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The 10 Best Animation Production Companies in USA

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Behind every great show, there’s a team of animators breaking their backs. These are the top 10 animation production companies that have raised the bar too high.

Because of the excess animation around us, we often forget how hard it is to breathe life into a character. Making it believable is harder.

There’s no denying that animation is taxing, but it remains a good bet as people aren’t done consuming it.

So far, the futures bright. With the computer gaming industry hitting new milestones & the growing anime hype, we are seeing evolution. Coupled with the tech today, cartoon animation services are quick to go viral.

Top 10 Animation Production Companies in USA

Here you’ll find a list of the 10 best animation production companies you can rely on for your next video.

1 Anideos

Based in New York, Anideos has cemented itself a much-earned spot in our list. It’s among the few jaw-dropping 3D animator companies that refined the animated world for us. All for the good.

Anideos specializes in motion graphics and 2D explainer videos. The plus point is an absorbing narrative and impactful visuals. That’s not it. They’ve also got a clear strategy to make you the next big thing.

From animators to voice-over artists, all your needs get filled here. The illustrators narrate stories that viewers automatically buy. We’ve got to admit; they’re getting bigger.

If you have a story to tell, they’ll make it sell. It’s no wonder they’re getting recognized for their 2D, 3D, and other animation services.

2 Demo Duck

Demo Duck definitely tops the ranking list for best animation companies.

Demo Duck Animation Production Companies in USA

Based in Chicago, IL, they humanize brands. For the ducks at Demo Duck, video is a means to win. They have been doing videos for product promotion, brand awareness, and other purposes.

They’re ranked in the top 2D animation companies. The team has the potential to make you go viral. All because of the perfect creativity and strategy balance.

Their animators never miss a beat when it comes to portraying human emotions. Motion graphics, whiteboard explainers, 2D animation they do it all.

3 Epipheo Studios

Safe to say, they’re an animation giant with years of experience to back them up.

Epipheo Studios Animation Production Companies in USA

Video solutions by Epipheo are a game-changer. Hovering above the entire production process, the minds at Epipheo are creative.

This animation production company is big on results. So, if it’s animation, live-action, or motion graphics-they’ve got you covered for these & more. It’s ranked among the top animation companies in the US.

They’re a one-stop video shop for animated explainer videos, brand videos, e-learning videos, and more.

4 Yum Yum Videos

Headquartered in Argentina, Yum Yum Videos has been in the biz for years.

Yum Yum Videos Animation Production

They have an award-winning team of animators. The company offers video content of all sorts, outdoing itself when it comes to short explainer videos and commercial ads.

It’s listed among the best animation companies, and rightly so.

With a knack for simplifying, they overrule with their script & advanced animation techniques.

5 Explainify

The minds at Explainify have been smashing the animation industry for over 10 years.

Explainify Animation Production Companies in USA


They simplify. They explain. And automatically get understood.

That’s how.

Conveying a story makes sense when the viewers get what you’re saying. The creative team at Explainify know how to do just that.

They’re an animated explainer video company for businesses. They redirect businesses towards growth.

As they say, it’s a frustration-free video creation process with them. Exemplary 2D sets them apart and an unforgettable digital experience is a virtue that comes with it.

6 BuzzFlick

Located in Dover, BuzzFlick is primarily a 3D animation company.

BuzzFlick Animation Production Companies in USA

They’re big on boosting business sales with interactive 2D and 3D video content. It’s a platform for skilled and seasoned animators. And it shows.

They are focused on adding value to businesses. They leverage the power of visuals to deliver compelling narratives.

Plus, their 2D animation wins with a killer script and fluid motions. Their 2D animation services include 2D explainers, whiteboard animations, corporate videos, and more. They pull it off with perfection

7 Vidico

We’re all heart eyes for Vidico.

Vidico Animation Production studios in USA

Located in Australia, Vidico’s 5-year journey is extraordinary. They’ve worked for famous brands & delivered hundreds of videos.

They’ve taken up projects for startups and large enterprises. A huge chunk of videos goes to their animation and live-action services.

Vidico says they have A-players ready to offer striking video expertise to diverse industries.

This animation company goes all in. From start till the end, their innovative minds keep you guided.

8 Rip Media Group

Rip Media knows how to tell great tales. These great tales bring in more sales.

Rip Media Group best Animation Production Companies in USA

They are based in Los Angeles, California. Having had served a global clientele, this animation studio is ahead of many others. They’re a leading creative agency that delivers results, not just videos.

Rip Media is often praised for character animation and 3D motion graphics. No product or service is too complex for them. They know their way around animation techniques to make you the hero.

We think it’s worth checking them out.

Be it about boosting marketing or converting visitors, their animation services will get it done for you.

9 OLM, Inc.

This spot’s well-earned.

OLM, Inc. Animation Production

Since the 1990s, this Japanese animation studio has been quick to delight viewers. Earlier as Oriental Light and Magic & now as OLM, Inc.

It has changed the way we perceive animation, and we’re glad it did. They kept up with the pace and focused on rebranding themselves.

Building its credibility worldwide, OLM’s most-known animation remains Pokemon.

We’re psyched by their rising performance. After creating games like Sugoi Hebereke & Bubble Bobble Part 2 in the early 1990s, OLM didn’t stop. It came up with even more captivating TV series and films.

They’ve remained in the game, and they aren’t quitting anytime soon.

10 Illumination Entertainment

If you don’t know them by name; here’s a hint: minions.

Illumination Entertainment Animation Production

Despite being fairly new to the industry, Illumination Entertainment has proven itself. Founded in 2007, they’ve made their way to the hearts of all age groups. They’re the creators of the globally-known Despicable Me franchise.

The world has seen their potential. Continuing to reach new levels of success, this animated film company is appealing & appalling at the same time.

To date, animation has stirred emotions. Now, it has also reached online marketing. Seeing the digital space today, it’s only uphill from here. With such a growing realm, it was hard putting up a ranking list but here it is. We think you’ll agree.

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