FAQs for 2D, 3D, Whiteboard, Motion Graphics & Explainer Videos

2D Animation

As states in the name, 2D is a two-Dimensional animation. In which the characters and backgrounds design gets created in the two-dimensional flat space. The characters or objects in two-Dimensional has width and height only and no volume.
Videos that are created in the process of two-Dimensional animation are 2D animation videos. The characters and objects in two-Dimensional videos have width and height with no volume.
Various well-known videos and cartoons have been created using the 2D animation style. Some of them are Looney Tunes, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Snow White, The Jungle Book, The Little Mermaid, The Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park, and the list goes on and on.
2D animation comes with its benefits. Its styles are less complex than 3D animation styles, and its dependency on technology and software is limited, making it more straightforward to create than 3D animations. It is a cost-effective animation.
It costs $800 to $1500 approximately.
It costs $400 to $ 750 approximately.
It depends on how many people are working on a project and the client's animation styles. Roughly, it could take to days to a month approximately.
The advantages of 2D animation make it significant for animators and businesses. It is an incredible way to communicate one's point of view to the users. Colorful, eccentric videos and images can efficiently elevate a business without losing the primary motive. 2D animation has proved to be highly profitable to companies.
Two-Dimensions only have width and height, whereas three-dimensions have the volume too and are more realistic than 2D characters. Both 2D and 3D have their uses and values. 2D animation is more cost-effective and artistic, and on the other hand, 3D animation is more mechanicalized. The traditional drawing method is used to create 2D objects where every move is created frame by frame. For 3D animations, animators make use of software in developing action sequence. 2D animation is about frames, and 3D animation is more about movements.

3D Animation

3D animation is a three-Dimensional animation that involves width, height and volume. 3D animation is the art of moving objects in three-dimensional space. It happens in a digital environment using different software.
Videos created in the 3D environment using various software to provide the illusion of moving images in a digital ambience is called a 3D animated video.
It cost $4000+ per minute approximately.
3D is one of the most challenging and time-consuming animations that involve numerous software and a lot of hard work to come into being. A cluster of repetition is required to get the perfect results.

Whiteboard Animation

As specified in the name, Whiteboard video animation includes drawings or illustrations employing a whiteboard or a similar surface using markers or pens.
Whiteboard explainer video is a work of art that is most beneficial for providing information with creativity (no matter what type of business you run). It can fascinate the viewer's attention promptly. Whiteboard explainer video is prevalent in almost all sort of businesses.
It is a long six-stage process that takes at least 5 to 6 days to accomplish the whiteboard video.
It cost $800 to $1500 per minute approximately.
There are numerous benefits of whiteboard animation, like;
  • It is eye-catching and therefore attracts the viewers to watch till the end.
  • It keeps the viewers engrossed.
  • It's fun and lightly delivers the required message.
  • It can explain your point of view easily as it is instantly understandable.
  • It leaves traces in viewers mind for a more extended period.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is an animation that consists of text significantly.
Motion graphics is a sort of animation that explains moving or animated graphics designs. It primarily consists of text.
There are many kinds of Animations, and Motion Graphics is one of them. Yet, there is a slight difference in their production process, and their goals are different too.
There are different types of motion graphics like; Explainer motion graphics, instructional videos, movie clip, storytelling, brand videos etc.
It cost $800 to $1500 per minute approximately.

Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos helps you in explaining the company's product/services. They are initially short videos and often located on the front page, which helps to attract buyers.
Explainer Videos help businesses by explaining their product, concepts or services in the shortest time possible. It aids to connect with the customers more efficiently. Explainer videos help customers understand why choosing your product/services could be a fruitful decision.
It cost $800 to $1500 per minute approximately.
It depends on the video's topic. It is said that the length of a good Explainer Video should be around 90 seconds, as the attention time can reduce by 57% if it exceeds that.

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