Mobile App Development Services at Anideos

At Anideos, we develop applications for both IOS and Android that ensure maximum audience engagement. We have previously worked with clients from different industries for the development of their mobile applications. At Anideos, our experts with massive experience and expertise help clients by giving them better ideas and consultation for mobile application development. Our team works on the two most important platforms which are Android and iOS. While providing services to our clients, we make sure that every feature of the mobile application is top-notch.

Software Application Services

At Anideos, we develop high-quality, feature-rich, and business-focused cross-platform mobile and web applications using JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML, and CSS. We develop hybrid applications & cross-platform applications using the ionic framework. Cross-platform applications help the client to reach a maximum number of audiences and they are also cost-friendly. Our developers use ionic platforms for building high-quality, cross-platform native applications and create secure & natively rendered mobile applications for Android and iOS. We are renowned for our understanding of user experience, seamless development workflow, and business expertise across a variety of business industries. We believe that software applications are one of the most powerful tools to drive your business in a rapidly changing competitive environment. Software applications cover a whole area of digital marketing that provides constant contact with customers, increases their numbers and as a result, improves business performance.

Native and Hybrid Mobile Applications

There are two important platforms in the smartphone market today. One is iOS, designed by Apple Inc. and the second is Android from Google. Anideos works on these two operating systems and provides services to the client accordingly.


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Although there are some similarities between these two platforms when building applications, developing for iOS vs. developing for Android involves using different software development kits (SDKs) and different development toolchain. While Apple uses iOS exclusively for its own devices, Google makes Android available to other companies provided they meet specific requirements such as including certain Google applications on the devices they ship.

How Hybrid and Cross-platform Frameworks Work?

Hybrid applications help to utilize the web technologies of HTML5/CSS/JavaScript and then incorporate those into the application. Hybrid applications are helpful and they enable developers to use technologies such as CSS/HTML5/JavaScript which allows the application to become a native application on the device it is being used. Hybrid mobile applications run in an embedded browser environment and code from website applications can be used for mobile applications as well. Hybrid mobile applications are simple and execute proficiently on various frameworks and platforms such as iOS, Windows, and Android and do not require any additional efforts to run.

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