What Is Motion Graphics

What Is Motion Graphics? And Steps to Create Your Own Motion Graphics Videos

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What Is Motion Graphics?

As the name implies, motion graphics are essential graphics in motion. It is applied everywhere around us. Sometimes the use of motion graphics becomes so communal that it almost gets invisible. In easy words, motion graphics are animated graphic designs. Motion graphics design is the amalgamation of text and design set together in motion. The advent of motion graphics animation came into being in the mid of 20th century

History of Motion Graphics

If you look at the history of motion graphics closely, you will find signs from ancient times. Where some paleolithic cave paintings were drawn, keeping in mind their movements. As time passed, many things changed in the world of motion graphics. And the answer to “what is motion graphics?” has changed too, but the idea is the same.

Ancient people started motion graphics by creating dancing images in 30,000 B.C. The praxinoscope was introduced in 1888, then came the rotoscope in 1917. The techniques have become more advanced today, but the concept of motion graphics is still the same. With the help of advanced technology, today, we can intermingle animated graphic design fundamentals with virtual and augmented reality.

Motion graphics animation does not mean a fully animated movie, but it is the shorter pieces of animation that entertain or provides information. There are various types of motion graphics, but 3D motion graphics are mainly used for advertisements.

Types Of Motion Graphics for Effectual Marketing

1. Animated Illustrations

Instructional Videos are one of the most demanded motion graphics videos because it caters to all your needs in no time and tends to attract viewers’ attention. You can briefly describe your video through motion graphics explainer videos. These types of videos help you deliver complicated ideas with ease. Voiceover and visuals together make your motion graphic videos captivating. It can benefit you to introduce an innovative product, explain its features and designs through illustrations and give a walk-through of the whole concept bit by bit.

2. Animated Trademark

Enthusiastically animated logos will give your brand the next level of fame and identification.

You can completely revamp your brand with a compelling motion graphic video. A creatively fabricated logo gives meaning to your brand and can help represent the concept of your product. You can add animated logos on the sign boards, the company’s website, social media posts, advertisements, etc. If appropriate marketing is being conducted, your logo will keep your product alive in your customers’ minds, and subconsciously they will opt for your brand at the time of purchasing.

3. Animated Captions

Sometimes, when the product is a bit complicated, or a detailed description is needed, animated titles do wonders in explaining your point to the customer. Just placing text over videos can do its job. You can put the emphasis where needed, or additional information can be delivered with ease.

4. Conversions

Conversion or Transition is the change in scenes in a video. A small second of transition tells the quality of your video, as it plays a significant role in storytelling. If that transition is used effectively, the quality of the video will increase, whereas if the gap between two scenes is not appropriately catered, the quality of your video will drop, and so will your customers. Motion graphics video is famous for telling your story in the most effective manner possible, but for that, you should be precise about the transition effects you are using. We cannot ignore the fact that the transition effect changes attitude from one scene to another.

5. Animated Visual Representation of Data

Visual representation of data is the graphic or pictorial information or data delivered immediately and undoubtedly. This is also known as Infographics. It tends to add instant energy to even dry visuals. Lists, graphs, and charts are also used to pop out vital information. But animated infographics are known to enhance the essence of movement even to stationary images. This surprisingly increases customers’ interest in the product without them realizing it, as it delivers the information magnificently and merely.

6. UI Animations for Apps or Websites

With time technology has progressed theatrically. The quality of the graphics and visual representations has advanced vividly. It has become a piece of cake for the motion graphics designer to create websites and apps that instantly attract customers’ attention. Incorporating UI animation into designs has also become easy and fruitful – it is a treat to the eye to watch.

7. Text in Motion

Also called animated typography or kinetic typography. As mentioned in the name, text in motion is used to present transitory, hard-hitting visuals that can convey a message about a commodity or brand in a short period. Text is only used to represent the memorandum or concept of the brand. Sometimes it is used as subheadings with the scenes of a video to help clients understand the concept abruptly. Another example of typography Is the on-screen lyrics.

8. Graphics Interchange Formats

Also known as GIFS, it is a highly liked concept. People often like the idea of presenting their point of view in a GIFS manner as it is easily comprehensible with increasing interest. It also helps to attract visual attention on social media and is extremely easy to form.

9. Demonstration of Graphics

When it comes to showing one screen after the other, and the text is not compelling and enchanting, the audience tends to get jaded and start looking sleepy in no time. Even the most talented speaker started sounding gloomy and dull. There enters the charm of motion graphics software. It helps you augment life to the scene by incorporating motion graphics and giving your video an entirely new set of tastes. It develops the audience’s interest to sit and hear the concept of your commodity. The main idea is to select the right amount of motion graphics for your videos. Excessive volumes can also lead to failure. Keep in mind that the motion graphic you are employing in the video should be purposeful, so starting by adding something simple and attractive would do good. Customers always look for something new and fascinating that can bring grins to their faces while understanding your idea.

10. Transparent Animated Assets

The transparent animated asset is more like previously discussed advanced animated captions. It is similar to still Portable Network Graphic images. Their transparency is empowered to be able to set over the existing footage. Motion graphic designers often create custom elements that can be overlapped on any video or image that one is working on.

Best Examples of Motion Graphics to Inspire You

The Economy of Coca-Cola

The history and economy of Coca-Cola are defined most fascinatingly. Where the viewer can be engrossed easily in the video, this video is an excellent example of the use of motion graphics that is utilized appropriately to present the company’s portfolio.

Slack (Communication without Chaos)

This video has brilliantly delivered the context with the appropriate voice-over. It is another engaging motion graphics explainer video, where only colorful figures explain the message in coordination with the voice-over.

Google Cloud IoT Solutions

Just the perfect voice-over with the appropriate motion graphics technique is used in this video. But it is good enough to grab the viewers’ attention and deliver the complete message in just a few seconds.

Motion Graphics Trend Infinite Zoom

Another example of a stirring motion graphic video. In this video, the viewer can enjoy the compilation of a series of visuals with background music. This video is pleasurable to watch as it shows cool effects.

Motion Design Reel

This video is a perfect example of motion design. Only music and vibrant emerging images are adequate to seize the viewers’ attention. This video has the charisma to make your customer watch it entirely and comprehend the message on a lighter note.

Essential Steps to Create a Motion Graphics Video

1. Write A Script

Start with creating an effective script. Without a script, a random motion design would not be a good one. A cautiously planned and methodically designed script is needed. This script will let you decide which audience you need to target and what should be their focus points in your video. To avoid overriding extra time, you should know what you want to deliver and what you want your audience to grab from your video. If you want your audience to remember specific points from the video, you would need to plan it that way. In that case, add something heart-touching or vibrant for your customer to memorize for a longer period.

2. Storyboard Creation

By now, we have understood that motion graphics is a visual medium, and a storyboard lets you display your ideas precisely through a video. The storyboard is simple sketches used for a synopsis of a video. The storyboard is done on the whiteboard, which helps in the alliance between the design and production teams. You can move to the design stage as soon as the look and feel of the project are decided.

3. Design Your Video

Once the main outline is prepared through a storyboard, now is the time to give your video a life. In addition, you need to decide upon the specific visuals that can make your motion graphic video captivating. Everything from text, color, brand logo, and styling is covered in this design section.

4. Final Animation

Now, when everything is done and decided, this is the time to add motion to the graphics. Here you can add motion graphics effects according to the project’s requirements.

Pros And Cons of Motion Graphics

Everything comes with its pros and cons, same is with motion graphics. Before using motion graphics for personal or professional purposes, you should go through the pros and cons.


You only need a computer, and no extra space would be required for motion graphics.

Motion graphics has no limits; you can create everything you can imagine. The only thing required in this aspect is good skills.

By now, we must know that motion graphics make it easy to present even the most complex idea or concept effortlessly.


Thrilling creativity is needed with the right technical skills is extremely important.

Motion graphics are not suitable for long videos. At least you need to produce cinematic films.

There is a complete set of packages to consider if you are looking for some good motion graphic work. Like, as script-writing, voice-over, etcetera.

Helpful advice for becoming a Professional motion graphic designer

Even though a motion graphic designer needs to be very creative, at least a bachelor’s degree is required to find a good job. As with other professions, the same applies to the motion graphic designer: the more experience you get, the more pro you will become in this field. A proper degree will educate you to start thinking on a broader scale and come up with something unique and captivating every time you work on a project.

Which Is the Best Motion Graphics Software Program?

Choosing the best motion graphic software is the only option if you are looking for outstanding results. A few of the best motion graphic software are mentioned below.

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After reading the whole blog, you must have understood the importance of motion graphics and their uses. It is one of the most demanded types of animation these days. You can deliver complex concepts in a short period through motion graphics without even getting your audience bored with the stuff. So, what are you waiting for? Try Anideos, and we will make the best motion graphic video you can dream of.

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