Top 8 Amazing Animated Promo Videos

Top 8 Amazing Animated Promo Videos

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An animated promotional video is significant to reaching your target audience effectively. It advertises your product and, at the same time, tempts the audience to buy or employ your services. Today, promotional videos have introduced limitless opportunities to market your product and compete with your competitors.

Online promo animation video method is growing rapidly for advertising digitally. It is used to increase sales, enhance brand loyalty, and build trust with the audience.

Animation promotion videos have the benefit of presenting your content with entertainment that can captivate your target audience even more. Promotion animation videos are highly appreciated if you are willing to present educational content. Brands often educate their audience by employing educational animation videos that also let them enhance their sales.

In this article, we have talked about the top eight compelling animation promotional videos that renowned brands have used to enhance their branding.

8 Best Animation Promotional Videos That Brands Created

Here are the top eight animation promotional videos you can take ideas from for your company’s branding. These videos can make your marketing campaign an ultimate success.

1. McDonald’s | Inner Child

Looking at this soul-stirring 3D animation by McDonald’s at Christmas this advertisement will give you a clear idea. This is the story of a mother and a son, where the mother is motivating and bucking up her child to celebrate and enjoy Christmas Eve. The video depicts the son having problems cheering up and letting the inner child come out to relish.

The mother’s struggle to make her child join the Christmas festivities is very evident, but the child did not show any sign of interest in the beginning. The miracle happened when the car drove through McDonald’s, and the mother bought a meal for her child. This was the actual turning point in the video where the son started to get delighted, and it strengthened their relationship.

McDonald’s animated promotional video proved to be an emotional appeal and received a lot of positive feedback from the media and social media. This is a great way to make people think and discuss your brand optimistically.

2. Burger King

This is one of the top animation video styles where the message is conveyed through wordings. Encouraging and motivating background music plays its role in grabbing viewers’ interest, and the branding is done through captivating font styles and pictures of the burgers and other products.

Burger King created this simple yet effective video to promote their new branding. The addition of mouth-watering pictures adds the cherry on top. Every aspect of this video plays its parts effectively, whether it is font style, music, color scheme, pictures, etc. This video was created to increase the sales and profits of the company—ultimately, the results were incredible.

3. Innocent Drinks

This is another way to hold the interest of the viewers of your video. This video focuses on the color blue, which leaves the audience to wait and watch the result of this blue-focused video. Innocent Drink has used this idea of marketing promotion video animation to promote their new blue smoothie.

Even though the bottle of their smoothie looks a bit green, they market it as blue and call it a blue smoothie. The audience of this video will instantly acknowledge the product as soon as they see it in the shops. This blue bottle animated advertisement of the brand will leave an impact on the consumers’ minds.

4. Google One

In this video, Google made an animated promotional video to market Google One. It is a comprehensive example of the ease and comfort for users. A new and different storage portal for Google devices. This promotional animation video is a small workshop on its own that helps google display how Google One works to excite new customers to use the drive without even downloading it.

The animation promotion video of Google One has a flawless explanation. It shows how Google One has more storage for pictures and backup that helps to keep your files safe. It is a wide-ranging solution with added features to make your life more colorful. Google One has the option that video calls can be connected and shared for a longer time.

5. Derricks

Derrick has chosen a funny way to market their service. It is a top animation video. In this, Derrick has advertised their 4G inspection service through an animated promotional video. They could have marketed their service directly; instead, they opted for a more hilarious way to show the importance of their service.

This video focuses on the significance of the right superintendent from the correct company. This laughable marketing promotion video animation has created a memorable example of what happens if you fall into the wrong hands and how the services of 4G are essential for you to employ.

6. Google Now

We can say that Google is more of a preacher for promotional animation videos. This video demonstrates a sparkling and imaginative style that reflects on how to market your product through different styles and kinds of videos. This gives you a clear-cut idea of how you can promote your wide range of products through different kinds of promotion animation videos.

7. Gates Foundation

This video gives a clear idea that animated videos can present even not-so-attractive things like poop in a catchy manner. The selection of vibrant colors has given its company this opportunity to showcase not-so-decent topics with ease.

Think poop as the leading role of the video; then, you have to choose the wording and script carefully. It should be extremely impressive to engage the audience with it. This marketing promotion video animation is evidence of the success of this video and confirms the hard work behind this piece of art.

Even though it shows poop and gives a similar message but there is no doubt that the theme has been put forward smartly and efficiently.

8. Oreo

This is one of the most liked and demanded products in most of the areas of the world. So, it’s not that people are not aware of the product, but this video is the best example of how to keep your product alive in customers’ minds.

It took only 60 seconds to voice the story of hockey obsessives and amusing formalities. This is a highly persuasive storytelling technique that grabs viewers’ attention in no time. The added comedy of dirty jerseys and unshaven jawlines is fair enough to captivate viewers’ interest. And this whole video is effortlessly coordinated with eating Oreo.


This article has explained many beautiful examples of top companies’ animation videos and how these companies employ such catchy animated videos and get the maximum benefit out of them.

Animation has made marketing a product very easy. From big names like McDonald’s to small, famous companies, all are enjoying the benefits of animated videos. Whether you want to market your product or services or want to keep it alive in customers’ minds, animated videos cover it all. Medical and educational industries are taking maximum advantage of educational animated videos. In short, these promotional video animations cater to the need of every brand from all industries.

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