How Does the Infographics Show Make Money on YouTube?

How Does the Infographics Show Make Money on YouTube?

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Facts are all fun and games but how often do you willingly read facts? Mostly never, unless you’re really into it. Generally speaking, people find facts dry.

Well, one day-a YouTube channel decided to pick the dry out of facts. That YouTube channel is called the Infographics Show!

Having millions of views and subscribers, this channel leverages the power of infographics to hook the viewers.

This channel has something for everyone. Be it about crime, outer space, science, survival and what not you’ll find it here.

So, where’s our curious lot? This space calls for you.

Being on a quest to answer all the deep, dark, random, weird, and burning questions, the Infographics Show is putting everything into perspective with motion graphics explainer videos about questions we can only think of. Sometimes, with questions that we can`t even think of.

Know the context.

Worth a whopping $11 million, the Infographics Show started back in 2011. Working around the genre of education, this channel can make physics seem like a piece of cake.

But how?

The answer’s simple. This channel makes video infographics and the job’s are always well done!

If you’re wondering what’s really happening at the Infographics Show channel? We’ll let you in on it too.

Basically, the Infographic Show comes up with videos on anything that a human mind can think of. They know how to title their YouTube videos the right way, they’re irresistibly clickable. Once you read it, you just want to know it. Sometimes, just a bit. But you don’t want to deal with the FOMO so you give in!

They’re an epitome of dedication as they continue posting animated explainer videos EVERY DAY! (A little animation information alert) Creating a thought-through animated explainer video can take up to 3-4 weeks.

As a professional video production company, we’re in awe of the passion they reflect!

Who is the Infographics Show’s narrator?

One of the biggest mysteries is the face behind the Infographics Show. But great things don’t come easy. To date, there hasn’t been a face reveal but we do know the Infographics Show’s narrator (yay).

Scientist Andrej Preston is the voice behind most of the educational infographics posted on this YouTube channel.

What does the Infographics Show use to animate?

To come up with pixel-perfect animated explainers every time, the Infographics Show has landed on the finest software.

The creativity oozes out of the animators here. Usually, they make use of Adobe After Effects and existing templates from Envato Elements to put up videos on their channel.

If you’re a budding animator overthinking and procrastinating your choices, it’s time you bring your train of thought to a halt. The question of how to create an infographics video is out of the picture.

You can try your hand at the software this YouTube channel uses or check out our recent blog on the best 2D animation software for beginners. You’ll definitely find something useful on your way out!

A cheat sheet to make money on YouTube: the Infographics Show way!

Coming to the real question, how is the Infographics Show on YouTube earning the $$$?

To cut it short, Infographics Show brings in approximately 73.58 million views each month. With such popularity, monetized channels earn dollars by serving content on the platform.

It’s unlikely to have a single source of income though. The Infographics Show almost earns $4.41 million/year. However, if we add the ad revenue, sponsorships, and other commissions then the revenue generated becomes bigger too.

This YouTube channel is making rounds within the animation industry too. How’re they doing it and how can you earn a fortune by posting animated infographic videos?

Sit back, we’ve got the cheat sheet for you.

#1 Take the untaken route.

Think of something people are afraid to do so. This way, you overcome your fears and bring something to the table that has been missing all along!

Taking the untaken route is not easy but one thing we can guarantee; it is worth it.

#2 Add your own twist to it.

People at the Infographics Show are always coming up with fun and might we dare say quirky Infographics Show challenges.

“Can’t use hands for 72 hours” and “blindfolded for 3 days” are just two of the crazy, fun-filled madness this YouTube channel is.

Over the years, they’ve acquired loyal viewership which isn’t going anywhere seeing their unconventional approach to explainer videos. All you have to do is think out of the box and add a flare of your twist to it.

#3 Choose consistency.

Now, take our word when we say this: creating animated explainers is tough work.

But, we believe it’s a ritual to post education-related animated videos every day (hopefully) – as their YouTube says.

Now that we think of it, there’s no secret recipe to succeed. It’s all in the consistent effort you choose to put in. So note this down somewhere, and consciously choose consistency.

#4 Create for your viewers.

As an animator, it’s human to let your mind wander about the $$$. Most times, you’ll catch yourself thinking about how much do animators make on YouTube; if you’re actively posting on YouTube or thinking of it.

Think, but don’t dwell.

As a YouTube animation creator, the first step is to identify your viewers and what they enjoy the most. Once you know this, start creating for them. The dollars will follow.

#5 Success takes time, be patient.

If we take the example at hand, the Infographics Show didn’t become a big name overnight. It took them NINE YEARS to be where they’re today.

Just like them and many other survivors, success will come after a bumpy road of uncountable ups and downs. Your job is to stay persistent about what you love.

The magic will happen for you and you might end up creating the best infographic videos in 2023!

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