Whiteboard Animation Videos for Businesses

Why Use Whiteboard Animation Videos for Businesses?

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Learn about the versatile nature of whiteboard animation videos and how they can accelerate your business growth.

What is whiteboard animation?

The concept of whiteboard explainer videos traces back to the mere presence of a dry-erase whiteboard. Like most people, you would have come across a whiteboard too, right?

Drift back to your classroom times-when the teacher used to jot down key points on the whiteboard, and suddenly everything fell into place. The lengthy, tedious lecture didn’t intimidate you as much then.

Think of a time when you were brainstorming ideas or coming up with a plan of action with your team. The new plan seemed too overwhelming but jotting down points on a whiteboard magically made everything simpler. The tasks on your plate seemed doable then.

A whiteboard explainer video works the same way.

It is an incredible tool to successfully get across a message. Statistics show that human brains are wired to understand visual information 60,000 times faster than text. Above all, it doesn’t just end at processing. We keep that information in our minds for a long, long time too.

Surprising but it is what it is.

One reason why the whiteboard animation service hype hasn’t died down is its versatility. It’s still a go-to technique for many businesses. From marketing to product demos, whiteboard animation can encapsulate complex content.

So far, we have chattered enough about whiteboard animations and why they are worth your time. Now, we will walk you through some reasons why you should consider creating a whiteboard animation for your business.

1. To make the most out of visual storytelling.

Whiteboard and animated explainers are powerful enough to grip the viewers. The combination of graphic illustrations and a compelling script followed by a voiceover keep the viewers hooked till the end.

Like we said before, the human brain comprehends and retains information presented visually for longer periods. So why wouldn’t you choose this for your business?

Hence, the bottom line is that you shouldn’t overlook visual storytelling. Use it to your advantage and communicate the messages you want.

2. To make the dry entertaining

As a business, you often have to put across quite a techy concept to laymen. They aren’t exactly ‘all-ears’ to it

But you have to make them listen somehow.

This. Is. Hard.

You have to make the dry entertaining. To get the job done, businesses automatically rely on whiteboard animation videos.

There are many whiteboard animation software and whiteboard animation apps that have made animation a breeze for everyone. You could be a pro at animation or a newbie, these software and apps have got your back.

Some of these software(s) are even free to use, so you can create compelling and shareable content-for free.

3. To deliver a memorable message

A huge chunk of any new initiative is all about being memorable. It mostly revolves around introducing something that instantly clicks with the prospects and lingers in their heads.

Wondering why only whiteboard animation, though?

That’s because whiteboard animation videos are multi-sensory. They are effective because they target our strongest senses; vision and sound.

The blend of moving images and words fix the information in our memory. Hence, it becomes even more memorable.

A whiteboard animation video increases your chances of being remembered by the prospects. And why would you intentionally let go of your chance at improved brand awareness?

This greatly helps when the same prospects are about to make a purchase and they remember you.

The result? Increase in sales.

4. To convince Google of your brand’s importance.

This one does not even need an introduction.

Confused about what this really means?

Let’s break it down for you.

Today, Google has several efficient metrics to analyze the usefulness of your business website.

One such metric is bounce rate.

In simple words, bounce rate keeps an eye on the visitors that come to your website and then leave. Basically, it is the time they spend on your website before bouncing back.

The more time they spend interacting with the content on your website, the more useful your website is according to Google.

So, you can work smart by putting up a whiteboard animation on your homepage and other pages. Human’s love watching videos. You can use this to your advantage and reduce the bounce rate of your website.

A reduced bounce rate adds to the credibility of your website. Automatically informing the search engine that your product/service is useful.

5. To minimize the bounce rate on your website

Research suggests that visitors spend more time on web pages that have videos. Like we just said before, a whiteboard animation video is far effective to minimize the bounce rate on your website.

Google’s current algorithms suggest that user experiences on a page impact its search engine rank.

So as a business owner, you should naturally be inclined towards a whiteboard animation video. This will make the users stay on your web page

6. To convey complex information all at once

Sometimes, you have a lot to share. The best bit with a whiteboard explainer is that you can form connections and demonstrate through moving images, all at once.

You can explain technical concepts simply and engagingly.

Here’s a fun fact: whiteboard videos know how to hook the users so despite being lengthy, the viewers don’t realize it.

When you are creating an online whiteboard animation, you have the reassurance that your audience will watch it too.

This makes it all worth it.

7. To teach or educate the viewers

When you introduce a new product in the market, it becomes a necessity to teach your viewers about it.

However, a whiteboard animation video saves the day for many educators as well. It aids in teaching students with a 15% higher information retention rate.

So, it isn’t just limited to business prospects. It is equally impactful for the students too.

If you are a teacher who needs to create a whiteboard animation for a lecture, you can use one of the many whiteboard animation video makers online. They are an excellent tool to equip teachers with meaningful learning material

Should I get a whiteboard animation video?

Saved the best for the last.

Considering science, online whiteboard animation is certainly the best.


Because our brains have mirror neurons. When we watch images being drawn in a whiteboard animated video, we feel as if we are drawing those images. That’s why we usually don’t leave whiteboard animated videos hanging in between.

Hence, whiteboard animation has lesser chances of getting abandoned by the viewers.

If you ask us for a final verdict, we’d say get a whiteboard animation made now!

How to make a high-quality whiteboard animation?

Now, comes the real question.

How to get your hands on a pixel-perfect whiteboard animation video? Can a software check off what I need? Can I put my trust in a video production company?

There are a number of whiteboard animation video makers you can try. But you will have to invest a certain amount of time to get a hold of them.

If you have the time and resources, go for it. We recently posted another blog on the best whiteboard video makers for beginners. The list of software has both free and paid mentioned. You can read more about it here.

But obviously, you cannot expect it to look like a professionally made whiteboard animation video. Unless you’re using the paid plan and have the required technical knowledge.

Hence, there’s always a better option. You can consult a whiteboard animation video creator to get a video that fits your business needs.

So far, we established that you can use any whiteboard animation software or a mobile-friendly whiteboard animation app to create a video that just doesn’t let the viewer go.

But if you are unsure of this option, you can directly hit us up at contact-us and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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