Why Does 3D Animation Cost

Why Does 3D Animation Cost a Fortune?

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3D animation costs are on the pricier end as it requires extra time, high-priced software, the expertise of seasoned animators, and a whole lot of effort at each stage. People love a tinge of reality every once in a while; what they don’t love is the price it comes with.

Admiring 3D animation is one thing but if you want to get it done by experts, you need to expand your budget. Be an active video production house for years and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Every now and then, people come to us for 3D animation services with a budget that hardly works for a 2D explainer. We’ve lost count of the times they’ve left with long faces or opted for something that worked for both of us.

It’s just that there are a few factors in action which drastically impact the price. We don’t want you to think of us as the villain. So, this blog covers all the factors that have a say in the 3D animation price.

1. 3D Model Complexity: How Complex is the 3D Model?

3D modeling tools are not cheap. They cost us several thousands of dollars per user every year. The added cost of training doesn’t help either. We have to invest a great deal of time, resources, and money to solidify our craft. 3D modeling tools function the best with expensive hardware so add its cost too.

Next comes the complexity of your project in the picture. With such details in mind, you can understand that the higher the complexity of a 3D model, the higher the price range.

2. 3D Scene Complexity: What are the Scene Requirements?

Once we are done with the 3D model, we have to set it in a scene. It can either be a plain white or black background or a scene packed with several minute details. A complex scene will definitely require more skilled experts showing their creativity with a pricey 3D animation tool.

You’re charged depending on your scene’s complexity. We already have a library of assets that you can look through. If you find something that works for you, great! This way, we’ll save some time and the production costs will make you happy.

3. 3D Style: What Type of 3D Style is Required?

The 3D animation world is up and innovating. We’re seeing evolving trends and design styles right in front of our eyes-every day. When it comes to 3D animation styles, there’s anime, cartoony animation, realism, and more. Each 3D style has its own process that’s draining and time-consuming, to say the least.

Considering the software requirements and high level of expertise needed, 3D animation tends to cost a bit higher.

4. Extent of Correction: How Much Revision is Requested?

The animation cost also depends on the number of revisions plus the extent of revisions you request. Anideos is open to feedback from your side and doesn’t charge you a penny for up to three revisions.

Some clients are a different story though. If they request texture changes or ask for some serious adjustments after a 3D model has been approved by them, then they’ll be charged significantly higher. Huge changes mean animators will have to begin the entire modeling phase from scratch.

5. Duration: How Long is the 3D Animation?

Last but not least factor is the duration of your 3D animation. Considering the prices of software, an animator’s back-breaking shift hours, and an impressive skillset equal higher price.

Generally speaking, a minute-long 2D animation service costs more than a 30-second one. Following the same principle, lengthier 3D animation will cost you more. More resources and skilled technical experts will be required to work on your project, so higher prices should be expected.

Final Words

Now that you’ve reached the end, you must have a clearer idea of why 3D animation always seemed a bit pricier. 3D animation costs are higher as it’s complex and requires expert technical skills. This adds up to a lot and the entire amount is because of the time and effort animators invest in overcoming technical complexities for your project.

If there’s more you want to learn about 3D animation, you can directly reach out to us and we’ll craft a workable solution for you!

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