your ads. It is one of those truly exceptional promotional videos that you must watch to get inspired.

#4 Nike Air Reinvented

Next, we have the Nike Air Reinvented video on our list. It is also one of the best promotional video examples. Nike shows off their reinvented sneakers in this 2D promotional video. To depict the Air Reinvented in its actual form, they employ straightforward but dynamic animations, fashionable and eye-catching colors, and a little bit of 3D in the end.               

Whether or not you’re a fan of Nike’s Air Max series, this video targets both existing and modern customers. The video speaks for itself and also obliges others to own a pair. Do you offer something similar to the market? We bet this is your best watch!

#5 GoPro

Is it odd that a company that manufactures cameras for capturing user-generated material has fantastic promotional videos? Most likely not!

GoPro revealed the Hero10, their newest model, in September 2021. It has a strong processor, significantly improved high-definition video performance, smoothness stabilization, and other incredible features for video fans. The video has received close to a million views in just a few months following its upload to GoPro’s official YouTube account.

We can see GoPro speaking directly to its intended audience in the video. These are individuals who take pleasure in extreme sports, beautiful natural settings, and other forms of recreation. We can see the little GoPro camera tracking sporty people everywhere as the scenes quickly shift. They record themselves snowboarding and skiing in the Alps, swimming, racing in the desert, practicing yoga, and flying airplanes. The message is clear: a traveler’s camera will be with them wherever they go.

#6 No Drama (MySwitzerland)

This video is a fantastic illustration of how effective a medium video is. This tourism-related advertisement for Switzerland was viewed by approximately 53 million people in just a few months. That is more than six times as many people live there as a whole. The fact that the promotional video features two famous people makes it quite widespread. The world’s top tennis players and actors, Roger Federer and Robert DeNiro, are debating the benefits of visiting Switzerland. They both concur that Switzerland is a peaceful country with lovely scenery and pristine surroundings but “no drama.” Put simply, this is a great video for brainstorming creative ideas.

#7 Starbucks

Another one of the top promotional videos on our list is a New Years’ video, ‘A year of good’ by Starbucks. This heartwarming video features short clips of all the positivity, charitable acts, and kindness from customers and Starbucks employees all over the globe. It is, in short, a little celebration video for ending another successful year and entering the new one on a positive note.

This video is Starbuck’s attempt to make its customers and employees feel valued and appreciated for their endless efforts. At the same time, Starbucks also leveraged this video marketing opportunity to promote itself. The best part about this video is that users feel a sense of contribution to the brand when they watch it. Also, this video is a perfect example of how you may develop a sense of connection with your brand.

#8 Volkswagen

This video is yet another promo video example that is a must-watch for everyone. In this video, you’ll see the Volkswagen Beetle being followed on its way to the Volkswagen service. The video is barely 40 seconds long and starts with the story of a car enjoying its servicing experience. The 3D animation was skillfully employed to make the commercial exciting and pleasant to watch. In short, Volkswagen straightforwardly advertised its official car repair service.

If you watch this amazing promotional ad yourself, you might find the idea behind it fairly simple. But we bet you’ll be bound to watch till the end. This video serves as the ideal illustration of how to market a dull service as an engaging one.

#9 Snickers

Do you want to make your videos humorous and spooky at the same time? Snickers’ 30-second video promo is a fantastic example to guide you. You’ll see a bunch of kids dressed as Halloween characters who meet the headless horseman. The horseman makes a vain attempt to appear frightful, but he is a little hungry and exhausted. The kids sympathized with his situation, gave him a Snickers bar, and helped him become the scary monster he truly is.

Videos have the power to help brands stand out from the competition. Similarly, Snickers did a fantastic job of enticing its target market during the Halloween holidays with a hilarious yet scary ambiance while promoting its product.

#10 Klear

We don’t think the list would be complete without including an animated video. Typically, video promotions are differentiated into two major categories: real and animated videos. Also, there are those videos that are a combination of the two.

Klear is a media analytics platform that assists brands in locating the ideal influencers who can strengthen their marketing strategy. The animated commercial explains to the audience how the platform functions. This video is unique in that it is done so cleverly and seamlessly that you don’t even realize how much you have learned in just one and a half minutes. Besides, It is brief and highly informational, making it ideal for social media (Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok).

#11 McCallie School

Creative video solutions can also serve educational purposes. This excellent video on our list also does the same. McCallie, a private boy’s school, uses videos to respond to nearly every query from both students and their parents. They use videos to provide information about curriculum, student accomplishments, scholarships, and more.

Even though they are all done in their distinctive way, each film has a unique mood and feel. Using a Star Wars backdrop, this video portrays staff and students as players in a stellar conflict. The amazing production uses comedy to lighten the student’s severe academic environment. As you can see, creating exceptional promotional videos doesn’t have to be complex or costly. All you need is a stellar idea and an engaging story to hook the viewers for a long time.

The Final Thoughts

There you have it! Here ends our list of examples of exceptional promotional videos that did well in various ways. Finding inspiration from creative promotional videos will help you come up with ideas for your own. And we hope this list of the 11 best promo videos will give you some ideas for your upcoming video production!

What should be the next step? Get in touch with a professional video production company with hands-on experience to unlock all the opportunities promotional videos have to offer. Find a creative approach that fits your company’s personality and helps you achieve your goals with a unique promotional video.

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