What is Whiteboard Animation & What are Its Uses?

Anideos provides whiteboard animation services to the client having a huge budget as they are expensive. Whiteboard animation is created using static images and is being drawn in front of the viewer. This is one of the most important types of explainer videos in the animations world and this video style is adopted by many brands globally to promote their brand. At Anideos, whiteboard animations are not recorded but are created using the latest and advanced technologies and tools and cater to brands by providing them effective whiteboard videos.

Due to the wide scope they offer, the whiteboard animation is widely used for a variety of different purposes. Whiteboard animation can be used to create video production tools, explanatory videos, instructional messages, promotional videos, and the following are the reasons why this type of video production is highly demanded by the clients.

Our Process of Designing Whiteboard Animated Videos

Whiteboard Animation Services by Anideos

Simple and Focused

Whiteboard videos are usually designed to create a fixed and customized message and they work in doing so. Since the only means of communication is white and symbolic, it is usually not coherent.

Universal Nature

We design such whiteboard animation that can be used anywhere, from business advertising to geometric studies and video demonstrations. Such videos may be clear or serious, short or long, but what they achieve is beyond the comprehension of audiences of all demographics.


Whiteboard animation has clear meaning even if the audience speaks different languages. This feature makes them different from other types of animations. With whiteboard animation, you can easily communicate complex ideas making it an interesting way for clients to tell their story. The simple and catchy format of whiteboard videos explains even the most complex issues. This is just a simple fun way to explain your product/service to your prospective audience. Our whiteboard animators use several techniques including shortening notes and product demonstrations. Anideos also creates doodle animation as it is highly demanded by clients and a popular choice of brands for their TV commercials and the internet.

How Whiteboard Animation is Different from 2D & 3D Animation & How it works?

Whiteboard animation is highly demanded by clients today in the era of 2D and 3D animations. Whiteboard animation makes a huge impact on audience engagement and brand image today that’s why it is demanded by clients. At Anideos, we use this simple yet elegant approach today to provide the best whiteboard animation services to the clients for their brand or product needs.

It is different and better from 2D and 3D animation because it helps effortlessly explain complex ideas. It influences a prominent growth in audience engagement as whiteboard animation gives a clear and concise idea of a brand. 2D and 3D animation take time to fully explain an idea or story but whiteboard animation is different in a way as it explains complex ideas in a simpler form, that is why it is liked and demanded by clients globally.

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How Anideos Make Whiteboard Animations

How We Make Whiteboard Animation?

Are you looking for a whiteboard animation for your brand? When we are here you don’t need to worry about it as Anideos provides quality whiteboard animation for your brand needs. At Anideos we process a story with pictures drawn on a storyboard that looks like a whiteboard. Our animators create amazing and creative whiteboard services for our clients.

Our whiteboard animation process is complex but in these four steps, we will explain how we create whiteboard animation at Anideos.

Satisfactory Whiteboard Video Services by Anideos

What Sets us Apart in Whiteboard Animation?

Being different is one of the most important things today in the digital world due to thousands of competitors in the market. What makes us unique is our dedication and hard work to deliver the final product on time. From beginning to the end, our team works effectively to ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction. Till now we have worked with multiple amazing and famous brands that are satisfied with our affordable whiteboard animation and video services. Our main motive is to create videos that make our clients happy! 😊

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Whiteboard Animation Service Which Delivers Results – By Anideos

Fast Delivery of Whiteboard Animation Services

We believe in time management as the timely delivery of the final product is what all clients want. The services are provided effectively by our team and whiteboard animation videos are delivered in a given time to please our clients.

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