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Animated Commercial Videos: Top Examples to Inspire You in 2023

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What’s the best way to launch new products or services and increase its online presence? It wouldn’t be wrong to think about animated videos. Specifically, animated commercial videos are the most interesting type of video online. These short videos deliver relevant information quickly and effectively – and in fun ways!

However, here’s the tricky part, the ever-decreasing attention span of the audience. How to make viewers watch your commercials till the end? If the topic doesn’t interest them, would they still keep watching? To spark the audience’s interest, even if the product or service isn’t relevant to them, you need to invest in awe-inspiring commercial animation.

So, to help you make the most out of commercial animation, we’ve compiled a list of the best-animated ads that you’ll spot later in this blog. Let’s begin with what animated advertising videos are and how they help you reach your company goals.

What Are Animated Commercial Videos, and How Do They Work?

Animated commercials are short videos aiming to raise awareness, promote a product or service, boost online presence, and more. Animated adverts showcase what a brand or its services are all about. Besides, you’re likely to find animated ads on television, social media such as YouTube and Facebook, websites, and other customer engagement platforms.

Commercials are ideal for launching a new product or service to the market. When used efficiently, they can increase business conversions and sales. In simple words, they drop in the bits to surge the audience’s curiosity and make way to your website to purchase the product.

The primary goals of animated commercial videos are as follows:

Boost Brand Awareness: A company’s top benefit with a commercial video is increased brand awareness. These videos raise knowledge about what your company offers. Animated Commercial videos can also help reach new audiences.

Increase Conversion Rate and Sales: It’s no hidden fact that videos increase the probability of buying a product by 64%. 92% of users who watch animated commercials on a mobile device are most likely to share them with others. Thus, animated commercial ads are the perfect content type to increase conversion rate and sales.

Product Launch: An animated video advertisement is an ideal technique to describe the features of your new products to your audience. An animated video can almost always make even the most complex ideas more understandable and appealing to the viewer.

Why Are Animated Commercials Becoming Popular?

The idea of using animation in commercial videos is not new. Early 1940s animation advertisements for Botany Mills ties by Botany Lamb are the earliest examples of animated commercials. Later, in the 1950s, animated advertisements started to become a fairly popular trend, and many firms began to use them frequently.

There’s no wonder why animated commercials are becoming increasingly popular. It is the ideal method for introducing your brand and goods and providing viewers with a memorable and brand-associated short story. Moreover, relatable characters and exciting storylines draw a broader audience to our brand. Cartoon advertisements are also the most effective approach to engage a younger audience, particularly children.

How Can Animated Commercial Videos Elevate Your Brand?

First and foremost, animation ads are easily understood and shared on different social media platforms. And this is one of the main reasons many companies use this strategy to promote their services and products. Besides, compared to conventional ads, animated ads with colorful and fun characters and interesting stories are likelier to be remembered by all.

Animated commercial ads also cut significant production costs, including the location, props, actors, lighting, etc., that go into producing classic real-life ads. In animated ads, you have complete freedom to bring another perspective to the topic, not limited by weather or long distances. It is the best method to explain complex issues in an easy-to-understand way. So, once you decide to produce an animated ad, the sky is your limit.

The Top 3 Animated Commercial Videos

Creativity in animation knows no boundaries. Whatever you can imagine, you can create. If you need some ideas to get started with animation in advertising, here is a collection of the best ones to get inspired by.

Without any further ado, let’s begin!

1. Fixed ASAP – 2D Animated Commercial Video

This 2D animated advertisement has been produced for Fixed ASAP by Anideos. Fixed ASAP lets users book services of all kinds with a single click via their app. No matter what needs to be fixed, they’re at service immediately.

The video is of less than 30 seconds and explains what Fixed ASAP is all about. Take reference from this video if you need ideas to promote your service engagingly.

Fixed ASAP

2. 22 Caliber Tattoos – 2D Animated Commercial Video

Here is another animated commercial by 22 Caliber Tattoos, created by Anideos. 22 Caliber Tattoos offer old-school and modern tattoo art and piercing service. They aim to provide one-of-a-kind and custom tattoos that you love.

The animation used in this video is catchy and amusing to watch. Besides, two fun 2D animated characters, Santa Claus and an Elve, are shown conversing and promoting the brand’s service. This ad is a great example of how to make the audience watch your video till the end.

22 Caliber Tattoos

3. Promobot – Explainer Commercial Video

An explainer video is the best tool to explain hard-to-understand topics in a way that is effortlessly understood by the intended audience. This 2D animated explainer video by Promobot does the same. Promobot explained everything quickly while ensuring the audience retained the information effectively.

This video by Anideos is another excellent example to take ideas from for your next Animated commercial video.


How to Create the Best Animated Commercial Videos?

Plenty of factors come into play when coming up with an idea and creating ads using animation. Below we’re sharing the five elements we consider most crucial.

Quality – Make sure your content makes the first good impression. Never compromise on quality when creating animated commercials.

Targeting – Audiences tend to forget general ads; thus, create animated ads with your target audience’s interests in mind.

Branding – Use effective branding techniques such as the right colors and logo placement.

Smooth Flow – The actions and the story should have flawless pacing to keep viewers engaged throughout.

Message – No matter how unique your animated ad is, it will be useless if it lacks a clear message.

Wrapping Up

Summing up, animated commercials are ruling the digital space today. To stay relevant, it’s essential to grab the audience’s attention with characters and stories that resonate with them.

We hope you got some amazing ideas from the animated commercial video examples we shared above. Moreover, if you need a killer animated video ad for your brand, don’t forget to get in touch. No matter your requirements, Anideos can deliver the best commercial video production service!

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