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10 Top Software for Fun Stop-Motion Animation on Windows and Mac

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Stop-motion animation, a fascinating technique that brings objects to life on screen, has captivated audiences for over a century. However, for much of that time, making stop-motion animations was a challenging and time-consuming task. Stop-motion animation’s popularity has risen in recent years thanks to user-friendly software that makes this art form accessible to everyone. A few stop-motion animation software are so straightforward that even beginners can use them to create their animation masterpieces.

This blog will introduce you to the top 10 stop-motion animation software options for both Windows and Mac. Whether you’re an experienced animator or just curious about stop-motion, this guide will help you explore the world of creative animation, where your imagination can take center stage.

Let’s first explore what stop-motion animation is.

What Is Stop-Motion Animation?

Stop-motion animation is a captivating filmmaking technique that brings inanimate objects to life through a series of accurately crafted images. It involves manipulating physical objects incrementally and capturing individual frames of those objects at each position. When these frames are played back in sequence at a high speed, it creates the illusion of continuous motion, like traditional animation but with real-world objects.

In simpler terms, stop-motion animation is like making objects move in a picture. It gives the impression that static objects are animated and moving independently, adding a dynamic and engaging quality to the visuals. However, you need specialized software designed to create stop-motion animations.

A wide range of software for stop-motion is available, both paid and free, on the internet. Understanding their capabilities, features, and specifications is essential to choose the right one for your needs. Some software options are more advanced and may require a deep understanding of stop-motion editing techniques, while others are user-friendly and suitable for beginners.

So, let’s take a look at the top software popular animators use for stop-motion animation.

1. DragonFrame

Image Source: dragonframe

DragonFrame is a top-tier stop-motion software renowned for its exceptional capabilities in crafting both 2D and 3D animations. It’s a favored choice in the industry, having been used to create acclaimed stop-motion films like Disney’s Frankenweenie and Laika’s Coraline. It comes with advanced features and is supported by both Mac and Windows.


  • DragonFrame offers powerful features such as onion skinning, auto-toggling, and drawing.
  • The keypad streamlines your workflow, allowing you to focus on animation instead of navigating menus with a mouse.
  • It boasts revolutionary technology like the Exposure-based DMX lighting board to elevate your lighting setups’ quality.
  • Excellent functionality and improved performance.


  • It is complicated and not suitable for beginners.
  • It is not a cost-friendly option.


DragonFrame is a paid software. You can get the student/teacher version of DragonFrame at $100.

2. Eclipse – Stop Motion Pro

Image Source: wondershare

Eclipse – Stop Motion Pro is a pro version of Stop Motion Studio. It is a straightforward and user-friendly stop-motion software for PCs. Unlike some flashier counterparts, Eclipse opts for simplicity over fancy interfaces, making it an accessible and efficient choice for animators. Using this tool, you can make videos, edit them, and connect them to your camera for multiple beneficial functionalities.


  • A user-friendly interface with easy-to-use tools.
  • It features automatic time-lapse capture, ensuring your stop-motion videos are seamless and smooth.
  • Supports advanced features like lip-syncing and multi-track editing.
  • Effortlessly add music and voices to your stop-motion animations.
  • The interface resembles traditional stop-motion methods, making it easy for animators to transition to digital tools.


  • The tool may struggle to handle various file formats.
  • To run Stop Motion Pro Eclipse smoothly, you’ll need a high-end PC, which may not be accessible to all users.


Stop Motion Pro Eclipse is $185, offering comprehensive features for stop-motion animation enthusiasts.

3. Frames

Image Source: EduGrains

Frames is a powerful tool that creates various animation styles. Apart from being one of the best software for stop motion, Frames extends its capabilities to various animation forms, making it a versatile choice for animators. Additionally, it supports the creation of clay animations and digital stories, making it suitable for both creative projects and business needs. Frames has earned recognition through numerous awards and is available in many languages, catering to a diverse user base.


  • Align frames easily using onion skinning, a valuable feature for precise animation.
  • It offers the option of group framing, simplifying the management of multiple frames.
  • Match multiple frames and audio lengths quickly.


  • Occasionally, the frames result in pointless animations.
  • The completed stop-motion film is distinct from the preview.


Frames offers a free trial version with limited features. The full version can be purchased from their website for $39.95, providing access to the software’s capabilities.

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4. Monkey-Jam

Image SourceMonkeyJam

Monkey-Jam is an open-source and free stop-motion animation software, making it an ideal starting point for newcomers to the world of stop-motion animation. It lacks advanced features, unlike other top software; however, it is particularly welcoming to those with little prior experience in stop-motion animation. You can swiftly progress from capturing images to assembling your first glimpse of a unique stop-motion animation.


  • User-friendly interface with straightforward navigation.
  • Highly suggested for beginners with no prior experience.
  • Requires minimal configuration to capture images, compile them, and create a video or export animations.


  • Future updates and bug fixes are unlikely.
  • Animations may play in a continuous loop even after being saved, a drawback for many users.


Monkey-Jam is available for free.

5. Stop-Mojo

Another top stop-motion software for Windows and Mac, Stop-Mojo is a versatile cross-platform program designed for animators of all levels. Its features include recording videos and photographs from numerous devices and superior tools like onion skinning, time-lapse photography, and industry-recognized procedures. Besides, it’s free, making it an accessible choice for animation fanatics.


  • Stop-Mojo offers numerous features and tools to cater to various animation needs.
  • It supports devices across multiple platforms, offering flexibility to animators.
  • The software includes standout features that contribute to creating more engaging and effective animations.


  • Notable features like rotoscopes and X-sheets are absent, which might limit specific advanced animation techniques.
  • The software lacks advanced editing options that could enhance the overall quality of the produced video.


The software is free to use and can quickly be downloaded from their website.

6. Boinx iStop-Motion

Image SourceMacUpdate

Boinx iStop-Motion is an exceptional stop-motion animation tool renowned for its prowess in crafting time-lapse movies and animations. It simplifies the intricate process of creating frame-by-frame animations with its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, ensuring a seamless animation experience. With this stop-motion software Mac, animators can focus on their creative vision, aided by features like live view, onion skinning, and automatic exposure adjustments.


  • iStopMotion offers a wide array of versatile and agile features, catering to various animation needs.
  • Its user-friendly interface is so intuitive that even children can create animations.
  • The “Onion skinning” feature previews the created video, aiding in precise frame adjustments.
  • The “Workflow” feature streamlines and enhances the efficiency of the video-making process.


  • iStopMotion can be relatively expensive, making it inaccessible to budget-conscious users.
  • Less expensive versions of iStopMotion offer fewer features and specifications.
  • It’s exclusively designed for Mac computers, limiting accessibility to Mac users.


With access to its robust features, you can purchase iStopMotion for $19.99, making it an attractive choice for Mac-based animators.

7. Stop Motion Studio

Image Source: Cateater

Stop Motion Studio is a user-friendly stop-motion animation app designed for mobile devices. It empowers users to create captivating stop-motion videos from their smartphones or tablets, eradicating the need for a computer or specialized equipment. The stop-motion app for Windows also offers handy tools for incorporating text, adjusting the frame rate, and exporting the final animation as a video file.


  • Offers the flexibility to create animations on the go without the need for a computer or specialized equipment.
  • Its simple controls and user-friendly interface make it an excellent choice for beginners.
  • Stop Motion Studio is available at a low cost or even for free, depending on your chosen version.


  • Lack of templates and predefined designs.
  • The software requires a lot of time to use.


Stop Motion Studio has a free and paid version. The free version has basic features, whereas the paid plan supports advanced features starting from $4.99.

8. iKITMovie

Image SourceStopMotionCentral

The stop motion editing software iKITMovie is widespread, particularly in the LEGO animation and Claymation community. One of its standout features is the extensive library of more than 2,200 built-in sound effects. It is a valuable resource for creators looking to enhance their stop-motion films with audio elements. This software is supported by Mac and Windows (PC).


  • 2200+ built-in sound effects.
  • Enables the creation of high-quality stop-motion movies, enriched by its extensive sound effects library.
  • Has a Chroma key (green screen) feature that offers flexibility in changing backgrounds.
  • Built-in editing features.
  • Easy-to-use graphical interface, ideal for students and beginners.


  • The free version of iKITMovie has some limitations.
  • Reported software glitches and performance issues.


iKITMovie is a paid tool. You can purchase it at a starting fee of $99.

9. Heron Animation

Image Source: pressablecdn

Heron Animation is the best stop-motion software that caters to users across various operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. It prioritizes user experience and simplicity, allowing individuals to capture images from a webcam and transform them into engaging stop-motion animations. The software boasts a straightforward and convenient process, making it accessible to beginners while offering powerful tools to improve the quality of stop-motion videos.


  • Suitable for beginners and professionals.
  • Highly user-friendly.
  • Onion skinning for precise frame-by-frame animation.
  • Completely free to use.


  • The tool offers limited features with limited file formats.
  • The finalized video quality is not up to the mark.
  • Lacks camera controls.


Heron Animation is free, offering a cost-effective option for those exploring stop-motion animation without financial commitment.

10. Adobe Premiere Pro

Image SourceTheVerge

Adobe Premiere Pro is a renowned and powerful video editing software from Adobe, widely recognized for its advanced features and user-friendly interface. In addition to its core video editing abilities, it offers robust tools for creating captivating stop-motion animations, making it a versatile choice for creative professionals.


  • Supports tons of helpful features and editing options to create stop-motion animations from scratch.
  • Lots of pre-made templates to enhance your animations.
  • Export final animations in various file formats.
  • Audio editing and advanced color correction features, etc.


  • It has a steep learning curve and is not suitable for beginners.
  • The workflow process is a bit cluttered.
  • Limited features that are expensive.


It has a free trial version with three paid plans, which you can download from their website for $20.99.

Summing Up

We’ve explored the 10 best software for stop-motion animation. These software options offer diverse features and functionalities, each designed to cater to different needs and skill levels. You’ll find the perfect match among these options, from user-friendly interfaces for beginners to advanced tools that empower seasoned animators. With these tools, marketers, artists, and animators can give life to their concepts and captivate viewers through video marketing.

So, why wait? Your adventure into the world of stop-motion animation begins right now. Choose the software that best suits your creative goals. It’s time to share your artistic vision with the rest of the world! We can help you with it – connect with expert animators at our animation studio to create animations that entertain and inspire!

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