18 Captivating Explainer Video Examples Our Top Picks

18 Captivating Explainer Video Examples: Our Top Picks!

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Explainer videos have become one of the most exciting ways for people to learn. If you’re here, chances are you already appreciate the incredible power these videos hold in teaching, selling, and captivating audiences. Before creating your own, take a look at some of the finest examples out there.

This article brings together 18 exceptional explainer video examples—from startups to industry giants—that vividly demonstrate the power and versatility of this captivating video format.

What Makes an Explainer Video Great?

Lots of companies love using explainer videos. They’re not just for ads; they’re fantastic for showing what a brand stands for and what it wants to do. Even big brands like Microsoft and Google use them! And guess what? They’re getting even more popular. Why? Because they work super well! They help more people decide to buy things and get more people interested.

Animation explainer videos are like tiny action-packed movies, and that’s why they’re called ‘explainers.’ Before you begin, ensure you have an Objective, Story, and CTA in mind to make your video a success. Besides, the explainer video cost is yet another factor to consider.

Our 18 Best Animated Explainer Video Picks

Here is our list of some awesome explainer videos for you to see how other businesses have gone about making them and what made them a part of our best picks!

1.      Google

Among explainer video examples, this video by Google stands out. Google’s product explainer animation for Google Home truly puts the product in the spotlight. It’s a classic example of showcasing the product effectively.

The video achieves this by employing simple yet impactful techniques—utilizing panning and zooming effects, accompanied by informative on-screen text and a lively soundtrack. These elements come together to highlight the product’s features and benefits without unnecessary complexities.

2.      Cisco

In this explainer video animation, Cisco talks about something called a digital grid. Even though it might sound complicated, they explain it straightforwardly. It’s as if they’re your tour guide, taking you through how this solution works to solve problems. Cisco excels at making complex concepts seem straightforward.

Explainer videos like this one turn complex ideas into an enjoyable and easy-to-follow story. Cisco’s video stands out because it makes learning feel like an exciting journey.

3.      Slack

Slack’s explainer video stands out in the world of top-notch explanatory videos using animated characters. It’s a prime example of how brands use these animations to educate others about products that might not be physical.

But what sets this one apart is how they incorporate the brand’s colors throughout. This clever use of color not only makes it easy to spot as a Slack video but also helps it stick in your memory. It’s a smart move that adds an extra layer of appreciation and makes it more unforgettable.

4.      Spotify

Spotify’s animated explainer video served as a key player in their remarkable growth journey. It was part of a comprehensive campaign that significantly contributed to their massive expansion, boosting paid subscribers by a whopping 66%, from 30 million to 50 million worldwide.

It showcased Spotify’s expertise in creating motion identities and campaigns that resonate universally. The video highlighted how Spotify’s strategies connect with a diverse audience, making their campaigns widely appealing and contributing to their massive success.

5.      Microsoft

Microsoft’s animated explainer video delves into the concept of an agile and responsive infrastructure within their cloud services. It highlights the typical worries faced by IT professionals and the potential impact of security breaches on organizational profitability.

Fortunately, the video emphasizes that these security vulnerabilities can be tackled proactively through Microsoft’s solution in collaboration with the team at SHI. As one of the top animated explainer videos, it is simple yet effective!

6.      PayPal

PayPal released an explainer video alongside their “people rule” TV ads. It creatively blends animations with live action, resembling the style of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.” The video’s humor-infused country tune reinforces PayPal’s message of payment efficiency in a fun and engaging manner.

The unique mix of animation, live action, and catchy music effectively communicates PayPal’s core message memorably and entertainingly – and makes it among the best-animated explainers.

7.      Tech Insider

Tech Insider’s explainer video hits the mark by delivering intriguing content. While the animations and the use of the “Twilight Zone” font add fun, the real star is its captivating presentation. Viewers are hooked from the start, eager to find answers to geeky questions.

The video’s engaging nature might even prompt viewers to pause and Google “dumbo octopus” midway. It excels in following the primary rule of awesome explainer animations—being enjoyable above all else.Top of Form Its ability to captivate and pique curiosity from beginning to end showcases its success in delivering engaging and compelling content.

8.      Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg’s explainer animation video is a game-changer! Even if you’re not super tech-savvy but curious about this heat map tool, they’ve got your back. In this friendly guide, they didn’t just talk about it; they showed precisely how their heat map tool works so even non-techies can grasp it.

That way, even if you’re not a tech expert, you can totally get what it’s all about. Plus, they cleverly sneak in a few gentle nudges to take action while you’re watching. In just two minutes, they make sure you understand Crazy Egg and might even feel like giving it a try!

9.      Unroll.Me

Another one of the best explainer videos is this one by Unroll.Me – where they zoom in on a common issue we all face: too many unwanted junk emails. They address it by featuring firsthand experiences from six people, each sharing their frustrating encounters with junk mail.

In just 30 seconds, Unroll.Me drives home a clear message: ease of use. They showcase, through a practical demonstration, how effortless it is to unsubscribe from unwanted email lists by simply swiping the app. The focus remains on highlighting the user-friendly nature of Unroll.Me.

10.  BRAVO Pay

The Bravo Pay video employs creative camera movements, including pans and zooms, creating an engaging journey for the viewer as scenes transition. Notably, the backgrounds are often kept colorless, allowing the vibrant and playful colors of the characters to pop and draw attention.

As the video progresses, it introduces various characters in diverse settings, each standing out due to the intentional lack of color in the backgrounds. Towards the end, the video skillfully brings all these characters together in a dynamic split-screen layout. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best-animated explainer videos to exist.

11.  Lyft

Lyft’s explainer video, directed by Academy Award-winner John Kahrs, transcends the typical explainer format, resembling more of a short film. It’s visually captivating and leaves a lasting impression. The video taps into the power of emotions, as they significantly impact decision-making and cognitive processes.

Lyft strategically incorporates an emotional storyline into its video, aiming to resonate deeply with potential customers. This approach enables the video to connect with viewers on a personal level, making it more memorable and impactful in influencing their decision-making process.

12.  Ahrefs

Ahrefs’ colorful and lively video showcases the essence of animation in product explanations. It cleverly demonstrates that not every product explainer video needs to display the actual product, particularly for online platforms or software.

Why skip showing the product? Because interfaces and designs often change rapidly. This makes frequent video updates challenging. Animation offers a solution by representing features in a simplified manner – it’s a smart way to convey the product’s essence without being tied to specific interfaces or design elements that might evolve.

13.  Zendesk

Zendesk Chat offers businesses the ability to engage in real-time conversations with visitors on their website. Their animation explainer video centers around the concept of “live customer service,” showcasing the essence of immediate interaction. To capture this essence, they opted for a live-action explainer style. This choice allowed them to effectively demonstrate how the service operates while ensuring the content remains engaging and entertaining.

By using live-action visuals, Zendesk Chat effectively communicates the essence of their service—prompt and interactive customer support—making it easily understandable and enjoyable for viewers.

14.  Intellilog

Intellilog offers a comprehensive solution, spanning from the data logger and smartphone app to cloud management. The explainer video showcases Intellilog’s functionality in tracking the temperature of temperature-sensitive products.

By depicting this step-by-step process, it is the best explainer video that not only showcases Intellilog’s capabilities but also communicates its user-friendly interface and practicality in managing temperature-sensitive goods.

15.  Freighty

Freighty’s animated video employs a focused color palette, staying true to the brand’s identity. This deliberate choice ensures that the visual elements stay in line with the brand’s image, preventing any visual distractions that might take away from the core message.

The explanation videos’ direct communication with the intended audience sets it apart right from the start. It directly engages the target audience by addressing relatable issues before presenting Freighty as the perfect solution. This approach effectively communicates the message without unnecessary distractions, making it highly impactful and relatable.

16.  Bloomberg

Bloomberg’s editorial explainer video provides a concise overview of McDonald’s history, spanning from its initial technological advancements to its most recent developments.

The video employs vivid and contrasting colors, initially capturing viewers’ attention. Subsequently, it maintains engagement through the use of rapid and smoothly flowing animated icons. This visual strategy ensures that viewers remain captivated and focused throughout the video’s duration, making the content engaging.

17.  Ted-Ed

Ted-Ed’s video, though slightly longer, aligns with the norm for educational content, prioritizing informing viewers over sales pitches.

The video employs beautiful hand-drawn illustrations to address a seemingly random question, providing in-depth and clear explanations. These captivating visuals, coupled with a voiceover, create an engaging and compelling viewing experience. The combination of detailed imagery and a serene narration style transforms the video into an immensely intriguing watch.

18.  Visa

Visa’s animated explainer video establishes a powerful brand identity right from the start, employing a distinctive yellow and blue color scheme that resonates strongly with viewers.

The explainer video utilizes animation cleverly to deliver an easily digestible explanation within a concise timeframe of under a minute. It achieves this by incorporating compelling characters, captivating scenery, and a skillful use of storytelling.

How Can Animated Explainer Videos Boost Your Business?

Animated explainer videos offer a multitude of advantages for your business. Here’s a range of benefits these videos bring:

  • Provide a swift introduction to your product’s functions and features
  • Ensure brand uniformity and enhance customer relationships
  • Demonstrate efficient execution of processes or procedures
  • Bring your innovative ideas to life
  • Employ dynamic motion graphics coupled with top-notch sound and music design
  • Facilitate quicker decision-making for your customers
  • Illustrate how a product aligns with relatable scenarios without coming off as overly promotional

Wrapping Up!

Each of these animated explainer videos has something to teach you and your future work. So, take note of your favorites and get started with creating an interesting explainer video to boost your product or service.

If you need help with creating a professional explainer video, we are here for it. From 2D to 3D explainer videos and more, we offer all sorts of explainer video services. Get in touch with us to discuss more.

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