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How Long Does It Take to Create an Explainer Video?

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(Time consumed in creating an explainer video)

Anideos has an ambitious team that works one’s finger to the bone for every individual project as per directed by our clients. Whether the task assigned is template-based or customized we put all our time and expertise to come up with the best styling and techniques to meet our customers needs. Each explainer video consumes a different amount of time depending on their lengths. A template-based explainer video takes a day or two but a custom-made explainer video is advised for the long run.

60-second explainer videos and 90-second explainer videos are commonly demanded. Businesses often struggle with the question that how can I get a good explainer video? And answer to that is very simple, “Your task our efforts, just provide us with all the details and we will make the best explainer video possible”.

1. Research/Content Development


We start with collecting all the required information from our client and discussing the explainer video length they are looking for. Then our devoted team starts researching and deciding upon fonts, colors, characters, animation style, and much more that best suits the video. We also research our client’s competitors projects to make something unique and better to gather more traffic on the explainer videos. We share all the collected information and the strategies that we plan to execute with our clients. After getting their approval we start working on adjoining steps.

2. Writing the Script


A flawless explainer video needs an amazing script. As it is the foundation on which our experts create amazing explainer videos. Anideos is working with some great scriptwriters. We share all the collected information with our writers. They create characters accordingly or as per the client’s demand and then write an extraordinary script. We use words that are easy and simple to understand by the target audience to get the best result possible. Our scriptwriters add humor where needed and tend to write relevant experiences of the society to make the video interesting.

3. Storyboarding and Illustrations


The finalized script is then shared further for storyboarding and illustration. The storyboarding is a sequence of several digital sketches that we put together to play in the explainer video. Now the illustrations are needed to be executed. We add dialogues and other important notes. Directions of camera angles, lighting adjustments, and transitions between scenes are also taken care of. This procedure takes approximately a week as all the little details require a comprehensive devotion. We then share the final model with our clients to keep them updated with our work procedure. With the clients approval, we move to the next step.

4. Voiceover/Recorder


Sometimes clients prefer to provide voiceover themselves but we always have better options to go with. Anideos know that explainer videos are all about a captivating video with a short and brief message delivered to grab viewers attention. Voiceover or recording plays an important part here. Voice should develop the interest of the audience in the video. So, without compromising we go out of the way to select a perfect match of voice for the video. And for that, we share several voice-over recordings and artists demonstrations with our clients, so that they can opt for the best one. We have artists with different accents, and it is preferable to select the right one while keeping in mind the target audience. The right style and language are other important points to analyze when selecting the voiceover. It should also consider the mood and style of your video to create a mind-making video. We make sure that the voiceover covers all the keywords to make the video relevant, by emphasizing the required keywords you can make viewers understand your point of view more clearly. It takes a couple of days for a video to pass through this process.

5. Animations


The complete video is animated in this step. We use different software for the characters animation to give the explainer video a first-class and finest look. Here we add sound effects and music that works like a cherry on the cake. Our team checks the video once more and then sends them to the clients.

6. Sharing with the Client


Anideos is an explainer video company that works according to the clients requests. We guide our clients and give them various options that suit best with their products. Here when the video is completely finalized, we share it with our clients and wait for their feedback, to make the necessary amendments. This is a complete procedure of an explainer video. This process can take 4 to 8 weeks in total as every step needs time and complete concentration. We do cooperate with our clients and create urgent videos if asked for but in that case, our prices vary a bit.

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