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Some Incredible Explainer Video Trends in 2023

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With the advancement in the digital industry, explainer videos have emerged as one of the perfect marketing tools for startups and big enterprises. Maintaining a solid online presence gives businesses a great opportunity to enhance their visibility.

Brands that don’t evolve obsolete with time. Thus, trends are part of businesses, and every new one replaces the old. It is necessary to keep up with the current ones. Explainer videos are becoming a trend in 2023, and now it has become crucial for businesses to adapt to this revolution to grow their business on digital platforms efficiently.

In this article, we have discussed the best video explainer trends that marketers must know about. But first, let’s know how explainer videos become the trend.

Why Explainer Videos Are Emerging?

We are surrounded by hordes of information in the online world. Getting a customer’s attention has grown more challenging. However, trendy explainer videos encourage people to engage with them in more entertaining and innovative ways. As it conveys the concept of the company in a matter of seconds, it is the finest technique to present a brand’s products or services.

It has strong storytelling abilities that captivate listeners, leave an impression, and stick in their minds. In essence, it’s a quick and inexpensive technique to increase consumer loyalty and brand exposure.

Furthermore, explainer videos can significantly increase the conversion rate by simply going viral. It is one of the most affordable techniques to promote a business.

The Best Video Explainer Trends of 2023

We have gathered a list of five incredible explainer video trends to help you become visible and enhance your business competently. So, let’s delve deeper to learn about them.

1. Animated Explainer Video Trend

Incorporating animation into video trends is not new! It has been pertinent for a very long time. The best videos to help you recall information are animated ones.

Animation has always been one of the most effective marketing strategies since it enhances the brand perception and draws in customers excellently.

Among the several video marketing trends, it is predicted that animated videos are one of the key explainer video trends, expected to rise more in 2023. Many businesses today utilize animated videos to advertise their products and services globally.

2. Whiteboard Explainer Video Trend

Startups and medium-sized firms should use whiteboard explainer videos, wondering why?

Whiteboard videos can effectively do branding. This trend is successful because it is simple, economical, and produces high-yielding outcomes.

A hand sketch distinguishes whiteboards from other explainer videos. Because it demonstrates simplicity, originality, and ingenuity to simplify and beautify difficult designs for clients. The whiteboard video trend is often well-liked by the wide target demographic. This is one of the best explainer video trends that is classic and traditional and expected to always endure.

3. Educational Explainer Videos Trend

The popularity of educational videos is growing and now these videos are becoming one of the latest video trends. COVID’19 significantly showed why brands require an online presence. Definitely, having strong brand visibility can help in surviving even in an unpredictable situation.

When several nations were in total lockdown, educational videos turned out to be the most efficient way for students and employees to learn through seminars, online classes, and training sessions.

Such videos are ideal for organizations to communicate messages among clients or audiences because they usually condense difficult information.

4. Liquid Motion Video Trend

Businesses and the video industry have benefited from the innovation brought by the liquid motion video trend. Hiring designers that employ their creative expertise to develop a video has become demanding among businesses.

Viewers are inspired by this trendy explainer video; the liquid motion video engages them with its fluid object displays. It encourages people to stay up for the conclusion out of curiosity. Though, it is an expensive movie-making approach that requires substantial expertise from supervisors and designers.

5. Storytelling Video Trend

Perhaps, storytelling video is increasingly becoming a viral trend online. It has been there since the start of video animation but now has come into the limelight after the adaption of creativity in the design industry. Of course, who doesn’t like a good story?

Storytelling videos aim to make marketing efforts more effective by leveraging the storytelling approach. Companies make an explainer video to communicate the brand message. Well-known companies like Unilever and Google are using this approach to build memorable and inspiring explainer videos and communicate their brand message successfully.

By embracing the storytelling trend, you can make complex ideas simple, give your videos an impressive look, capture your audience’s attention, and establish a lasting brand identity.

Final Takeaway!

Now you know the most popular explainer video trends and how they help businesses through their brand awareness and promotion process.

But there is a bit of misconception that creating explainer videos are expensive, time-consuming, and challenging. This is not true! Companies like Anideos help businesses build incredible and trendy explainer videos at the most affordable rates.

For more details, contact our experts to learn about the development process and amazing pricing packages.

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