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Top 5 Video animation trends in 2023

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The history of motion and animation goes back more than 80 years. And the development of technologies has taken it to an exceptional level with no bounds on an impressive idea. In this evolving and ever-changing digital world, most individuals and businesses deliver information to their customers through video content.

It helps millions of people explain or understand ideas and provides fascinating stories. The additional reason to use video content is to promote online and offline products and grow the brand at a recorded level. Today anyone can make video content using their cameras, phones, or laptops. It is somewhat due to video animation design. And allows people to make convincing storylines and visuals based on their creativity.

Popular Video Animation Trends:

Today, we have several different animation trends that include the blend of two concepts. It can create a new and innovative approach to illustrating the storylines and characters. And can be recognized as a popular and effective method of making a creative video animation. Below are several video animations practices that are likely to become more dominant in 2023.

1- Combining 2D and 3D Video Animation

Making a mixture of video animation that uses 2D and 3D data has recently become a popular trend in the small-scale advertisement industry and the large-scale digital marketing industry. It allows experienced and amateur video animators to display their talent by creating transitions in their video animation content. 

The mixture of 2D and 3D videos allowed clients and marketing agencies to search for the best animators in the competitive hiring market. And the race is now on to find the best video animator. It can help certain brands to reach the top. From Nike to Coca-Cola to Amazon, almost everyone competes in hiring video animators. Either as a complete marketing agency. Or as a freelancer who can accommodate the needs of various clients. 

This approach is beneficial in creating brand marketing and explainer videos. It employs in the making of animated movies as well. The significant aspect is to use 2D animation that overlaps the moving portions in a video. And adds a stop motion with the combination of 2D and 3D that supports the animator in gaining the audience’s attention. And make their content more entertaining. 

2- Thin line animation

The thin line video animation trend was initially seen in the first animation design made by Disney. It employs the practice of simple animation that relies on simple lines to make the figures and shapes in the entire video animation. And it contains the elements and other characters of the animated video. The perk of thin-line animation is that they are too simple to make. And effective in creating characters that seem relevant and entertaining and can be made inexpensively. 

Animators can use colors in thin line animation to create different design templates. And assemble a specific character style or could create several other characters from just a short design. This animation practice is widely used to create cartoon animations. And currently growing as one of the top video animation practices in the digital realm that formed the video industry. 

3Theme color selection

Theme color selection is a popular video animation practice. It permits artists to play around with their art, with no limit except a few colors. And can make the website design stand out from all the sharp and vibrant colors usually used all over the website. 

It can combine with the liquid motion that leads to the fluid animation transition beyond everything else. And can keep the brand message in the audience’s mind for a long time. Theme color selection can help make animated explainer ads that drive brand outreach.

4- Morphing and liquid motion

Morphing and liquid motion are a great way to make video animation smooth. And transform it into a unique size, shape, and color. It can take the object, deploy the outline of its body, and rotate it into liquid animation. And can use motion graphics from start to end of the entire video. 

Morphing and liquid motion video animation trend is a valuable asset when improving the website ranking and allows the brand to strengthen its online presence. It attracts users and satisfies them with the live video content. 

5- Vector Animation

Website designing is the primary industry that heavily relies on vector animation. It requires a window or web page that shows the mathematical proportion instead of a simple display. And can resize the small or large layout based on measurable values. In technical terms, vector animation can be called scalable vector graphics. 

The perk of using vector animation lowers the website’s load time and the animation file size. It allows animators to make a smooth transition that amazes the website’s visitors. However, this animation trend requires an experienced animator who can control complex calculations. And can change the orientation and size of vector animation. 


Today the world expects global changes and revolution to build lifelike animation. And it’s hard to forecast 100% accuracy in the video animation industry. While the video content market is continuously growing and driving innovation. And the work of expert animators offers different animation practices that inspire other animators.

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