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How Anideos Keeps its Clients Satisfied

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Anideos is big on getting videos reviewed by the clients.

We get that 3D Animation Studios, and perfecting it is our job. But nobody understands your business better than you. When you approach us for a tailor-fit video, you definitely have something in mind!

We don’t want to disrupt that picture-perfect imagination in your head.

That’s why we rely on prompt feedback from your side. After all, it’s only taken to satisfy you. A testament to this would be our Clutch’s badge ‘Clients say we deliver.’

Receiving frequent positive reviews on Clutch shows that clients are happy with our way of work. Clutch isn’t it, though? You can find countless satisfied whispers on Bark, Themenfest, and Wimgo too.

Off-the-shelf solutions just aren`t our thing. This rule applies, even when we`re down to architecting another one of our mobile applications. That`s why we are named among the top mobile app development companies in New York.

The initial stages are the building blocks where there’s flexibility to edit or retouch anything clients want

Once we receive honest input from their side, we sharpen out the edges and perfect every nook and corner of the frames.

We don’t consider the entire review process as tiring or gruesome. Rather, it’s our way of knowing your expectations and delivering exactly what you’re imagining. Our review process is at the root of our client satisfaction rate.

When you come in collaboration with a professional video production agency like Anideos, you can expect a fair share of revisions. Unlike online 2D and 3D animation makers, an established video production agency creates pixel-perfect frames and even polish the frames as you like by offering multiple revisions.

Let’s walk you through the entire video creation and production review process.

Script Revisions

This is where the review process really starts.

No matter how hard we try, the script rarely gets approved in the first go. And it’s good that it doesn’t because it’s the groundwork. We aim to put in as much thought and creativity as the project at hand demands

The entire scripting process is done on Google Docs where our scriptwriter comes up with Version 1 (V1) for the client. Putting the script out in the open is to openly collaborate with the client. The client leverages this opportunity to tweak the content or add in comments wherever needed.

Usually, after 2 to 3 revisions, we get hold of the final script. The animators then begin their magic on it.

Storyboard Revisions

Once the animators receive the final version, they start working on the storyboard.

These assets are a rough sketch or draft of what the final product will look like. The storyboard helps the client visualize the outcome. is our go-to tool as it improves collaboration. We use it for the visual review because it supports directly commenting on frames and even comparing versions side by side. There’s no need to jump back and forth-all the versions and comments are present in one place.

Throughout the review process, we encourage our clients to pour in honest feedback so we can work accordingly. Usually, after 3 to 4 storyboard revisions, the client is satisfied-and this is where we move forward to animate.

We understand their concerns that’s why we don’t hurriedly throw together words in a script or put together low-quality frames. The best video production reviews keep coming in because we lend an ear to our clients. We hear them out and invest time in their projects.

Be it an animated explainer or a live-action video, the process remains the same. This to & fro and collaborative partnership is something that you’ll not experience with an online video animation maker.

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