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The Power of Testimonial Videos: A Complete Guide with Examples and Tips

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Imagine this: you’re a small business owner attempting to convert leads into paying clients. They have already seen your website, engaged with it, and been persuaded to subscribe to your mailing list or follow you on social media, but they have not yet made a purchase.

So, how can you gain clients without being intrusive? The solution is a company testimonial video. When you need to persuade your audience to act, video is the way to go – whether you already have a video marketing strategy in place or you’re just getting started. Due to video’s success as a medium, most types of video would be helpful in this situation; however, we advise using customer testimonials to increase purchase intent and convert leads.

Interested to know what a testimonial video is? And how to create a high-converting video testimonial that generates trust and influences purchasing decisions? – then stay right here.

What Is a Customer Testimonial Video?

A customer testimonial video is a type of corporate video that features a customer sharing their positive experience with a particular product, service, or brand. A video testimonial typically features real customers who provide authentic feedback and recommendations about their experience with a company or its offerings. Businesses can use these videos to build trust with potential customers, showcase the benefits and value of their products or services, and highlight customer satisfaction. They are often featured on a company’s website and social media channels or used in marketing campaigns.

Client video testimonials can come in different formats, such as a one-on-one interview with a customer, a series of short clips from multiple customers, or a narrative video that tells the customer’s story. They are an effective way to build credibility and establish social proof for a business, making them a popular tool in the world of digital marketing.

The 5 Amazing Examples of a Testimonial Video

Although the idea of testimonial videos is excellent, how do they actually turn out? For ideas, consider the following testimonial video examples:

1. Hubspot Customer Testimonial

Here’s an example of a testimony video done well by Hubspot for Zoom. In this video, Andrew Lindsay, VP of Corporate Development & Business Development, discusses how and why the Hubspot team uses Zoom. The video produced is of high quality, with great lighting and the use of a B-roll. The goal is to connect with viewers and persuade them to consider Zoom as a solution as well.

2. Dropbox for Business – Dropbox’s Testimonial Ad

This is another one of the must-watch testimonial advertising examples to take inspiration from. The testimonial video compiles multiple stories of customers using Dropbox to their benefit. It delivers a simple yet powerful message that Dropbox’s service can cater to the needs of businesses belonging to all industries.

3. Slack ‘ So Yeah, We Tried Slack ‘ – Testimonial Ad

With over one million views and growing, this testimonial does what every testimonial video does. It discusses the product’s benefits and how it benefitted them/their business. The video, made in the style of a mockumentary comedy, employs amusing plotlines and characters to tell the story in an exciting and memorable manner.

4. GoodRx Ad: Testimonials

This video is a compilation of reviews by people who saved money on their prescriptions and benefitted by using GoodRx. This testimonial video ad is a must-watch! It is another one of the simple yet engaging testimonial video examples to look at.

5. We Are FabFitFun: Employee Testimonial Video

Apart from a typical customer video review, this video testimonial successfully portrays the brand’s story through the perspective of its employees. Actual FabFitFun employees offer their personal experiences and ideas about the brand, lending authenticity and credibility to the testimony. This increases potential clients’ trust in the brand and its products.

Some Tips to Create a High-Converting Testimonial Video

Have you made it this far? We guess you’re all set to produce a testimonial commercial. However, how do you go about producing the ideal business testimonial video? Here are a few tips that can help.

Don’t Script: Avoid scripting your customer’s responses, as it can make the testimonial video feel inauthentic and forced. Instead, allow your customers to speak naturally and let them share their experiences and opinions in their own words.

Ask the Right Questions: Ask open-ended questions encouraging customers to share their experiences and emotions rather than just a simple “yes” or “no” response. This will help you capture more detailed and personal stories that resonate with your audience.

Make it Natural: Authenticity is key when creating impactful testimonial videos. Small details can make the video feel more genuine and relatable. Encourage your customers to be themselves, and don’t worry too much about minor imperfections or mistakes.

Keep it Short and Sweet: Viewers’ attention spans are short, so keep your videos brief and to the point. A good rule of thumb is to aim for a testimonial ad length of around 1-2 minutes, focusing on the most impactful and relevant points.

Use High-Quality Visuals and Audio: A high-quality video production will make a big difference in how your testimonial is received. Ensure that you use good lighting, clear audio, and visually exciting shots to hold the viewer’s attention and reinforce the credibility of your customer’s story. You may use frame-by-frame animation or add animated characters/elements to amp up the video.

Include a Call-to-Action: End your video testimonial with a clear call-to-action, such as inspiring viewers to visit your website or try out your product or service for themselves. It will help convert viewers into customers and maximize the impact of your testimonial video.

Why Opt for a Professional Video Company?

It’s common to think that testimonial ad productions aren’t as big as other video types; however, you should still pay attention to them. Viewers will likely gauge your product or service’s quality with the quality of your testimonial video. So, it’s crucial to choose a professional video company that creates incredible business videos that resonate with your viewers and compel them to avail of your service/product.

Wrapping It Up!

At the end of the day, it’s the experience of other customers that people trust – despite how you claim your product/service to be the absolute best. So, producing a memorable and engaging testimonial video is always a good idea.

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