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As more and more businesses trust whiteboard animation to (literally) illustrate their concepts, the need for whiteboard animation service providers increases. Right on cue with the popularity of whiteboard explainer videos, Anideos emerged as a premium company delivering hard-to-forget video content.

At Anideos, the story comes first and that's what separates us from cookie-cutter whiteboard video companies. The creative team at Anideos has a knack for simplifying and retaining the viewer's attention with our whiteboard animation services. Our illustrators are at the top of their craft ensuring that your complex concepts become great stories. We stay focused on your marketing goals and create whiteboard videos that hit it off with your target audience. Elevated work is just another plus

Why are We the Best Whiteboard Animation Studio in Town?

At Anideos, all of us coincide with a passion to create. Having been a customer-favorite video production studio, we've guaranteed clarity for years. It doesn't come easy though; we follow a strenuous whiteboard video production process that crafts a solid outcome every time. Clients trust us and our reviews on Clutch and Bark speak for themselves. The trail of quality work we're leaving behind has us ranked among the best whiteboard animation companies.

The seasoned illustrators at Anideos know the techniques and tools like the back of their hands. They don't fail to impress with the visuals of our carefully-crafted animated explainer videos. It's not just our engaging videos but the customer-focused vision we lead with. Getting short videos created for your business is not difficult, but hiring a company that cares for your marketing needs is. This is where our whiteboard animation video services win over. We're crammed with industry professionals ready to deliver a custom whiteboard video for you.

The heart of the entire process remains you. Crafting a whiteboard video at Anideos doesn't equal breaking budgets. Despite the professional final outcome, we bring to the table, we stay the most budget-friendly whiteboard video producers.

Kinetic typography video styles are also a hit at Anideos. We blend motion and text to highlight important bits that you want your viewers to remember. Kinetic typography ensures the expression of hard-to-forget information.

Anideos understands that trusting a whiteboard animation production company in a sea of other companies is taxing, but our team is another story. We value your time and ideas that's why you stay on the same page as us and receive a custom whiteboard video. So, if dull and boring isn't your cup of tea—let's talk.

Whiteboard Animation Services by Anideos

Our Process of Designing Whiteboard Animated Videos

Simple and Focused

Professional whiteboard videos are usually designed to create a fixed and customized message and they work in doing so. Since the only means of communication is white and symbolic, it is usually not coherent.

Universal Nature

We design such quality whiteboard animation that can be used anywhere, from business advertising to geometric studies and video demonstrations. Such videos may be clear or serious, short or long, but what they achieve is beyond the comprehension of audiences of all demographics. No matter how complicated your product is, the versatility of whiteboard animations can tackle it for your project.


Whiteboard animation has a straightforward script connecting dots. It has a clear meaning even if the audience speaks different languages. This feature makes them different from other types of animations. With whiteboard animation, you can easily communicate complex topics making it an interesting way for clients to tell their stories.

The simple and catchy script of whiteboard videos explains even the most complex issues. This is just a fun way to explain your product/service to your prospective audience. Our whiteboard animators use several techniques including shortening notes, product demonstrations, and a crisp script. Anideos is a studio that also creates doodle animation as it is highly demanded by clients and a popular choice of brands for their TV commercials and the internet.

How Whiteboard Animation is Different from 2D & 3D Animation & How it works?

Whiteboard animation is highly demanded even in the era of 2Dand 3D animations. Whiteboard animation makes a huge impact on audience engagement and brand image today. At Anideos, we use this simple yet elegant approach to provide the best whiteboard animation services to the clients for their brand or product needs.

A whiteboard explainer video is different and better than 2D and 3D animation because it helps effortlessly explain complex ideas. It influences a prominent growth in audience engagement as whiteboard animation gives a clear and concise idea of a brand. 2D and 3D animation take time to fully explain an idea or story but whiteboard animation is different in a way as it explains complex ideas in a simpler form, that is why it is liked and demanded by every business owner globally.

Trusted Whiteboard Animation Company – Anideos
How Anideos Make Whiteboard Animations

How We Make Whiteboard Animation?

Are you looking for a whiteboard animation for your brand? When we are here you don’t need to worry about it as Anideos provides quality whiteboard animation for your brand needs. At Anideos, we process a story starting with a gripping script that is transformed into pictures drawn on a storyboard that looks like a whiteboard.

Our animators create amazing and creative whiteboard explainer videos for our clients. The whiteboard animation process is complex but in these five steps, we will explain how we create a quality whiteboard explainer video at Anideos.

Research & Script

The project starts with paving our way back to the roots. Our team spends time discovering you and identifying your goals with the video.



Storyboarding is a practice to have a rough version of your video at our hand. The rough visuals allow our professional illustrators to maintain a logical flow.


Rough Animatic

Our whiteboard video service is often appreciated for the way words and images come together. This step in creating your animations let you see how.



This is where we get done with the animation. Once everything's polished and combined together, we add a hand to give off the impression.


Sound Design

Videos aren't complete without sound effects. The professional team adds music and other audio effects to complement the entire visuals on the video.

Satisfactory Whiteboard Video Services by Anideos

What Sets us Apart in Whiteboard Animation?

Being different is one of the most important things today in the digital realm due to thousands of competitors in the market. What makes us unique is our dedication and hard work to deliver the final product on time. From beginning to end, our team works effectively to ensure a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

Till now we have worked with multiple globally-renowned brands that are satisfied with our affordable whiteboard animation and video services. Our main motive is to create videos that make you all happy! 😊

Affordable Whiteboard Animation Company – Anideos
Whiteboard Animation Service Which Delivers Results – By Anideos

Fast Delivery of Whiteboard Animation Services

We believe in time management as the timely delivery of quality, the final product is all that matters at the end of the day. The services are provided effectively by our team and whiteboard animation videos are delivered in a given time to please our clients.

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