Top Examples of Finance Explainer Videos

10 Top Examples of Finance Explainer Videos You Need To See

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You may have heard the phrase, “Make your money work for you in addition to working for your money.” This is a sound approach to banking and financial solutions. However, as a financial company, how can you ensure that potential customers know of the precise ways in which your financial solutions will enable them to accumulate wealth? This calls for clear, educational messaging that highlights the unique benefits of the services.

Prospective clients receive emails, calls, or even messages from finance and banking organizations about their offers, but do these strategies really convert clients? You need to strategize differently here, and explainer videos can help! Animated financial explainer videos are a great way for companies to express their narrative and stand out in a crowded market. If well-made, the finance videos can foster trust, deliver value, and showcase a commitment to client success.

In this article, we have shared the top 10 explainer videos of the finance sector that can help you take reference and create a masterpiece for your business.

Top 10 Finance Explainer Videos of All Time

By building trust, delivering value, and showcasing a commitment to client success, companies can effectively convey how their financial solutions work as powerful tools for wealth accumulation and financial empowerment. Here are the 10 best explainer videos for the finance sector.

1. Stacks City

The top explainer videos in finance aim to educate potential customers about the product and grow the return on investment (ROI) for the company.

These two points are emphasized in one of Stacks City’s top financial explainer videos, which demonstrates how even the most complex financial services can be reduced to the most basic explanation with a professional approach. Clarity combined with stunning images and an engaging story makes a captivating presentation that effortlessly captures viewers’ attention.

2. ID Finance

When it comes to animation, there is no limit to what can be shown. Businesses can greatly benefit from it by making their stories or messages more readable and interesting for the audience.

Another incredible animation-only creation is the ID Finance explanation. The entire idea behind this one of the best financial explainer videos was based on changing cubes that transform colors and sizes and complement the voice-over.

This project is great for gaining creative ideas about how to make an amazing finance explainer video by just playing around with different forms.

3. Moven Finance App

Great visual design is not the sole component of an effective explainer video. Having a fantastic script is also crucial. Your ability to sway the audience, win them over to your point of view, and motivate them to act is all based on the screenplay. So, if done well, that 60 seconds—or longer—might be all you need to reach your marketing objective and deliver a compelling message.

This Moven App video is one of the 10 top explainer videos related to finance that guides the audience through a smooth trip from start to finish. The phrase “Take control of your money instead of being controlled by your money” elicits powerful feelings in the viewer and is left in a charged line.

So, when you’re searching for ideas for your business explainer videos, remember to observe others to learn how they use the script to strengthen their arguments.

4. MasterCard “By the Numbers”

To create an effective explainer video for finance businesses, remember one thing: “Keep it simple.” The “By The Numbers” video is another successful explainer video of finance that demonstrates how simple and understandable a marketing video should be.

Everyone must be able to comprehend the core values of your brand. You can also have your image of a simple but effective explainer video after watching this one.

5. LFF 2025

Animation has grown in importance as a means of effectively communicating concepts. This tool is used not only by corporations but also by governments from many nations to promote their messages.

Luxemburg presents its viewpoint on financial stability in the future with an animated explainer video. It’s difficult to come up with a more stunning and attention-grabbing video than this one. To bring investments in sustainable financial products closer to reality, they created an amazing, dynamic animation.

6. Why Penny Books?

Penny Books is among the top explainer videos of the finance sector. Its activities dispel any dull associations with accounting through the activities of these hilarious, candy-colored characters.

After watching this video, the audience subtly believes that this platform provides a solution to their difficulties. Watching the Penny Books video makes it clear that a well-chosen color scheme can significantly alter how consumers perceive our offerings.

7. PayPal Ubiquity

Look for methods to contrast and compare your video; this is what helped PayPal’s videos become so popular and one of the outstanding finance explainer videos. They made crazy comparisons between things that ordinarily have nothing in common, which led to the creation of interesting content.

They also gave careful attention to the design, producing eye-catching images that were impossible to overlook. In the end, the business launched its Ubiquity video fully on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat and enjoyed great success with them.

8. Money Farm

Money Farm’s focus is safe and effective investing. So, the creative experts created situations that emphasized their objectives and naturally evolved their explanations to create a clearer picture of what the platform offers.

This is one of the best explainer videos of this financial company because it shows a brilliant way to explain financial services, which includes the path of a single coin, which becomes three coins with wiser investing choices. The team combined various animation techniques with compelling real-world video to produce material that is both extremely memorable and converts well.

If you’re also drawn to this idea, keep in mind that even though each scene may vary, the overall concept should always remain the same while picking this style.

9. Meet Visa

The main goal of this successful explainer video of the finance sector is to reiterate visa’s significance for all people worldwide. I adore the idea behind this video, which is to demonstrate how people use visas to transform their lives instead of discussing the various benefits that people can receive worldwide. Due to its simple concept, this video is far more visually appealing and a fantastic fit for their brand.

If you aim to produce such persuasive videos for your brand, you can pick Anideos explainer video services to present your brand or services strategically.

10. Chase First Banking

There was a time when live-action videos depicted banking services. These days, everything has changed, and it’s rare to find a company in the financial sector that doesn’t use explainer videos for their services.

Chase is on the list of outstanding explainer videos of the financial sector. This finance marketing video includes excellent voice-over and sound design combined with exciting motion graphics.

Final Words!

The days of formal, dull, live-action financial industry videos are long gone. With good reason, animated explainer videos have become extremely popular. They are affordable, effective, and customizable to display any idea you can imagine.

If you are looking to build a compelling explainer video for your finance business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Anideos—we provide the best animation solutions. Anideos also offers top-notch logo animation services.

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