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Best SaaS Explainer Videos and How to Lower Your CAC!

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What is SaaS Explainer Video?

Software as a service (SaaS) is complicated to explain or understand but SaaS Explainer videos are an easy way out to explain intricate concepts more simply in a split of seconds. Animated SaaS explainer videos use cartoons, whiteboard animation, or hand-drawn style to simplify the complex concepts to the audience. Companies have adopted SaaS explainer videos as a marketing tool to develop durable brand recognition and stay eminent among the target audience. SaaS explainer video is the best means in today’s time to captivate the target audience.

Explainer videos are so far utilized in explaining knotty concepts in easy-to-understand ideas and now they are working extremely well for SaaS too.

Anideos is creating the best SaaS Explainer videos for clients to boost their sales and lower Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) to get maximum profits. Anideos Animated SaaS Explainer video is in high demand among companies.

How Can You be more accessible and utilize SaaS explainer videos to gain trust?

You always strive to demonstrate your product to the target audience to help you gain your customer’s trust. Your customer should have immense faith in you to rely on your product or avail your services.

You should create the need for your product first, and to get the maximum attention, a SaaS explainer video with a detailed description would be the best option. Your video should contain the essence that explains the solution with expertise to grab your viewers’ attention.

The market we deal in is tremendously competitive. People get new stunning information on a day-to-day basis. To explain to your potential customer the benefits of your products and how it could be the most important thing, they are missing or your offerings in detail, you would need an Animated SaaS explainer video.

You should cultivate a great amount of trust with your customers, so they opt for your product amongst the many others. And one of the best ways is to adopt the storytelling method through your videos. Try to be evident everywhere possible to make your space in your customers’ minds, so they remember you while choosing from other options.

We all know that stories connect people with memories and each other. Storytelling through your SaaS explainer video and explaining your product by adding some music, drama, or emotional touch will let your customers memorize your concept for a longer period. This way, you can highlight problems and their solutions which will help you grasp their interest. You can educate your target audience and build trust through your stories.

Your stories will easily allow you to present complicated topics in an easy-to-understand way. Using the right colors in your visuals to highlight where needed and by adding just the appropriate music or sounds you can convey your message most effectively. Not forgetting animated videos here, they play a cherry on top.

Effects of using Animation for SaaS Explainer Videos?

We have already discussed the importance and impact of storytelling in videos to explain your product easily. Animation is the best way possible when it comes to storytelling as it can capture your target audience very efficiently.

  • Animated videos are attention-grabbing:

People these days are very busy and they don’t want to waste their time on useless things. To attract and engage them with your product you need to present it interestingly. Animation videos are extremely eye-catching and it has the essence to hold customers’ interest for a longer period. The audio and visuals both play a vital role in captivating the audience’s attention and making them interested in your product. It is noticed that an animated video is often memorable even after it is finished.

  • Animation makes intellectual concepts easy:

Sometimes the product you are dealing with is a complex one or it is not understood easily by most of the audience. Animation makes your life easier and explains your concept to the target audience in the most unforgettable way. The technical terms can be explained in simpler words. It builds a confident bonding with the customer if you convey your message in the language they understand. This will develop an emotional attachment with your customers and they will feel comfortable using your product every time.

Examples of SaaS Explainer Video


A few examples of the best SaaS explainer videos are given to show the way it explains the concepts and educates customers accordingly. Using SaaS explainer videos as your marketing tool can be extremely beneficial. It would help firms increase their sales and lower CAC, which would directly increase the company’s profit.

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