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The Power of Storytelling in Animation: Everything You Must Know!

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Everyone, regardless of age or gender, enjoys listening to stories. As a result, marketers now use storytelling tactics in their marketing campaigns to connect emotionally with their target customers. What are your thoughts on why people watch videos and what components are essential in hooking them to the videos? It is the plot that plays with the audience’s imagination to pique their attention.

Some big names, including Starbucks and Channel, have already advanced their marketing campaigns with animated narratives. Let’s find out what storytelling in animation is and how it benefits a business.

What Does Storytelling in Animation Mean?

An animated video is a wonderful way to tell the brand’s story and creatively express a marketing message. A compelling storyline is vital when creating an animated film; else, the animation is merely fluff. As a result, telling a powerful story is critical to creating an animation that will leave a memorable impression on the viewer. The viewer’s attention must be the major focus when telling a story.

Creative animation is founded on strong tales, not technology that makes creating gripping narratives challenging. For example, when discussing Toy Story, the audience would evaluate or criticize the plot rather than the computer graphics.

Thus, to keep the audience’s attention intact, you must focus on a single unifying principle: a captivating story. Because storytelling is connected with human existence, you must understand human emotion, drive, and psychology to produce beautiful stories.

Why Is Animation Storytelling a Powerful Marketing Solution?

Whether you own a well-known brand or are launching your startup, animated storytelling is the way to go. Animated videos with a compelling story fulfill the main aim, humanize your brand and evoke emotional attachment.

Storytelling in animation helps brands to:

  • Stand apart from the crowd. Today, viewers are more likely to follow a brand that has something unique in them. With storytelling animation, brands may use unique and captivating characters to tell their stories and show what their brand is all about – such as history, business processes, behind-the-scenes, and more
  • Increase loyalty and trust. Animation gives viewers the incredible sensation of immersing themselves in the story. It can elicit emotions, spark viewers’ memories and cause them to reflect. As a result, more and more people resonate with and trust the brand for reliable solutions
  • Boost brand growth. Animation stories are lively, vivid, and easily perceivable for children and adults. This is one reason animated videos are more likely to be shared than any other sort of content. Consequently, it can boost your brand growth and drag the audience toward the desired action

The Importance of Storytelling in Animation

Telling stories and bringing the brand closer to the customer is a means to promote your company or provide crucial information. Even live videos don’t captivate viewers the way animated narrative does. Its unique charm and flair set your business apart from competitors.

The process of creating all kinds of animated videos starts with an idea followed by several steps, including animation storyboarding, voiceover, editing, and more.

Impressive Visual Storytelling Techniques That Work

When it comes to storytelling techniques, you can create anything you want using diversified animation styles such as 2D explainer, 3D animation, and promotional videos, and that’s just the beginning!

Below are a few tricks to make any animated storytelling video work. Take notes!

Tip 1: Don’t Tell, Show

Compared to text or speech, visual storytelling allows you to show anything in greater detail. So, through animation storytelling, you can focus your audience’s attention on specific information or anywhere else you want.

Tip 2: Use Dynamic Visuals

Use dynamic visuals to make your animated video appealing and keep the viewers watching. Dynamic movements help create realistic motion that would otherwise be difficult to achieve with traditional animation. This also helps to keep the audience’s focus intact.

Tip 3: Add a Human Touch

Showing people in the animation story makes the audience relate to the brand, engage, and understand the message more effectively. This way, you can build strong associations with the intended audience and generate trust in them.

Tip 4: Teach New Things

Using insightful stories can increase brand loyalty, keep current clients, and draw in new ones. Through visual storytelling, you can also highlight your area of expertise and uncover more about your brand and the people behind it.

Tip 5: End with a Keynote

For visual storytelling to be genuinely effective, the important message must be presented in conclusion. Lastly, be unique and create a lasting impression on the audience.

Effective Examples of Visual Storytelling

You’ll find dozens of compelling visual storytelling examples on the internet used by well-known brands worldwide. They evoke strong emotions and feelings in the audience and help see the business from a new perspective.

If you’re a marketer and need great ideas, you’re at the right place. Explore the top visual storytelling examples with us!


This is one great example you must look at. Lyft focuses on people instead of cars to demonstrate their inner state and explain the purpose of the project’s establishment. They used vivid acid colors and dynamically changing layouts. In this example of storytelling, the focus is primarily on the brand’s goals and consumer emotions.


Airbnb’s animated narrative aimed to demonstrate that the brand’s ideas and philosophy have improved in the wake of a significant racial discrimination scandal. This one is one of the storytelling marketing examples used to try to save the business. Also, this explanation video provides information on how data usage aids in the battle against discrimination.


Starbucks frequently gives us good examples of advertisement storytelling. This time, marketers employed psychological gimmicks to emphasize the benefits of their offering. How did they achieve this? Narrations from the past explained what each individual and coffee bean accomplished to become your delicious drink.

Hopefully, these interesting examples will compel you to produce something exceptional for your brand!

Summing Up

Lastly, should you use animation and storytelling together? Yes, because they work!

However, animation storytelling should be meticulously planned and developed by a professional who can effectively carry out the concept and breathe life into the story. Anideos, a creative animation agency, can help you produce engaging videos that resonate with your existing viewers and attract new ones. Contact us for professional animation services.

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