What Is a Recruitment Video

What Is a Recruitment Video? (+The Best Videos of All Times)

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Are you recruiting fresh talent to your company? We bet a recruitment video is far more engaging than the typical text-based job postings. Today, more and more companies are resorting to recruitment videos to attract top talent across the globe. That is because recruitment videos work. They entice job seekers to apply for job roles when posted on social media and job sites such as LinkedIn.

Recruitment video production is an integral part of every recruitment strategy. However, a well-crafted video demands a lot of time, resources, and money. So, to ensure your approach effectively attracts the desired candidate persona, we’re here with a complete guide.

To help you get started, we have compiled a list of the top ones to give you recruitment video ideas. As a bonus, we have also provided advice on creating your own recruitment videos for YouTube, LinkedIn, and other platforms. Let’s get started with what recruitment videos are.

What Is a Recruitment Video?

A recruitment video is a brief, interesting video that informs potential applicants of a job position. The goal is to recruit candidates with exceptional skill sets and exhibit characteristics that fit nicely with a company’s culture. Recruitment videos are typically shared on social media, a company’s website, LinkedIn, and job search websites like Indeed. Besides, it might be a hiring notice for a specific position or evergreen material like a video showcasing the corporate culture.

What Is the Goal of a Recruitment Video?

A company can benefit greatly from recruitment videos since they allow potential employees to gain a sense of the workplace culture. It can occasionally be difficult for a candidate to obtain a true sense of the company culture during a one-on-one interview. Hence, a recruitment video establishes the company’s tone right away, allowing the spectator to judge right away whether the application is worthwhile. For instance, if the recruitment video tempts the candidates, their chances of declining the job are much lesser.

A few of the goals of a recruiting video are as follows:

  • To enhance the candidate experience
  • To ensure a cultural fit
  • To promote your employer’s brand
  • To get more applicants

Additionally, recruitment video ads increase the organization’s visibility. When everyone wants to work for your company, it demonstrates to the target market that workers are adequately treated, which builds trust and generates more sales.

Therefore, there is something for everyone in video recruitment.

For the Candidate: Recruitment videos offer a visual representation of your company culture, such as what it’s like working at your company, encouraging them to apply for the position.

For the Hirer: With recruiting videos, the candidates already know what to expect from your company, reducing the number of declinations after posting a job offer. Besides, the person hiring can also make use of the video to refer to in their interview questions.

For the Business: It benefits businesses by sending a clear message to the target audience that the employees enjoy working at their company. Recruitment videos boost the company’s reputation, improving its reputation in the competitive market.

Our Top 5 Picks of the Best Recruitment Videos

Below is a hand-picked list of the top recruitment videos of all time. Make sure to give them a watch for brainstorming the best recruitment video ideas for your next video! They attract suitable candidates as well as enhance the company’s image effectively.

1. Google

This 2-minute recruitment video by Google is the ideal video to take inspiration from! In a very short time, Google portrayed employees’ viewpoints on what it is like working at Google. In a nutshell, this video successfully depicts Google as a great place to work.

2. Fiverr

The recruitment video on Fiverr is brutally self-aware, which adds to its intrigue, humor, and originality. It draws attention to the issue that since so many recruitment videos are identical, it can be confusing to determine which company is being promoted. This explainer video is yet another video recruitment to take ideas from!

3. Vimeo

Intriguingly, Vimeo presented this recruiting video from a unique behind-the-scenes perspective. The unobtrusive approach enables the viewer to acquire a sense of the company’s culture without being overtly promotional of employment opportunities, leaving people just curious and endearing enough to submit an application.

4. Apple

This video for recruitment did a fantastic job of giving an inside look at the people working and coming up with creative ideas at Apple. The video also includes several employees talking about what they have worked on and how it made a difference. Apple perfectly showed real employees working in the office on a busy day.

5. Amazon Services

Here is another recruitment video made by Amazon Services in which they creatively told all about the benefits of availing of their services. If you want to target your desired users, this video by Amazon is the ideal to take inspiration.

All of the above videos have something in them that can influence you to produce creative recruitment videos for your company. If you haven’t already, now is the time to contact a top-notch video production agency that creates videos to attract the finest talent globally.

Best Practices for Creating a Perfect Recruitment Video

Previously, video dominated social media. Today, they also dominate recruiting. Below are some pieces of advice to remember during recruitment video creation.

#1 Make It Short and Fun

Make the video content fun and exciting for the employees and potential job candidates. Captivate viewers with your authenticity and energy. And don’t forget to add humor! Besides, ensure to keep it between 3-5 minutes.

#2 Showcase Your Culture

Tell potential candidates what it is like working at your company. Give them an overview of the company culture and the kind of people working there. In short, a glimpse into the workplace atmosphere and everyday life at the office may entice them to apply.

#3 Answer the Candidate’s Primary Questions

Rather than the irrelevant details, communicate what’s important to job seekers. Don’t forget to highlight essential questions candidates tend to have. The more queries you address pre-interview in the video, the more you can get down to making the process as convenient as possible.

#4 Put Your Candidates First

Consider the kinds of candidates you want to draw with your video. For instance, your current open job positions will soon change. Thus, create a video that will outlive any jobs that are now advertised on your website.

#5 Include a Call-to-action

The most important tip – don’t forget to add a catchy call to action. Make it clear where you want your viewers to head to, for example, the website, job position, blog page, or any other. All of it would be a waste if viewers can’t find a direct link to your page.

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