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The Most Inspiring Animated Logos of All Time: Top Examples

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Logos are like a company’s visual signature. They’re supposed to be catchy and easy to remember. Traditionally, logos have always stayed still, like pictures in a frame, unchanging for a really long time. But now, thanks to digital design tools and the internet, logos can come to life in a fun way.

Think of animated logos as exciting, moving versions of traditional ones. They add a touch of creativity and entertainment to a brand’s identity. In this article, we’ll show you some of the best-animated logos examples. These logos go beyond the old, static images and use animation to capture people’s attention.

Whether you’re a designer or simply someone who enjoys fantastic visuals, these animated logos will spark your imagination and show you how the world of branding is evolving in exciting ways.

What Are the Benefits of Animating a Logo?

Let us first go through the main benefits of animated logos:

  • Animated logos are more likely to stick in people’s minds
  • They capture attention and create a more interactive experience
  • Animated brand logos are versatile and can adapt to various platforms and sizes
  • They convey a brand’s story or message more quickly and effectively
  • Such logos are more likely to be shared on social media
  • They can be updated easily to reflect changes or promotions

Best Logo Animations for Your Inspiration!

Now, the question arises: how do you get started with creating an animated brand logo? Well, there are various styles to choose from. So check out this guide for some inspiration to get the creative juices flowing. We have presented the top animated logos examples in five categories, namely:

  1. 3D Animated Logo Examples
  2. Simple Logo Animation Examples
  3. Cool Logo Animation Examples
  4. SVG Animated Logo Examples
  5. Creative Animated Logo Examples

Let’s begin!

1. 3D Animated Logo Examples

When it comes to creating a memorable and eye-catching brand logo, 3D animation stands out. Some of the top animated logos of brands are in 3D. Have a look:

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 logo

Microsoft’s most recent iconography redesign contains one of the most impressive examples of 3D logo animation. To align itself with Microsoft’s design systems, the Microsoft product family has changed its logo from the Microsoft Office logo to the new Microsoft 365 brand symbol. The creative team experimented with colors and elements in this new logo.



Nike’s 3D logo is an example of one of the best short logo animations of brands. This logo animation, which combines the “Nike” wordmark with the company’s famous swoosh mark and neon gradients that fall on the intriguing side of the color spectrum, is a visual feast! The smooth switch between the two versions of the 3D logo hooks viewers at a glance.


Facebook/Meta animated logo

In October 2021, Facebook’s parent company underwent a significant transformation, rebranding from Facebook Inc. to Meta Platforms to signal their shift towards building the metaverse. This change introduced a new Meta logo, diverging from the familiar blocky Facebook wordmark. The animated logo features a dynamic blue gradient and a continuous 3D loop resembling a ribbon, symbolizing the limitless possibilities of the metaverse, as described by Meta’s design team.


Figma animation logo

In 2017, Figma updated its logo, making it what we see today – simple and easy to recognize. It’s made of just three basic shapes and a modular grid, indicating that even with these simple shapes, you can make complex things. They wanted to create a unique logo animation in 3D that was just as good. And they did it! They followed Figma’s idea of “encouraging play” to show that using the tool can be pretty creative and fun.


CroSwap logo animation

CroSwap has a unique logo that you can look up to for some inspiration. This 3D animated logo uses a clever concept to create a magic-like effect with smooth movements and optical illusions. It’s designed for cryptocurrency, Web3, and business marketing. The simple and neat logo design matches the professional image it wants to convey – concise and clear!

2. Simple Logo Animation Examples

The logo animations in this category may seem simple at first glance, but they hold intricate branding concepts and even some great animated brand story examples. They may serve as inspiration for those who appreciate minimalistic design.


Google logo

Google’s logo stands out among the top animated brand logos out there and serves as an excellent inspiration for those who want to create a memorable brand image. The brand’s iconic visuals are widely recognized, and its animated logo effectively represents its diverse services. Using morph animation, this logo conveys the brand’s message with basic shapes and Google’s official colors, keeping it straightforward.


Discord animated logo

Discord’s original mascot logo featured the iconic gaming character “Clyde.” As the brand expands beyond gaming, Clyde has also evolved. The animated Discord logo now reflects a friendlier and more playful vibe, achieved through subtle tweaks like a simple wink, the elimination of the restrictive speech bubble, and a few other changes in the color palette and wordmark. This change completes Clyde’s transformation, aligning with the brand’s broader audience focus.


Fiverr logo

Fiverr’s logo is closely linked to its $5 pricing model for digital services. The Fiverr logo animation maintains the recognizable design while adding an engaging entrance animation for the wordmark. With a focus on white and the distinctive “Fiverr green,” this animated logo highlights the platform’s speed in completing projects through its freelance network, staying true to the brand’s identity.


MarketMove animation logo

MarketMove’s animated logo aligns perfectly with its dynamic brand identity. Focused solely on the lettermark, it captures the essence of a platform for cryptocurrency trading. The animation mimics a financial data graph, complete with value fluctuations, effectively conveying the platform’s core purpose and financial dynamics.



The beloved Disney logo, featuring the iconic Disneyland castle, evokes cherished childhood memories. Disney’s animated logo enhances the magic, introducing a shooting star that soars above the castle. This animation, used as an intro to every Disney movie by Walt Disney Pictures, transports viewers to a world of wonder and wish fulfillment, staying true to Walt Disney’s vision of endless fun and entertainment.

3. Cool Logo Animations Examples

While we’re at it, let’s also look at some of the best-animated logos of brands that have the distinguishing ‘cool’ factor in them. They’re fun, emotional, thought-provoking and inspirational. Let’s explore:



Snapchat makes its way into the cool animated logo examples for plenty of reasons. The logo’s mascot, Ghostface Chillah, makes a theatrical arrival using only the Snapchat color scheme of yellow, black, and white, as well as line animation. The creepy image that eventually transforms into the Snapchat icon alludes to the company’s fundamental “phantom” policy, which erases pictures after a specified amount of time.



The Coca-Cola logo has been instrumental in establishing the brand identity of The Coca-Cola Company. In the animated version it harmoniously combines abstract representations of their iconic Coca-Cola Classic and Diet Coke bottles within the original red disc logo. This logo animation, featuring the renowned white-ribbon logotype and “Taste the Feeling” wordmark, aligns with Coca-Cola’s one-brand strategy, reflecting the company’s market dominance and cool appeal.


Apple’s logo has evolved towards simplicity since its inception with the iconic rainbow-striped apple in 1976. While the company doesn’t have an official animated logo, Apple enthusiasts have created a range of captivating animated logos. These animations are showcased on Apple’s “Jobs at Apple” page, where viewers are treated to a dynamic loop of user-generated artwork. These animations feature diverse techniques, including fluid motion, seamless transitions, and engaging 3D effects.


Gotikket’s animated logo embodies a friendly and helpful persona, perfectly aligning with its role as an intuitive tool for travelers’ reservations and bookings. Through subtle movements in its brand mark and wordmark, paired with a fitting typeface, the logo exudes a welcoming and travel-friendly vibe, making it feel like the ideal companion for any traveler.



The Reddit mascot logo features Snoo, a time-traveling, genderless alien with unique features. The current logo showcases an orange-red circle containing Snoo’s face in thick white lines, along with Reddit’s black wordmark. The animated Reddit logo is a nostalgic nod to the 2005 version, where the entire character was visible. Snoo dynamically assembles itself from floating parts, evoking a sense of community nostalgia. It’s a cool and heartwarming tribute to Reddit’s community spirit.



The iconic Golden Arches in the McDonald’s logo were originally part of restaurant architecture. In 2003, the “I’m lovin’ it” slogan was incorporated into the modern double-arched “M,” making it McDonald’s longest-standing brand slogan. The McDonald’s logo animation is elegantly straightforward, using self-drawing lines to animate the Golden Arches. This simplicity reinforces the brand’s ability to make a lasting impact through its sheer, feel-good appeal.



Conversable, now integrated into LivePerson’s conversational cloud platform, boasts one of the most captivating logo animations featured here. As a provider of AI-powered digital brand-consumer interactions, their logo animation incorporates a subtle chromatic aberration and a glitch effect, resembling digital distortion. The Conversable character logo enters with a dynamic pop-in, and its spaceman’s face shield cleverly doubles as a speech bubble, reflecting the brand’s messaging channels.



Pinterest’s entire concept revolves around “pinning” ideas, making their logo a clever piece of design with a hidden pin in the letter “P.” The animated Pinterest logo is an exceptional example. With a playful design, a pin bounces into view and transforms into the iconic “P.” A bouncing paperclip then shapes the last two letters of the logo. This animation brilliantly incorporates Pinterest’s familiar wordmark and signature “Pinterest red” color.

4. SVG Animated Logo Examples

Next, we’ll view the best examples of SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) logo animation. Some of the top animated brands’ logos that make use of SVG animation are as follows:

The Cookies

The Cookies

The Cookies’ SVG animation is a good example showcasing an appealing hand-drawn logo. You can replicate this effect with single-line font styles like Meow Script, Cookie, Dancing Script, or Norican, making them excellent choices for a charming SVG wordmark animation for your brand.

5. Creative Animated Logo Examples

What if you want to break free from minimalism and explore the creative side of logo animation? We’ve got you covered. Here, we have a few creative logo animation inspirations to get you started.



Netflix’s logo animation begins with the iconic “N” ribbon, transforming into a barcode-inspired visual. The concept was inspired by Netflix’s original thumbnails viewed from the side. Utilizing a play on color and depth, the animation creates a cinema-like ambiance, symbolizing Netflix’s evolution from a streaming platform to a full-fledged production studio.



The Firefox logo is famous for its purple globe and the orange fox with a fire-like tail. The animated version of this logo shows how the brand has changed and grown. It starts with the standard logo, which then becomes a fancier version. The word “Firefox” gets smaller, and they show all the things Firefox can do by changing pictures and words in the brand’s colors. It’s a fun way to show all the stuff Firefox can do now!



LinkedIn is known for its formal font and blue color. The animated logo mirrors the brand’s practical, business-focused approach. It highlights LinkedIn’s core goals: education and creating impressive resumes for job seekers. This touch of creativity in an otherwise practical brand identity supports its community-building efforts.

Final Thoughts!

Animated logos are a hit among businesses for good reasons. They quickly grab people’s attention and help build relationships with potential customers. To stand out from the competition, you should make your animated logo unique. The examples we’ve shared are great sources of inspiration for creating your own animated logo.

If you need help with creating a perfect brand logo, our experts can offer top-notch logo animation services. Get in touch with us today.

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